Top 10 Best Craft Books for Homemade Masterpieces

With the art of craft, you can create gorgeous gifts, fashionable furnishings, quirky cards and so much more! These brilliant books provide straightforward advice on tools, techniques and materials, and provide a plethora of wonderful craft projects to get stuck into.

1. Supercraft

Sophie Pester

This book contains 52 creative craft projects, from jewellery and accessories to home decoration and furniture. They can easily be completed in one weekend, meaning you can achieve rewarding results quickly. Plus, you needn't go and buy expensive crafting materials, as you can upcycle the things you find lying around your home! Create your new favourite mug, dancing flowers, rainbow clothes hangers and more.

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2. Scissors, Paper, Craft

Christine Leech

Create 30 quirky and beautiful items from the ostensibly humble material of paper with this accessible guide, from rippling fish mobiles to a birdhouse that holds paperclips and has post-it note tiles on the roof! Paper is both affordable and extremely versatile, and is therefore incredibly useful for the crafter. Once you've mastered the basics, move on to more advanced paper projects with special techniques, like bookbinding to create Japanese-style notebooks.

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3. Woodland Craft

Ben Law

Discover the incredible diversity of craft products made from materials sourced directly from the woods, including brooms, chairs, fencing, yurts and even a caravan! The items are hewn from freshly-cut green wood, shaped by hand and instilled with a natural, rustic beauty. Detailed instructions and advice are given for each project, as well as essential information about tools and devices. Also learn about the fascinating history and traditions of the crafts.

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4. Craft Show & Sell

Jayne Torie

Find out how to take your brand forward with tutorials and inspiring profiles of successful crafters. Step into the workspaces of those who have turned their craft into a successful business model, whatever their particular expertise. Try out a range of projects to help rejuvenate your craft space, with tips on how to sell online, at crafts fairs, markets, pop-up events and in shops. Create a personality-driven brand and analyse your results effectively.

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5. Paper Craft


Discover 50 amazing paper craft projects with this stunning book, filled with inspiring ideas for creative cards, pretty paper flowers, gorgeous decorations and lots more. Learn the art of paper-craft techniques, including origami, paper-cutting, quilting and more, all with a contemporary twist. With step-by-step instructions and photographs to help you at every stage, you'll be making incredible craft creations in no time.

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6. Parachute Cord Craft

Samantha Grenier Pepperell

Lightweight paracord was originally used for parachute suspension lines during World War II, and has even been used to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. However, it can also be used for amazing crafts! Discover 22 inventive projects for making jewellery, lanyards, dog collars and more. Tie clever knots, get practical advice on tools and materials, learn the correct way to fuse the ends of your cord, and experiment with jewellery using this brilliant book.

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7. Paper Craft Foldies - Arty Crafty

Gemma Cooper

Make a variety of paper crafts with this perfect paper-craft bible. Discover five fun origami projects, create cute gifts, produce beautiful home decor, fashion fun games and discover gorgeous patterned paper to use in your projects again and again! There are plenty of projects to design and colour, and you can customise your creations with adorable stickers, too!

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8. The Princess Craft Book

Laura Minter

Complete gorgeous princess projects with this magical craft book, which features all the sparkles and sequins you could ever desire! Cut, stick, sew and paint your way into an ice princess's world, from the clothes she wears to the puppets and snow globe she plays with. Projects include a heart handbag and charm, a secret castle trinket box, a white princess cape, a princess tutu and three quick crowns to make the princess in your life feel truly royal!

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9. Pearl Lowe's Vintage Craft

Pearl Lowe

Create an authentic vintage feel in your home with Pearl Lowe's expert advice and straightforward craft projects. This gorgeous book includes 50 step-by-step projects, divulges the secrets of sewing, painting, upcycling and crafting, features a how-to guide to sourcing vintage treasures and a little black book of the best shops and suppliers. Produce classic creations including dyed lace window panels, vintage bunting, aprons, mirrors and more with this extensive book.

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10. Wood, Craft, Love!

Peg Couch

Join the fashionable trend of upcycling with a hot new technique: chalk-finish paint. Create modern, stylish masterpieces with 20 home decor projects you can complete in one weekend or less. With inexpensive wood products and straightforward instructions, you can create storage units, device holders, wall art, ornaments, candlesticks and more, all with a contemporary yet authentic feel.

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    • £12.89
    • RRP £12.99
    Paper - both affordable and universally available - is possibly the most versatile material in the crafter's kit box. In this new book in the Simple Makes series, Christine Leech demonstrates 30 original and creative ideas for lovely things to make from paper. Some of the projects are simply drawn and cut, such as the glistening, rippling fish mobile, whilst others are constructed and glued, for example a cute yet practical stationery birdhouse that holds paperclips inside and has post-it note tiles on its roof. A few slightly more advanced projects involve special techniques, such as the beginner's bookbinding method used to create the hand-bound Japanese-style notebooks, but everything is easily achievable by following the clear, step-by-step instructions and guides.
    • £19.89
    • RRP £20.00
    Vintage designer Pearl Lowe shows you how to create the authentic vintage look in your own home with her expert advice and simple craft projects. This practical guide, complete with inspiring photography includes ...* 50 step-by-step craft projects * Sewing, painting, upcycling and crafting secrets * A how-to guide to sourcing your own vintage treasures * And Pearl's little black book of shops and suppliers An absolute must-have for lovers of vintage and all things handmade. Craft projects include ...Dyed lace window panels Vintage bunting Midsummer and winter wreaths Gypsy-style apron Two-toned fringed lampshade Personalised rubber stamp Sumptuous padded headboard Upcycled chest of draws Antique ghost mirror Handmade vintage-style tiles
  • PPRC
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    Fold, snip and shape your own paper creations with the help of the hobby experts at DK's 50 beautiful paper craft projects.

