Top 10 Best Homework Help Books for Kids

Tackling those tricky topics at school can be daunting, but these homework help books are great for supporting kids in their education and giving them a head-start. See below for the best homework help books for kids.

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1. Spell Check

  • £3.99

DK | 5+

With this super spelling book, kids will learn all the vital spelling rules as well as how to spell over 2,000 words. Featuring an appealing visual style, discover useful spelling tips and tricks, key word lists and tricky words that trip up spellers of all ages! With plenty of practice and support provided, kids are sure to become spelling superstars with this indispensable book.


2. Times Tables: A Pull-the-Tab Book

  • £2.99


This ingenious book will help kids master the 1-12 times tables in a fun, easy and interactive way. As they work through their times tables, they can write down their answers on the wipe-clean spreads and pull out the tab on each page to see if they're correct. This colourful book comes complete with an at-a-glance times-table chart, too.

3. See Inside: The Universe

  • £3.99

Alex Frith 6+

This awe-inspiring lift-the-flap book will help answer every question children might have about outer space, stars, galaxies and beyond... What is the universe made of? Where did everything come from? What exists in the far reaches of outer space? These jaw-dropping facts will keep children engaged for hours as they lift the flaps to find out the answers to some perplexing fundamental questions. From the Big Bang to black holes, supernovas to astronomy and so much more, unlock the secrets and mysteries of the universe with this captivating book.


4. You Wouldn't Want to Live Without... Series

You Wouldn't Want to Live Without... Collection - 12 Books - Collection - 9781912006762
  • £9.99
  • RRP £83.88
  • Save £73.89Save 87.0000000000000062527760746888816356658935546875%
  • Just 83.00p per book


With vibrant and hilarious illustrations and heaps of fun throughout, the 12 books in this innovative series will help children understand the things they wouldn't want to live without, such as toilets (eww!), gravity and the internet. Great for budding historians, scientists and thinkers, discover the fascinating and world-altering stories of technological advances, professions and natural phenomena that most of us take for granted.


5. Fractions and Decimals Activity Book

  • £2.99


This seriously fun activity book will help kids get to grips with notoriously tricky maths topics. Packed with mazes, colour-by-numbers, logic puzzles, sticker puzzles, dot-to-dots and more, each page explains a different tip or technique for dealing with fractions, decimals and percentages. With appealing themes on each double-page spread that tie the activities together - including pirates, a fairground and a dog show - kids are sure to be engrossed and learning in no time.


6. Lift-the-Flap: Computers and Coding

  • £3.99

Rosie Dickins | 7+

Computers and coding can confound people of all ages, but with this exciting lift-the-flap book, children will be able to see what goes on inside a computer, from how a keyboard works to how computers use memory to turn tiny dots known as pixels into pictures. Brilliantly straightforward and accessible, this book also has puzzles to try, key words to learn and quirky facts to enjoy.


7. My First Science Book

  • £2.99

Susan Akass | 7+

With this fantastic book, kids will uncover all sorts of science secrets and discover a range of experiments to try at home. Start in the kitchen with chemistry and find out how to create gooey slime; move on to physics and discover how to create balloon rockets; and finally, spot weird bugs and interesting plants with the biology chapter. This book is perfect for helping develop a lifelong interest in science.


8. Shakespeare Stories

The Shakespeare Stories Collection - 16 Books - Collection - 9781408313053 - Andrew Matthews & Tony Ross
  • £9.99
  • RRP £79.84
  • Save £69.85Save 86.99999999999999772626324556767940521240234375%
  • Just 62.00p per book

William Shakespeare, Andrew Matthews & Tony Ross | 7+

The brilliant Bard's works remain just as relevant and compelling today as they did over 400 years ago. Featuring 16 of William Shakespeare's most popular and enduring plays, these rewritten and wonderfully-illustrated versions of his most well-known tales will have kids engrossed. From the tragedy of Macbeth to the humour of Twelfth Night, these superb paperbacks make an excellent introduction to Shakespeare for young readers.


9. A Street Through Time

  • £4.99

Steve Noon | 7+

Explore 12,000 years of history with this award-winning book. Featuring beautiful illustrations, it brings 14 key periods in history vividly to life. Children will be fascinated as they watch the streets change, as buildings go up and come down and the world transforms, and they'll have the opportunity to learn about how people lived long, long ago. 

10. Sticker Atlas of the World

  • £6.29

Alice Pearcey | 7+

This brilliantly interactive book will help kids learn all about the countries of the world whilst having plenty of fun. Featuring more than 140 fantastic stickers and lots of illuminating facts, children will be engrossed by this helpful introduction to geography. It includes a range of famous capital cities and landmarks, such as the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen and the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.