Top 10 Best Books for Learning to Read

Learning to read can seem like a daunting task. For children, it can be overwhelming to learn a brand new skill but it is definitely exciting for them when it starts to click and they can get reading on a whole host of brilliant books and stories that will stay with them for years. For parents, it can be tricky to know how to best help them with their reading at home and what books to introduce them to at what age and level. So, we're here to help you find the right books to teach your children how to read with our wide range of fun phonics and reading books. Below are some of our very favourites to get you started.

1. Reading Champion: Beginners Collection - 30 Books 

3 years +

This collection comes from Reading Champion which is a scheme designed to support your child's reading by seeing them progress through levels linked to the guided reading that they'll be doing in school. All the books in this collection are written for children aged 3 and over who are starting to read independently at Book Band levels Pink-Green. The stories are all exciting and entertaining for young readers and feature characters they'll love. 

2. Letts Wild About: Ages 3-5 Collection - 5 Books

3 years +

These brilliant books, which cover the topics of numbers, counting, writing, the alphabet and phonics, feature incredible animals that little ones will marvel at, and are filled with exciting activities! Supporting the Early Years Curriculum, these books will help children get to grips with English and maths in an engaging and rewarding way, whilst exploring the world of animals through weird and wonderful facts.

3. Ladybird Read It Yourself Collection - 30 Books

3 years +

This collection of 30 books from Ladybird covers levels 1-4 and includes stories and characters loved by children everywhere including Peppa Pig, Peter Rabbit and Kung Fu Panda as well as figures from the classics like The Little Mermaid and Goldilocks. As your young readers progress through the books and the levels they can build their confidence and start independently.

4. Ladybird: Key Words Collection - 36 Books 

4 years +

Featuring 12 reading levels with 3 books per level, these books will take the beginner reader to competence and confidence in no time. Series A introduces new words, Series B provides further practice of these words, and Series C reinforces these words whilst linking reading with writing and phonics. These world-renowned titles follow Peter and Jane as they explore and have lots of exciting adventures!

5. Beginning to Read Collection - 20 Books

5 years +

If your child is more interested in learning something new than reading stories then this collection of 20 fact books is ideal. The books include information on scientific, historical and geographical topics that will hold the attention of inquisitive minds. The collection is split into three levels with level 1 focusing on simple sentences, Level 2 encouraging independent reading and Level 3 featuring more complicated language and varied sentence structure to build up their understanding over time. 

6. Dragons: Reading Champion Collection - 6 Books 

5 years +

If your children love the How to Train Your Dragon films then they'll really love learning to read with Cressida Cowell's brilliant cast of characters. This collection is based on the Netflix adaptation Dragons and is perfect for getting children excited about reading even if they usually prefer the screen to the page. The simple sentences and artwork make these books ideal for children aged 5-7 and are part of the Reading Champion scheme.

7. Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper Levels 4-6 Collection - 25 Books 

5 years +

These Biff, Chip and Kipper books for children reading at Levels 4-6 allow your kids to learn to read with familiar faces and through interesting stories. The books have a focus on phonics and feature a guide for parents to provide tips for teaching your kids to read. This classic collection is a must for every child's bookshelf. 

8. Usborne Phonics Readers Collection - 12 Books 

5 years +

These terrific readers are filled with fun stories that will make learning to read fun and easy. The stories act as a great tool for teaching phonics at home as well as being brilliant bedtime story material.

9. LEGO Star Wars Collection - 10 Books 

5 years +

If your child loves Star Wars and/or LEGO then these 10 books are just perfect for encouraging them to start reading. The books tell the stories of the first six thrilling Star Wars films, recreated with the LEGO Minifigures. If you've got a reluctant reader in your household then these are just the thing. 

10. Little Gems Collection - 10 Books 

5 years +

The Little Gems books have been designed for those who find reading tricky (including those with dyslexia) by featuring spaced text and easy-to-read font. This collection of stories is the perfect introduction to chapter books and feature titles from Julia Donaldson, Jeremy Strong and Michael Morpurgo and has artwork from top illustrators such as Chris Riddell, Peter Bailey and Hannah Shaw. 

Learning to read can be really enjoyable for your child and can be a very rewarding process for you, as their parent, to be involved in. All of the books on this list are designed to be engaging for your kids and to encourage them to become keen book lovers as they grow in their reading confidence. At Book People, we're determined to help create new bookworms in every way we can.