Top 10 Best Craft Books for Children

These quirky, creative and resourceful books will have kids cutting and sticking, sewing, folding, embellishing and getting amazingly creative! Featuring plenty of messy fun, crafting helps children develop important skills, including dexterity, creativity and focus. See below for the best craft books for children, ordered by target age.

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1. Smart Art

  • £3.99

Annie Simpson | 3+

This innovative lift-the-flap art book is bursting with beautiful illustrations and is sure to inspire children to get creative! It features fun flaps, cut-through holes, tracing paper, newsprint paper, gatefolds and more, perfect for encouraging kids to use their imaginations and enjoy some exciting projects.


2. I Want to Be a Superhero: Craft Kit

  • £5.99


This epic costume and storybook suitcase contains everything an aspiring superhero needs to realise their dream and even make their own cape! It includes a story and activity book which follows George as he learns all about his superpowers. Packed with fun activities, such as creating a superhero profile and drawing a comic strip, kids will love this super set and can follow step-by-step instructions to make their cape. The kit contains felt, glue sticks and glitter to ensure the cape is as amazing as possible!


3. Recycled Crafting for Kids

  • £12.89

Kate Lilley | 3+

Discover lots of quirky and colourful projects for parents and children to enjoy together in this wonderful book. Get crafting with 35 vibrant projects, all of which encourage resourcefulness in using recycled items. Plus, the final section of the book lists 50 quick and easy boredom busters that are sure to keep kids busy! Crafting is not only hugely fun, but helps children improve their dexterity and concentration skills, and this is the perfect book to give them inspiration.


4. Craft Attack: Nature Crafts

  • £12.99

Annalees Lim | 5+

This brilliant nature-based book will encourage children to make a selection of unique and practical homemade creations. The projects include funky fridge magnets, beautiful butterfly bunting, fabulous photo frames and lots more, all of which feature simple, step-by-step instructions. Part of a bold new series, Craft Attack is aimed at modern kids who love to craft.


5. The Brilliant Book of Easy Crafts

  • £6.99

Anna-Marie D'Cruz & Rita Storey | 7+

Bursting with clever craft projects, from masks and musical instruments to toys and greetings cards, children will love this fantastic bumper book. Discover how to make a carnival jester mask, a Chinese dragon puppet, a kaleidoscope, an origami card and so much more. The simple, step-by-step instructions make these projects quick, easy and seriously fun, and as they use readily-available materials, kids can get stuck in straight away!


6. Out of the Box

Jemma Westing | 7+

Great for creative kids, this book is packed with 25 step-by-step cardboard box projects to complete, including creating castles and masks. Designed to broaden a child's imagination and develop their craft skills through interactive play, every project includes step-by-step instructions, and children will be amazed at what they can create with the humble cardboard box. The book encourages kids to take a fresh, fun approach to recycling.


7. It's Sew Me!

  • £3.99


This amazing activity book is full of quizzes and gives children the chance to write - and sew! - all about themselves. Its pretty cover contains six threads to sew, giving kids the chance to perfectly personalise the book. Great for creative youngsters who want to take up sewing, children can write about and sew depictions of all their favourite hobbies and interests. This interactive treat celebrates being unique.


8. Origami for Children

  • £11.29

Mari Ono


Kids will be engrossed by this fun and fascinating book as they learn the basics of the ancient Japanese art of origami: creating objects from a single sheet of folded paper. The projects cover a wide range of exciting themes, from classics like animals to party decorations and modern vehicles. Children will be amazed at what they can create with just a few simple folds, and every stage is carefully depicted with step-by-step photographs. The book also includes enough origami paper to complete all the projects, so you can get folding straight away!


9. Star Wars R2-D2's Droid Workshop: Make Your Own R2-D2

  • £4.99


Young Jedi will love creating their very own R2-D2 with this space-tacular book, as well as completing lots of other exciting Star Wars-themed activities. The book follows R2-D2's secret mission to aid the rebels and also features little-known facts about this much-loved character.


10. I Made That: The Kids' Big Book of Craft Ideas

  • £12.99

Susannah Blake | 9+

Perfect for seasoned crafters and complete beginners alike, this comprehensive crafting book is full of fun projects to complete on your own or with friends. Perfect for parties, sleepovers and free time, it features lots of gorgeous ideas and inspiration, including natural beauty products, unique clothing accessories, and innovative ways to style your room and explore new looks! There's also lots of useful information on ethical fashion and cosmetics, sustainable shopping and fair trade.