Top 10 Best Ghost Story Books for 11-year-olds

Dare your kids to read these scary, spooky and spine-tingling stories! Featuring books by bestselling authors including Neil Gaiman, R. L. Stine and Jacqueline Wilson, see below for the best ghost story books for 11-year-olds.

1. The Graveyard Book

  • £6.39

Neil Gaiman

This bizarre yet brilliant novel stars Bod, a baby who escapes a murderer intent on killing the entire family. Bod finds safety in the most unlikely of places: a graveyard. Brought up by the local ghosts, ghouls and spectres, Bod has a unique childhood, learning about life from the dead. But the murderer is still out there looking for him... will he survive into adulthood? This stunning, eccentric novel features every second year of Bod's life, from babyhood to adolescence.

2. The Glass Children

  • £12.89

Kristina Ohlsson

When Billie and her mother move into their new house, they find the old, dilapidated building is filled with musty furniture and strange objects, including two small glass figures: a boy and a girl. Billie has the unnerving feeling that their neighbours are hiding a secret about the house. Then Billie notices that the glass figures have moved, and then a tiny handprint appears on a dusty table. Billie is sure they're being haunted. Alongside her new friend Aladdin, Billie must try to uncover the morbid history of the house, leading her closer to the chilling truth...

3. Memory

  • £6.89

Christoph Marzi

This book follows a ghost called Story. She's lost in the city, frightened and alone, her memories lost. Then she meets Jude, a remarkable boy who can see the dead - and he's her only chance at remembering... This poignant, ethereal tale will captivate young readers.

4. A Foot in the Grave

  • £12.89

Joan Aiken & Jan Pienkowski

When Jan Pienkowski began a haunting series of paintings, she asked Joan Aiken to create a range of accompanying ghost stories. The result was this rich collection of spine-tingling tales, which features ghostly revenge, fiendish frights, sprinkles of humour, malevolent spirits and enigmatic heroes. Complete with supernatural circumstances and unearthly occurrences, this book will be treasured by ghost story fans.

5. Haunted

  • £6.89


In this creepy collection, discover a variety of bloodcurdling tales - from a drowned boy, to an ancient woodland, to a lost child trapped in a mirror - written by a number of brilliant, bestselling authors, including Derek Landy, Philip Reeve and Susan Cooper. You might shiver, you might scream, but you will certainly be haunted by these super spooky stories long after you've turned the final page.

6. The Ghost Prison

  • £6.89

Joseph Delaney

It's young Billy's first night as a prison guard - but this is no ordinary prison. It contains haunted cells that can't be used, and whispers and cries can be heard in the night... and, of course, there's the dreaded Witch Well, inhabited by a mysterious prisoner. Billy is warned to stay away from this prisoner, but who could it be? Billy is going to find out as he uncovers the truth... This haunting tale is a must-read for ghost story fans.

7. How to Speak Spook (and Stay Alive)

  • £6.89

Ally Kennen

This fiendishly funny tale follows Donald and his mum. They can hear and chat with ghosts, although Donald's mum isn't very good at it (not that she knows it, so don't let on!). She's often called in to solve ghostly problems, such as ridding the supermarket of reanimated fish. But really, it's Donald who solves the problems by chatting with ghosts; he pretends it's his mum to be nice. But now, some sort of malicious monster ghost has showed up, planning to cause all kinds of trouble. And this particular ghost doesn't just want to talk...

8. Vicky Angel 

  • £6.89

Jacqueline Wilson

Jade has a quirky, confident and bubbly best buddy in Vicky. But suddenly, Vicky is killed in a car accident. This unexpected event evokes shock in characters and readers alike. But Vicky is such a loud and gregarious character, she won't let a small difficulty like death stop her from being in Jade's life! Vicky reappears to Jade as a ghost - but she will come to control Jade's life in sometimes dangerous ways. Can Jade finally stand up for herself, and will Vicky ever rest in peace? This story is exciting and poignant in equal measure.

9. The Time of the Ghost

  • £6.89

Diana Wynne Jones

The ghost turns up one summer's day, alone in a world she once knew. She knows she is one of four sisters, but which one? She also knows there's been an accident. In her quest to uncover her identity, a malevolent force begins to stir around her. Something terrible is going to happen. One of the sisters will die, unless the ghost can use the future to reshape the past. This captivating tale will engross young readers.

10. The Company of Ghosts

  • £7.89

Berlie Doherty

The seascape was moody with rocks and cliffs and bursts of spray. Ellie and Morag set off to the beautiful island owned by Morag's family, but when Ellie finds herself abandoned there, things begin to change. Footsteps, shadows, strange lights, a haunting song... Ellie is becoming increasingly aware that she's not alone. This mesmerising story is sure to enthral children.