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Top 10 Best Healthy Eating Cookbooks

With so many tempting treats around, it can be a challenge to maintain a healthy diet! But these healthy eating cookbooks will help you do just that with scrumptious, nutritious recipes for many different lifestyles.

1. Skinny Pasta

  • £4.99
  • RRP £14.99
  • Save £10.00

Julia Azzarello

Pasta dishes are loved by many and in this tasty cookbook by Julia Azzarello, you can find plenty of meals that are full of flavour and all under 500 calories. The recipes include gluten- and dairy-free options as well as vegan and vegetarian meals. There are also recipes to help you make your own pesto, dough and marinara sauce and a rage of salads and soups for when you're after a lighter meal. 

2. Lose Weight for Good

  • £7.99
  • RRP £22.00
  • Save £14.01

Tom Kerridge

Tom Kerridge's Lose Weight for Good is a must when you're looking for healthy recipes. There are 100 dishes to try and each are super healthy and tasty without minimising portion sizes. With recipes including warm halloumi salad, sweet potato and black bean burritos and baked doughuts with sweet five-spice, these recipes are sure to go down a storm. 

3. Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food

  • £6.99
  • RRP £25.00
  • Save £18.01

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay shares his most healthy meal ideas in Ultimate Fit Food. There are several different sections with breakfast, lunch, supper, sides and snacks recipes on offer. Whether you need recipes to help with weight loss or you're looking for pre- or post-workout  meal ideas, there are options for you in this handy cookbook.   

4. Davina's Kitchen Favourites

  • £6.99
  • RRP £20.00
  • Save £13.01

Davina McCall

There are recipes the whole family will love in Davina McColl's tasty book. Plus, every recipe is sugar-free and easy to make. You won't be searching forever to find the ingredients or spending all evening preparing one meal as each of these recipes are completely fuss-free. Find ideas for every meal of the day as well as sweet treats to indulge in. 

5. Eat. Nourish. Glow.

  • £4.99
  • RRP £16.99
  • Save £12.00

Amelia Freer

Amelia Freer is a nutritional therapist to the stars and in this unusual healthy eating book she shares her tips for getting healthy, eating well and losing weight. Her book features a 10-step programme to feeling healthier and over 25 recipes full of nutritional goodness. The recipes include Crunchy Crab Salad and Monkfish with a Broccoli and Ginger Mash.   

6. Pinch of Nom

  • £8.99
  • RRP £20.00
  • Save £11.01

Kay Featherstone/Kate Allinson

This bestselling cookbook is filled with 100 slimming recipes that will be loved by any foodie. From classics like Cumberland Pie to cheeky fakeaways and mouth-watering veggie treats, there's something for everyone. Kay Featherstone and Kate Allinson have been sharing their best recipes with their blog followers and now you can join them in creating tasty favourites too. 

7. 10-A-Day The Easy Way

  • £6.99
  • RRP £20.00
  • Save £13.01

James Wong

If eating five portions of fruit and veg a day can have such a great impact on your health, just think what 10-a-day could do. James Wong's handy healthy-eating book shows you how you can easily work more fruit and veg into your diet without losing the treats you love. There are plenty of fuss-free recipes to try that will have you ticking off your 10-a-day in no time.   

9. Lean in 15

  • £9.99
  • RRP £14.99
  • Save £5.00

Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks shot to fame when he released his 90-Day Shift, Shape and Sustain programme online and since then he has become a healthy living icon. Lean in 15 features a range of 15-minute meals and workouts to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


9. Lexi's Clean Kitchen

  • £23.99
  • RRP £29.99
  • Save £6.00

Alexis Kornblum

This inspiring and beautiful cookbook aims to promote health and happiness through one simple concept: eating clean. It's packed with more than 150 scrumptious recipes, including Best-Ever Fluffy Pancakes, Classic Home Fries and French Vanilla Muffins. Featuring full-colour photos, shopping lists, how-to guides and advice on customising your clean lifestyle, this book makes eating clean accessible, rewarding and enjoyable!

10. The Doctor's Kitchen: Eat to Beat Illness

  • £6.99
  • RRP £16.99
  • Save £10.00

Rupy Aujla

Find a varied range of healthy recipes from professional doctor Rupy Aujla in The Doctor's Kitchen: Eat to Beat Illness. All the recipes are designed to have you eating ingredients that will help you prevent different illnesses including cancer, depression and diabetes. Plus, there's plenty of advice on how to change your life to keep yourself healthy as well with tips on exercise, stress reduction, sleeping well and more. 


Healthy Eating Cookbooks

  • Skinny Pasta by Julia Azzarello
  • Lose Weight for Good by Tom Kerridge
  • Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food
  • Davina's Kitchen Favourites by Davina McCall
  • Eat. Nourish. Glow. by Amelia Freer
  • Pinch of Nom by Kay Featherstone and Kate Allinson
  • 10-a-Day The Easy Way by James Wong
  • Lean in 15 by Joe Wicks
  • Lexi's Clean Kitchen by Alexis Kornblum
  • The Doctor's Kitchen: Eat to Beat Illness by Rupy Aujla