Top 10 Best Healthy Eating Cookbooks

With so many tempting treats around, it can be a challenge to maintain a healthy diet! But these healthy eating cookbooks will help you do just that with scrumptious, nutritious recipes for many different lifestyles.

1. Good Good Food

Good Good Food - Sarah Raven - Hardback - 9781408835555 - Sarah Raven
  • £4.99

Sarah Raven

Former doctor Sarah Raven presents this book of 250 sumptuous recipes, all centred around fruits and vegetables, the perfect demonstration that healthy eating can be delicious and satisfying! She uses her wealth of medical knowledge to explain why ingredients like kale, red wine, broccoli and seeds are so good for you and protect your body. Dishes include lemon chicken and summer herb salad, blood orange sorbet and basil yoghurt ice cream.


2. Five

  • £3.99

Rachael de Thample

This book makes getting your all-important five portions of fruit and veg a day effortless, nutritious and delicious! In this gorgeous book, you'll find heaps of healthy recipes, including Wild Spring Spaghetti, Carrot Cake Scones and much more, each clearly indicating the number of fruit and veg portions.


3. Ready, Steady, Glow

  • £8.99

Madeleine Shaw

This stunning cookbook is packed with easy and delicious recipes. Discover quick-to-make weekday recipes and scrumptious, show-stopping weekend recipes. All are wheat- and sugar-free and made with natural ingredients. Enjoy courgette and halloumi fritters, Goan chicken curry, a lemon and blueberry bircher muesli topped with pistachios, and much more. Additionally, try out some of Madeleine's calming and strengthening yoga routines.


4. Healthy Gut Cookbook

  • £4.99


A dysfunctional gut not only affects you physically, but mentally, too. This helpful cookbook provides 150 stage-by-stage healing recipes that can help to heal your digestive system. It reveals the "Five Rs of Gut Healing" and provides a step-by-step eating plan that will increasingly improve gut health. Treat common problems like leaky gut syndrome, and discover that gut-healing recipes needn't be bland. 

5. The Feel-Good Cookbook

  • £19.89

Ainsley Harriott

Popular chef Ainsley Harriott turns his culinary attention to healthy foods that make you feel great! He makes cooking fun, with food that's good for both body and soul. With 150 tasty, easy and healthy recipes, this is the ultimate book for time-pressured cooks who want fresh, flavoursome food. The chapters range from light bites and suppers to mid-week meals and substantial salads.


6. The Goodness of Avocado

  • £3.99

Lucy Jessop

Tasty, nutritious and full of antioxidant properties, the avocado is both versatile and delicious, and this book provides 40 lip-smacking recipes incorporating the delectable fruit. Eat it smooth, smashed, chunky or whole, on toast, topped with eggs, blended or in a salad - the choice is yours! You can even use it instead of cream in your desserts as a dairy-free and healthy alternative.


7. How to Eat Better

  • £6.99

James Wong

In this inspiring and revolutionary book, James Wong shows you how to select, store and cook certain foods in order to fully enjoy their health-giving benefits. Discover how a Braeburn apple has almost double the antioxidants of a Fuji one, how strawberries kept on the counter rather than in the fridge will quadruple their heart-healthy compounds, and many more fascinating food facts. Using the latest scientific evidence, this frank book is free from fad diets and instead shows you how to make your everyday foods much healthier (and tastier!). It also contains 80 fool-proof recipes.


8. Neal's Yard Remedies: Eat Beautiful 

  • £4.99


Spring clean your routine with this stunning book of recipes and lifestyle inspiration. It features more than 100 stunning recipes, showcasing natural superfoods that help to enhance your skin, body, hair and teeth, and explains the effects that certain foods have on everything from fragile hair to cellulite. It provides reinvigorating ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks, and is sure to rejuvenate your beauty and diet regime. Discover the delights of Japanese ocean soup, polenta with grilled vegetables, and many more mouth-watering dishes.


9. Lexi's Clean Kitchen

  • £23.99

Alexis Kornblum

This inspiring and beautiful cookbook aims to promote health and happiness through one simple concept: eating clean. It's packed with more than 150 scrumptious recipes, including Best-Ever Fluffy Pancakes, Classic Home Fries and French Vanilla Muffins. Featuring full-colour photos, shopping lists, how-to guides and advice on customising your clean lifestyle, this book makes eating clean accessible, rewarding and enjoyable!


10. Honestly Healthy for Life

  • £19.89

Natasha Corrett & Vicki Edgson

Discover how eating the alkaline way can fit effortlessly into everyday life and enhance your health and wellbeing. This book offers advice on how to use foods to restore balance to your body and provides a wide selection of mouth-watering recipes, including snacks for work, cooking for a crowd, weekday suppers and more, all created by gourmet vegetarian chef, Natasha Corrett, and leading nutritionist, Vicki Edgson.