Top 10 Best Exercise Books for Health and Fitness

Whether you're looking to lose weight or simply develop a healthier, fitter body, we have a wide range of exercise books designed to help you achieve your goals. From comprehensive fitness guides to daily workout handbooks, this selection of the best exercise books will have you feeling fit, strong and revitalised in no time.

1. The Fitness Book


This home fitness bible is guaranteed to provide the perfect workout for you. It offers all sorts of exercises and home workouts, from stretching to strength-training, yoga to Pilates, swimming to running and more. There's no need for an expensive gym membership or nutritionist as this book provides tips on motivation and healthy eating to keep you on the right track.

2. The Accumulator

Paul Mumford

Combine body-weight movements with high-intensity interval training to get you fit and feeling fantastic in just one month. This innovative plan is designed to build strength and endurance day by day, beginning with a single 1-minute exercise on day 1, culminating in a challenging high-intensity workout by the end. Improve mobility, build strength, speed up your metabolism and burn fat with this highly effective plan.

3. Running: How to Get Started

Elizabeth Hufton

Running is a hugely beneficial and rewarding activity, providing an enjoyable (and free!) way to get fit and feel great. This brilliant reference guide for beginners offers accessible advice on getting started, staying motivated and improving performance. It includes progressive walk/run programmes, a six-week plan for fitness, and exercises designed to build strength. There's also lots of advice on equipment, stretching, warm-ups and preparing for running events.

4. Your Life - Train for It

Bear Grylls

This exciting book from expert explorer and fitness guru Bear Grylls provides fast-paced, dynamic workouts, all 30 minutes or less! You can customise your workout and choose from kettlebell resistance training, bodyweight workouts, Primal Power stretch sessions, or choose one of Bear's epic Hero workouts. This book also contains helpful advice on fuelling your body for maximum success and enduring health benefits.

5. Lean in 15

Joe Wicks

The original book from health and fitness Instagram sensation, Joe Wicks, is packed with fantastic 15-minute recipes and workouts to get you lean and healthy in no time! It also includes Joe's signature High Intensity Interval Training home workouts for rapid fitness and weight loss results.

6. Wild Running

Jen & Sim Benson

If you're tired of the treadmill or bored of the park, check out this book for loads of inspiration for exciting, adventurous runs! From coastal trails to magnificent mountains, this book will take you from building your fitness to taking on the country's most challenging tracks. With stunning photography and engaging writing, this is the ultimate guide to running effectively whilst admiring the beauty of Britain.

7. Fusion Workouts

Helen Vanderburg

Featuring an all-round programme combining fitness, Pilates, yoga and barre, discover how these four disciplines can help you gain strength, flexibility, balance and overall mind-body health. This pioneering book guides you through a five-step system, accounting for your fitness level, goals, activity preferences and more. Select from 15 ready-made workouts, or create your own. Explore more than 100 exercises and poses, and include as much of each discipline as you like!

8. Walking for Fitness

Nina Barough

Power-walking expert Nina Barough brings you a total fitness programme, designed to get you fit, toned-up and losing weight. Walking is a great way to do this hassle-free, with energising, body-sculpting power walks. This low-impact exercise will strengthen your body and can be done anytime, anywhere, without risk of injury.

9. 365 WODs

Blair Morrison

If you're struggling to find a resource with a substantial selection of workouts, here it is! This comprehensive compendium contains a new workout for every day of the year. Instructions and step-by-step photos for 40 fundamental movements allow you to perfect your technique and avoid injury. Choose from beginner, intermediate and advanced difficulty levels for each one, with workouts for the gym, home, and on the road.

10. HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training

Lucy Wyndham-Read

This is the ultimate guide to High Intensity Interval Training, a trend that has been sweeping the fitness world. It contains various guides and charts to help you find the perfect workout for you, and explains the incredible benefits of HIIT. With specialised workouts, a 7-day healthy eating plan to help you with your weight loss objectives, and advice on motivation and goal-setting, this extensive guide is the perfect fitness companion.