    From striking card ideas and stunning paper flowers to glorious decorations to add a bit of colour to your home, Paper Craft shows you how you can achieve fantastic results using classic paper-craft techniques including origami, paper cutting and quilting... all with a modern twist.

    Full of step-by-step instructions and photographs to help you along the way, with the help of this book you'll be making your perfect paper creations in next to no time.
  • SPCF
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    • RRP £12.99
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    Upcycle things you find lying around the home - including old hangers and eggshells - into something stylish with the craft projects featured in Supercraft.

    From the experts at DK and compiled by designer Sophie Pester, this book includes 52 projects ranging from jewellery and accessories to home decoration and furniture.

    All the projects can be easily completed in one weekend, making them even more fun to complete.
    • £6.89
    • RRP £6.99
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    This title offers 20 fresh ideas for transforming ordinary wood blanks into totally chic home decor. It is in line with the fashionable and economical upcycling trend. It promotes a hot new technique: chalk-finish paint. When you think of woodcrafts, you may picture rustic creations that would look better in a backcountry lodge than in a modern stylish home. Think again! Wood is a beautiful, versatile material that is constantly being reinvented by today's imaginative crafters. Get inspired to create your own contemporary woodcrafting masterpieces with Wood, Craft, Love! Inside you'll find 20 easy home decor projects that you can make in just one weekend or less, using inexpensive wood products from your local craft and hobby store. Step-by-step instructions and inspiring colour photos make it easy. The authors show how to make chic and sophisticated storage units, device holders, wall art, ornaments, candlesticks and more. Discover how to use paints and stencils to bring out the beauty of unfinished picture frames, boxes, trays and birdhouses. Wood, Craft, Love! is a must-have for every DIY home decorator.
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    Make your own amazing paper craft creations. From Foldies and origami to projects to cut-out and assemble, this book is full of things to make with a square. Make origami animals, paper lanterns, bunting, paper dolls, paper chains and much more! Sections include: 1. ORIGAMI Five fun projects for you to create by just folding a square of paper! 2. GIFTS Create cute gifts by tearing out the templates and following the instructions, from bookmarks and a photoframe through to a birthday wheel to help you keep track of your friends' birthdays! 3. HOME DECOR This section is filled with things to make to decorate your room. There are five projects to try including a personalised door sign, a pretty paper chain and a festive snowflake. 4. FUN AND GAMES It's easy to make something fun from paper. There are six projects in this section including a kite to fly and lots of fun finger puppet characters to create. 5. PATTERNED PAPER FOR FUN This section is filled with beautiful, patterned paper for you to use to make your favourite projects again and again! There are lots of different projects to design and colour, plus you can customise your creations with the cute stickers too!
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    Make crafting dreams come true for anyone who loves princesses and all things sparkly and sequined. Cut, stick, sew, and paint your way into an ice princess's world, from the skirt, gloves, and crown that she wears to the castle she lives in and the puppets and snow globe that she plays with. Why not throw an ice princess-style party with the fabulous castle cake and nibbles? If your child loves the film Frozen, then they will want to make each and every project alongside you. Projects include: Heart Handbag and Charm, Secret Castle Trinket Box, Salt Dough Twinkle Wand, Winter Princess Cape, Three Quick Crowns, Ice Princess Tutu, Royal Theater, Snow Queen Snow Globe.
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    Originally developed for parachute suspension lines during World War II, durable lightweight paracord has even been used by Space Shuttle astronauts to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. You can weave and braid this versatile cord in an array of fashion colours to create attractive and useful accessories. Parachute Cord Craft ties everything together, with 22 clever projects and step-by-step instructions for making fashionable bracelets and necklaces, belts, lanyards, dog collars, key fobs and more. Discover the knots you need to know, get practical advice on tools and materials, learn the right way to melt and fuse the cut ends of your cord, and experiment with jewellery findings.
    • £11.29
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    Through highly visual, step-by-step tutorials and inspiring profiles on some of the world's most successful crafters, Craft Show & Sell delivers all the advice and vision that today's crafters need to take their brand or business forward into a new realm. Step into the workspaces, shops and online personalities of those global designers and expert makers who have turned the art of craft - be it knitting, crochet, sewing, jewellery-making, paper engineering or printing - into a successful business model. Be inspired by through-the-keyhole ventures into their atmospheric and often ingenious craft spaces, with a range of insider projects to help organise and energise your craft room. Get top tips on how to merchandise and sell items online, at craft fairs, at markets, in shops or at pop-up events or exhibitions. Plus, learn how to build a personality-driven brand, create and write a better blog or website, document your work through better photography and analyse your results to help take your business into the future.
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    Accompany woodsman Ben Law as he celebrates the amazing diversity of craft products made from materials sourced directly from the woods. Including brooms, rakes, pegs, spoons, chairs, baskets, fencing, yurts and even a caravan, the items are hewn from freshly cut green wood, shaped by hand and infused with a simple, rustic beauty. Detailed instructions and advice are given for each craft, along with essential knowledge about tools and devices. With fascinating information on the history, language and traditions of the crafts, coppice management and tree species, this book teaches about all aspects of the low-impact woodland way of life.