Top 10 Best Children's Activity Gifts for 7-year-olds

Creative, crafty or just plain fun - these activity gifts are sure to delight kids and keep them engrossed for hours! See below for the best children's activity gifts for 7-year-olds.

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1. Grow Your Own Flowers for Kids

  • £9.99

Green-fingered kids can grow their very own flowers with this wonderful beginner's pack. It includes a growing guide, a trowel, a fork, three mini terracotta pots, three packs of seeds and three wooden seed sticks. Children will be blooming with pride when they see their sunflowers, pansies and sweet peas grow, and the book not only provides easy-to-follow instructions for budding gardeners, but also offers brief histories of each plant.


2. BrainBox: Roald Dahl

  • £6.99

Test your knowledge of the world of Roald Dahl with this gloriumptious observation game! Suitable for one or more players, you must study a card for 10 seconds and then answer a memory question based on the roll of a die. Kids are guaranteed to have lots of phizz-whizzing fun!


3. Horrible Histories: Secret Scrolls

  • £6.99

Write like an Egyptian with this secret scroll set, inspired by Terry Deary's bestselling Horrible Histories books. This grisly kit includes a 6-metre paper scroll, pens, a ribbon and a self-inking Horrible Histories stamp. There are also foul facts and savage stickers to discover.


4. Pirates Colouring and Activity Book

  • £4.89

Kirsteen Rogers

This book features a cackling crew of rogues and ruffians to colour, from the cabin boy, the cook and the carpenter to the captain himself! Find out about life on a pirate ship - dine at the captain's table; slumber in a swinging hammock; endure mutinies and shipwreck; and take your share of the pirates' treasure. Kids can also design a pirate flag, draw pirates step-by-step, write a treacherous tale of pirate plundering, navigate a maritime maze and so much more, as well as discover lots of pirate trivia along the way.


5. Avengers Pencil Case

  • £4.99

This awesome Avengers pencil case is perfect for any young superhero enthusiast! Complete with a glossy cover, it features Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk and Thor on its front, and Hawkeye, the Black Widow and Falcon on its reverse. It contains eight vibrant colouring pencils, a ruler, a pencil, a sharpener and a large red eraser emblazoned with the famous 'A' logo.


6. Colour Your Own Jigsaw: Through the Fields

  • £4.99

This mesmerising kaleidoscopic jigsaw puzzle is sure to keep children and adults spellbound as they piece it together and colour it in. Perfect for relaxation and family bonding, it features a stunning horse design, which you can colour in however you like.


7. My Chirpy Chick Sewing Kit

  • £3.99

Creative kids will love this adorable sewing kit, which contains everything they'll need to create a cute chick-themed purse. It includes felt pieces, buttons, a handle, a plastic safety needle and some thread.


8. DIY Board Games

  • £9.99

This brilliant box contains five fun games that are just waiting for children to bring them to life with colour and stickers, and then play with them! The games include traditional favourites Ludo, Backgammon, Snakes and Ladders, Draughts and Game of the Goose, all sure to provide plenty of entertainment. With boards and counters to colour in, pieces to assemble, wooden dice and lots of stickers, this is a fantastically fun introduction to board games. There's also a booklet for each game which contains handy hints on the best ways to colour and customise each one.


9. Craft Factory: Chalk Games Kit

  • £3.99

This cheerful chalk kit contains eight multi-coloured pieces of chalk and a how-to book that's bursting with information on how to play 11 fun-filled games. With simple step-by-step instructions for playing noughts and crosses, hopscotch and snake, the paperback book will help kids enjoy plenty of outdoor fun. Best of all, chalk can be washed straight off the ground once they're finished!


10. Superman: Playing Cards and Dice Set in a Tin

  • £3.99

Children can enjoy lots of baddie-busting fun with these Superman-themed playing cards. Presented in a stylish tin that features DC Comics' artwork of the Man of Steel, you'll find two sets of playing cards, a card games book and five dice to complete the super set.