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    Find a fitness workout that works for you with the home fitness bible. Whether you want to fit into your skinny jeans, brave a swimming costume in six weeks or squeeze in some exercise during your lunch break, "The Fitness Book" will help you find a workout that fits perfectly into your busy lifestyle. From stretching to strength-training and yoga to Pilates, over 500 exercises are covered plus questionnaires and tests help you identify the perfect workout for you. Tips on motivation and advice on healthy eating will keep you on the right track when the going gets tough. Easy to follow, enjoyable and achievable, "The Fitness Book" is your own gym membership for life so cancel your costly subscription and find a routine that really works for you.
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    This is a total fitness programme from power-walking expert Nina Barough. Keep fit, tone-up and lose weight - walking is the perfect way to achieve optimum health, hassle free. Power-walking expert Nina Barough reveals there is a world of difference between a casual stroll and an energising, body-sculpting power walk. Founder of the annual Moonwalk, Nina explains how this low-impact form of exercise can be done by anyone, anywhere at anytime and her total walking programme will help you achieve health, vitality and weight-loss. This book was made for walking!
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    Running is one of the most popular activities worldwide, and provides an incredible feeling of achievement as well as offering an enjoyable and accessible way to get fit. This superb book is an ideal reference guide for beginners, with easy-to-follow advice and guidance on getting started, staying motivated, and improving your performance. To help you begin to run, the first part of the book provides practical advice, including basic health checks, progressive walk/run programmes, a six-week plan of running for fitness, and exercises to build up strength. Appropriate clothing and equipment, stretching exercises and warm-up routines are described. Once you have achieved a certain standard you may want to try an event, and there is a special section devoted to explaining what kinds of events are suitable, from a 5K walk/run to a marathon. With over 300 photographs and illustrations, including step-by-step instruction, this expert book is essential reading for anyone who wants to begin and to improve their running. This title is the perfect introduction to one of today's fastest-growing and most popular activities, full of tips to help you stay motivated. It provides a fascinating insight into the world of running and its history, with a survey of the greatest runners and famous races. It includes start-up advice on basic health checks, running kit and footwear, core strength training and stretching exercises, and more. As you develop your distance and running skills there are progressive walk/run programmes and guidance on building up miles and hill running. It contains expert advice on pre-run and post-run nutrition, and entering and training for events. Clear and instructive step-by-step photographic sequences throughout make it easy to start and keep running.
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    The Accumulator(TM) is a brand new workout plan that combines body-weight movements with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to get you fit and fabulous in just one month. Designed to build strength and endurance day by day, the workout steps up the pace as you learn new skills and increase your fitness in the process. Day 1 starts with a single exercise that takes just 1 minute to complete. Every day a new exercise is introduced, culminating in a challenging high intensity workout in under 30 minutes. You will learn fundamental bodyweight movements to improve mobility in everyday life and build greater muscular strength. The HIIT format of The Accumulator(TM) works to increase your metabolism and helps burn fat. The book includes a 30-day workout plan, clearly explained with photos and alternative exercises. Also included is an Accumulator healthy habits plan which offers daily suggestions to improve your diet. Fancy a challenge? Ditch the gym. This is the workout to follow if you want to get fitter fast.
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    Combine fitness, Pilates, yoga, and barre, and what do you get? An incredible workout that will engage you, challenge you, and change the way you exercise.

    Welcome to Fusion Workouts: Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, and Barre, the program shaped around your preferences, needs, and goals. You'll discover an approach combining four disciplines that will help you gain strength, muscle definition, flexibility, balance, and overall mind-body health. Fusion Workouts guides you through a five-step system accounting for your fitness level, goals, time available, activity preferences, and more. Then select from 15 ready-to-follow workouts, or mix it up and create your own.

    You'll find more than 100 exercises and poses along with easy-to-follow guidelines for sequencing them for maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and enjoyment. More Pilates and yoga with less barre? Less yoga and more fitness? No problem. This is your workout!

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    Challenge your body with the ultimate resource of daily workouts. Fast-paced exercise programs based on high intensity interval training are sweeping the nation. Their recipe for success is the WOD, or workout of the day. Planks, squats, crunches, pushups are all great, but changing up a routine can be challenging, and it can be difficult to find a resource for so many different workouts. Until now. 365 WODs features a new workout for each day of the year. With endless variety, you'll never become bored with your fitness routine. You'll find: - Instructions and step-by-step photos for 40 fundamental movements, allowing you to perfect your technique and avoid injury - A choice between beginner, intermediate, and advanced difficulty levels for each WOD - A glossary so you can make sense of common terminology and acronyms - Workouts for the gym, at home, and on the road The ultimate resource of exercises, 365 WODs will help you push your limits all year long. "Blair is among the best athletes, teachers, and coaches in our industry." - Ben Alderman, owner CrossFit Iron Mile -
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    This book provides you with a full explanation of what you need to get started with the newest fitness trend and contains various guides and charts to help you with your training. Learn about the incredible benefits this HIIT training method gives you and find the workout that suits you best. The author, has developed over 20 specialized HIIT workouts with lots of illustrations and step-by-step guides on how to perform the individual exercises. Every workout in the book will have an intensity guide suggesting what level of fitness the workout is best suited to to help you find the best HIIT regime for you, whether you are a beginner or advanced! In addition, the book contains a 7-day healthy eating plan to help you with your weight loss aims, as well as sections on motivation and goal setting.
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    Bear Grylls is fitter, stronger and readier than ever to take on the challenges of the wild, thanks to a revolutionary new fitness program. And at the heart of Bear's personal training regime are fast-paced, dynamic workouts that can be done anywhere by anyone - men and women, young and old - in just 30 minutes or less! You can select your workout: choose from Kettlebell Resistance training, Bodyweight workouts or Primal Power stretch sessions. You can try one of Bear's epic Hero workouts for his ultimate challenge of all three disciplines combined...You can learn the moves: select your express workout based on the time you have available - be it 3 minutes or 30 - and then, as Bear says, 'It's time to get BG fit!' You can train hard but eat natural: follow Bear's simple and straightforward advice on fueling your body for maximum success and sustained health benefits. You can train more efficiently with fast and achievable results - a fitter, stronger, healthier you is just around the corner. Go on, it's your life - train for it!
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    Joe Wicks' first book is full of advice that will help you shift your body fat by eating more and exercising less. It may sound too good to be true but it genuinely works - so many people have improved their fitness by following the advice of The Body Coach.

    Among the 100 recipes includes in the book are Joe's bad-boy burrito and oaty chicken, which as you can probably imagine, is phenomenally tasty. He also provides step-by-step tips for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts.
  • WRUN
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    Chosen for their fantastic terrain and sensational beauty, this book features 150 runs on the trails and fells of Britain for those who want to experience something different to the gym or the city.

    From coastal trails to spectacular mountains, the book will take you all the way from building your fitness and technique to the country's roughest challenges and even incredible, overnight runs.

    With stunning photography and engaging writing to capture the feelings of each run, route and landscape, this is a must-have for anyone who wants to run and admire the natural beauty of Britain at the same time.