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Top 10 Best Historical Books for 9-year-olds

Discover the stories and events of the past in these thrilling historical books for 9-year-olds, from the Ancient Romans to World War II. Featuring a range of different eras, adventures, characters and tales, kids will be enthralled by these brilliant historical books.

1. The Great Fire

  • £5.99
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Ann Turnbull

It is 1666, and young Sam has been left alone and homeless by the Great Plague. He's lucky to get a job working for the Giraud family, although Andre, the son of his boss, makes things difficult for him. But then a fire breaks out on Pudding Lane. Before anyone fully realises what's happening, London's burning, and no-one can put the fire out. It's time for Sam to prove what he's worth - if he can make it out alive, that is... This riveting adventure is both gripping and illuminating.

2. Little House on the Prairie

  • £9.99
  • RRP £48.93
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Laura Ingalls Wilder

Based on Wilder's real-life childhood adventures, this captivating series follows a family in Wisconsin, who set up their home amongst Indians and wild bears. The books describe the way the different groups learn to live together in harmony, as well as what happens once the family leaves the prairie and Mary and Laura start school...

3. War Horse

  • £3.99
  • RRP £6.99
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Michael Morpurgo

In this gripping tale, a horse named Joey witnesses the deadly reality of battle from both sides of the trenches in the First World War. He will come to understand the chaotic power of war, and the boundless beauty of peace. His owner, Albert, is determined to bring his beloved horse home safely. This engrossing story is a favourite with kids, parents and teachers alike, and has been adapted for film and stage.

4. Hetty Feather

  • £6.89
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Jacqueline Wilson

This heart-warming, funny and fascinating novel will captivate young readers. London, 1876, and Hetty Feather is left at the Foundling Hospital when she is just a tiny baby. She goes to live with a foster family in the countryside, and, with her 'brothers' Jem and Gideon, she sneaks off to visit the travelling circus, where she is enthralled by Madame Adeline and her horses. However, when Hetty returns to the Foundling Hospital, she goes back to a tedious life of uniforms and horrible food. Could her real mother be the marvellous Madame Adeline? Or is the truth even more surprising?

5. Roman Mysteries Stories

  • £11.99
  • RRP £69.90
  • Save £57.91

Caroline Lawrence

Children can travel back in time to the exciting, perilous world of the Romans with these thrilling fictional tales. They feature authentic period detail and follow natural problem-solver Flavia Gemina, who - alongside her friends Jonathan, Nubia and Lupus - sets forth to solve a series of perplexing mysteries.

6. Swallows and Amazons

  • £6.39
  • RRP £7.99
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Arthur Ransome

In this unforgettable tale, the Walker children - Captain John, Mate Susan, Able-Seaman Titty and Ship's Boy Roger - set sail on their dinghy, the Swallow, and head for Wild Cat Island. There, they camp under starry skies, swim in clear water and fish for their dinner. But their bliss is disturbed by the Blackett sisters, otherwise known as the fierce Amazon pirates. The Swallows and Amazons must battle it out, and so begins a summer of incredible adventures.

7. Carrie's War

  • £3.99
  • RRP £6.99
  • Save £3.00

Nina Bawden

Discover an evocative picture of life for evacuee children in World War II with this stunning classic novel. Carrie and her brother Nick are evacuated to Wales with severe shopkeeper Mr Evans and his gentle sister, Lou, whom he cruelly bullies. It's not long before the two children meet a cast of quirky village characters and become immersed in every aspect of village life - including a strange and unsettling mystery. Featuring suspense, intrigue and excitement, young history fans will love this wonderful story.

8. Little Women

  • £3.99
  • RRP £6.99
  • Save £3.00

Louisa May Alcott

Follow Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy as they must face the hardest of times and pull together, whilst their father goes to fight in the civil war. Though they may be poor, their lives are rich with colour and fun as they play games, put on dramatic theatricals, make new friends, argue, grapple with vices, learn from mistakes, nurse each other, and get into all sorts of trouble. This stunning tale is sure to enchant young readers, featuring the unconditional love between sisters and the challenges they face.

9. The Famous Five Series

  • £24.99
  • RRP £153.78
  • Save £128.79

Enid Blyton

Join Dick, Anne, Julian, George and Timmy the dog on all of their exciting escapades - in caves, castles, secret passageways and more! The gang must outsmart thieves, hunt for hidden treasure, and unravel all sorts of mysteries in these riveting classic tales, published from 1942 to 1963.

10. Illustrated Stories from Dickens

  • £11.20
  • RRP £14.00
  • Save £2.80

Charles Dickens

Five much-loved Dickensian classics have been retold for younger readers in this gorgeously illustrated collection. It includes Oliver Twist, Bleak House, Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities and David Copperfield, as well as a short biography of the world-famous author himself. It also features internet links so kids can discover more about the life and times of Charles Dickens.