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Top 10 Best Maths Books for Kids

Maths is a notoriously tricky topic, but these fun, vibrant and engaging books are sure to help children improve their numeracy skills. Ordered by target age, see below for the best maths books for kids.

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1. Tales from Acorn Wood: Counting

Julia Donaldson | Toddlers

This bright and fun book takes the reader through all the characters of Acorn Wood whilst teaching them how to count. From one pig playing hide-and-seek to two socks that Fox has lost and onwards, this book makes learning to count an engaging and enjoyable process. Your little ones won't even realise how confident at counting they're becoming with this brilliant picture book for toddlers. 

2. Numbers Ages 3-5

Collins Easy Learning | 3+

Informed by the National Curriculum, Collins Easy Learning books for ages 3-5 covers a range of school topics and provide activities so your kids can test their learning at home. This book will test their understanding of numbers as well as give you tips to help guide your child through their homework. Easy to use and great for supporting their school studies, this maths book is a must. 

3. Animaths Collection 6 Books


These 6 books all feature a fun animalistic spin on various different mathematical topics. From Shapes with Snakes to Measuring with Meerkats, you can encourage your kids to spend some time on their maths work at home. So, if you know a reluctant mathematician who loves animals then you can easily get them more excited about numbers by adding these claw-some books to their shelves!

4. Master Maths Collection


This set of 4 books will help your child learn all about numbers, calculations, measurements and shapes with the friendly character, Pango. The format is simple and engaging, helping your child to learn, practise and understand maths the easy way. 

5. Maths is Awesome!

Lisa Regan | 7+

Witty text and distinctive artwork accompany 101 jaw-dropping facts that prove how awesome maths really is! From the theory that it's more likely than not that two people in a room of 23 will share a birthday, to the fact that everything from rock music to code-breaking is based on maths, these extraordinary facts will truly boggle young minds. Especially good for kids who claim to dislike maths, this book may just change their minds as well as generate discussion and help children build on their mathematical knowledge.

6. Maths Puzzles

Sarah Khan | 7+

Kids can put their maths skills to the test whilst discovering how fun maths can be in this vibrant and appealing set of cards. The perplexing puzzles will challenge children to use their skills in code-breaking, multiplying, adding, subtracting and more. The wipe-clean cards come with a special pen, meaning kids can get started on their sums right away and solve puzzles on the go.

7. Sherlock Bones and the Addition and Subtraction Adventure 

Kirstin Swanson | 7+

Sherlock Bones and Dr Catson are the finest mathematical detectives out there. See them follow a range of addition and subtraction-based puzzles to stop Professor Moriratty's evil plan. Kids will love following this duo through the book's various activities and have fun playing with Sherlock's Secret Solver as they become expert adders and subtractors. 

8. The Know-Nonsense Guide to Measurements


This guide helps to teach kids all about the different types of measurements, in the most engaging and exciting way possible. It combines cute artwork and quirky infographics to help children understand mass, volume, bytes, feet and yards with simple definitions and memorable examples. 

9. Hooray for Hexagons

Steve Richards | 8+

This interesting activity book is a brilliant introduction to geometry. On the surface, this may seem like a simple colouring book but as your kids take on the different designs, they'll be discovering more and more about shapes. They will even start to understand more complex components of geometry such as tessellations and fractals. 

10. Help Your Kids with Maths

Carol Vorderman | 9+

TV favourite Carol Vorderman is known for her impressive maths skills and she has a whole range of books teaching this tricky subject to children. Help Your Kids with Maths is an encyclopedia for both parents and kids covering a range of maths topics, from algebra to trigonometry. If you think your kids would benefit from having a maths reference book on the shelf to refer to whenever they are stuck with their homework then look no further. 

Best maths books for middle schoolers and fun maths books for 11-year-olds

  • Tales from Acorn Wood: Counting by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler
  • Numbers Ages 3-4 by Collins Easy Learning
  • Animaths books
  • Master Maths books
  • Maths is Awesome! by Lisa Regan
  • Maths Puzzles by Sarah Khan
  • Sherlock Bones and the Addition and Subtraction Adventure by Kirsting Swanson
  • The Know-Nonsense Guide to Measurements
  • Hooray for Hexagons by Steve Richards
  • Help Your Kids with Maths by Carol Vorderman