Top 10 Best Ghost Story Books for Children

These sensationally spooky stories are packed with curious characters, haunting heroes and ghostly goings-on! Dare your kids to read this list of the best ghost story books for children, ordered by target age.

1. Funnybones: The Ghost Train

  • £5.89

Allan Ahlberg & Andre Amstutz | 3+

The three Funnybones skeletons decide to go on another night out... on a ghost train! A trip to a rather unusual seaside follows, but they're not scared of any of the creatures they encounter - except, of course, for a crying baby! This hilarious tale is full of fun repetitive language that little ones will love.

2. Usborne Illustrated Ghost Stories

  • £11.29

Jose Emroca Flores | 5+

This ghoulishly-illustrated book contains an assortment of traditional spine-tingling tales and hair-raising retellings, all presented in an appealing hardback format.

3. The Great Ghost Rescue

  • £5.89

Eva Ibbotson | 7+

Humphrey the Horrible may sound frightening, but he's actually a very friendly skeleton, with sparkling eye sockets and jangling finger bones. He dreams of being ghastly and awful like his brother, or terrifying like his bloodsucking vampire-bat cousins. But when he discovers an evil plot to exorcise his family, Humphrey realises you don't have to be bloodcurdlingly horrid to be a hero! This sensationally spooky story will enthral young readers.

4. Dust 'n' Bones

  • £7.89

Chris Mould | 7+

Discover a selection of spook-tacular stories, guaranteed to chill kids to the bones! This book features ten terrifying tales - five retold favourites and five original stories - and is illustrated throughout with petrifying pictures.

5. Goosebumps: The Haunted Car

  • £5.89

R. L. Stine | 8+

Mitchell knows everything there is to know about cars, so when his parents buy him a new sports car, he's ecstatic - and can't wait to take it for a spin! But there's something strange about this car. It seems to have a mind of its own. Could it be... haunted? Part of the popular (and gruesome!) Goosebumps series, this spooky story will enthral kids.

6. How to Speak Spook (and Stay Alive)

  • £6.89

Ally Kennen | 8+

This fiendishly funny tale follows Donald and his mum. They can hear and chat with ghosts, although Donald's mum isn't very good at it (not that she knows it, so don't let on!). She's often called in to solve ghostly problems, such as ridding the supermarket of reanimated fish. But really, it's Donald who solves the problems by chatting with ghosts; he pretends it's his mum to be nice. But now, some sort of malicious monster ghost has showed up, planning to cause all kinds of trouble. And this particular ghost doesn't just want to talk...

7. The Time of the Ghost

  • £6.89

Diana Wynne Jones | 9+

The ghost turns up one summer's day, alone in a world she once knew. She knows she is one of four sisters, but which one? She also knows there's been an accident. In her quest to uncover her identity, a malevolent force begins to stir around her. Something terrible is going to happen. One of the sisters will die, unless the ghost can use the future to reshape the past. This captivating tale will engross young readers.

8. The Ghost Prison

  • £6.89

Joseph Delaney | 9+

It's young Billy's first night as a prison guard - but this is no ordinary prison. It contains haunted cells that can't be used, and whispers and cries can be heard in the night... and, of course, there's the dreaded Witch Well, inhabited by a mysterious prisoner. Billy is warned to stay away from this prisoner, but who could it be? Billy is going to find out as he uncovers the truth... This haunting tale is a must-read for ghost story fans.

9. Vicky Angel

  • £6.89

Jacqueline Wilson | 9+

Jade has a quirky, confident and bubbly best buddy in Vicky. But suddenly, Vicky is killed in a car accident. This unexpected event evokes shock in characters and readers alike. But Vicky is such a loud and gregarious character, she won't let a small difficulty like death stop her from being in Jade's life! Vicky reappears to Jade as a ghost - but she will come to control Jade's life in sometimes dangerous ways. Can Jade finally stand up for herself, and will Vicky ever rest in peace? This story is exciting and poignant in equal measure.

10. The Graveyard Book

  • £6.39

Neil Gaiman | 11+

This bizarre yet brilliant novel stars Bod, a baby who escapes a murderer intent on killing the entire family. Bod finds safety in the most unlikely of places: a graveyard. Brought up by the local ghosts, ghouls and spectres, Bod has a unique childhood, learning about life from the dead. But the murderer is still out there looking for him... will he survive into adulthood? This stunning, eccentric novel features every second year of Bod's life, from babyhood to adolescence.