Top 10 Best Books for Key Stage 2

These books are perfect for clarifying and explaining those tricky topics at Key Stage 2 level - and for bringing plenty of fun into learning! Sure to give kids a head-start at school in literacy, numeracy, science, history and more, see below for the best books for Key Stage 2.

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1. Carol Vorderman: Top of the Class KS2

Carol Vorderman

Former Countdown clever-clogs Carol Vorderman has designed a series of brilliant workbooks that cover the most important subjects at school for KS2 pupils. Bursting with fun exercises and activities, the books cover computing, maths, science, French and English. Plus, they come in a convenient (and stylish!) red and white satchel, so they can be easily transported for kids on the go. There's even a sheet of 150 gold reward sticker stars that they can earn as they learn, perfect for keeping kids motivated!

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2. Oxford Primary Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Dictionary

  • £3.99


Children will love being guided by quirky bird characters through the full-colour pages of this exuberant dictionary, ideal for checking grammar, punctuation and spelling on a daily basis. It features easy-to-remember rules, a list of tricky words, the words most commonly misspelled and lots more useful advice. It's sure to provide a sturdy foundation in English for children at Key Stage 2 level.


3. Maths is Awesome!

  • £2.99

Thomas Canavan

In this unique book, witty text and distinctive artwork accompany 101 jaw-dropping facts that prove how awesome maths really is! From the theory that it's more likely than not that two people in a room of 23 will share a birthday, to the fact that everything from rock music to code-breaking is based on maths, these extraordinary facts will truly boggle young minds. Especially good for kids who claim to dislike maths, this book may just change their opinion on this exciting subject, as well as generate discussion and help children build on their mathematical knowledge.


4. See Inside: The Universe

  • £3.99

Alex Frith

This awe-inspiring lift-the-flap book will help answer every question children might have about outer space, stars, galaxies and beyond. What is the universe made of? Where did everything come from? What exists in the far reaches of outer space? These phenomenal facts will keep kids engaged for hours as they lift the flaps to find out the answers to some perplexing fundamental questions. From the Big Bang to black holes, supernovas to satellites, unlock the secrets and mysteries of the universe with this amazing book.


5. Usborne Sticker Atlas of the World

  • £6.29

Alice Pearcey

This brilliantly interactive book will help kids learn all about the countries of the world whilst having plenty of fun. Featuring more than 140 fantastic stickers and lots of illuminating facts, children will be engrossed by this helpful introduction to geography. It includes information on a range of famous capital cities and landmarks, such as the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen and the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.


6. A Street Through Time

  • £4.99

Steve Noon

Explore 12,000 years of history with this award-winning book. Featuring beautiful illustrations, it brings 14 key periods in history vividly to life. Children will be fascinated as they watch the streets change, as buildings go up and come down and the world transforms, and they'll have the opportunity to learn about how people lived long, long ago.


7. Wallbook Timeline of Shakespeare

  • £4.99

Christopher Lloyd

This huge historical wallbook set includes a massive (two metres!) fold-out timeline that displays pictures and captions, telling the story of the Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare. With hundreds of illustrations that showcase the Bard's beloved comedies, histories and tragedies, this introduction to all of his work is wonderfully accessible and sure to come in handy in the English classroom. It even includes The Wallbook Chronicle, a newspaper that provides fun further facts on Shakespeare's plays and their influence on culture and history. All the wall's a stage with this terrific timeline on it!


8. Coding for Beginners Using Scratch

  • £3.99

Jonathan Melmoth

Computer coding can be confusing when kids have just started learning it at school. This friendly and accessible book will help teach children the basics of Scratch (a free online programme that's widely used in primary schools), allowing children to get inside the code of their computer and create simple games and animations. Featuring learning games and tasks and lots of fun, young learners will be coding pros in no time!

9. Robert Winston: Home Lab

  • £4.99

Robert Winston

In this book, popular professor Robert Winston encourages budding scientists to try out incredible experiments at home. With step-by-step instructions and everyday parts, these experiments are simple to prepare but their results are sure to astound children. They'll love stirring up sticky slime, constructing solar systems and even building a volcano!


10. Fractions and Decimals Activity Book

  • £2.99


This seriously fun activity book will help kids get to grips with notoriously tricky maths topics. Packed with mazes, colour-by-numbers, logic puzzles, sticker puzzles, dot-to-dots and more, each page explains a different tip or technique for dealing with fractions, decimals and percentages. With appealing themes on each double-page spread that tie the activities together - including pirates, a fairground and a dog show - kids are sure to be mathematical maestros in no time!