Top 10 Best Science Books for 5-year-olds

Brilliant biology, fantastic physics and crazy chemistry... science can be a tricky topic, but hugely exciting too! These books present scientific subjects in a fun, colourful and engaging way, sure to capture kids' attention and help them learn. See below for the best science books for 5-year-olds.

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1. First Encyclopedia of Science

  • £7.99

Rachel Firth

All major topics are covered in this brilliant bumper book. Why do things float? What happens to the food you eat? Find out the answers to these and many more curious questions in this comprehensive compendium. Kids can discover all sorts of fascinating things in an exciting, interactive way, with simple text, incredible photographs and pictures, science activities and website recommendations.

2. See Inside: Planet Earth

  • £7.99

Alex Frith

Delve deep into the Earth's geography and discover the hidden secrets of life on our planet. This vibrant title includes double-page spreads on mountains, deserts, oceans, the atmosphere and icy landscapes, and is bursting with over fifty flaps to lift and tons of fascinating information. The book also explains how climate change is affecting our planet and what can be done to reduce its effects.

3. Look Inside: Space

  • £7.99

Rob Lloyd Jones

This fantastically fun book is packed with information about space and the amazing things that float through it, including stars, moons, comets and the planets of our solar system. Each spread features a space-tacular colour illustration and lots of flaps to lift which reveal what's happening in every scene. Discover what's going on inside the International Space Station, how astronauts visited the Moon and what they did there, and the history of astronomy, from Galileo to the Hubble Space Telescope.

4. Factivity: Computers and Coding

  • £2.99


With 300 super stickers and a hands-on approach, this engrossing book will show children what's inside their computers and how their apps and games are made. It explains how simple instructions tell a computer what to do and describes the basics of coding in an accessible, engaging way. It's perfect for kids who are learning about IT and encourages them to discover the fact-packed world of technology. It even features activities, puzzles and mazes to complete.

5. 365 Science Activities

  • £10.39

Minna Lacey

Explore the world of science in a fun new way with a different activity or experiment for every day of the year! This hands-on science book will fascinate children as they discover often surprising results, and is sure to inspire the scientists of the future.

6. Usborne Beginners: The Solar System

  • £3.99

Emily Bone

Young readers can discover the secrets and mysteries of the universe in this exciting book. It features a helpful glossary to explain unfamiliar words and a list of websites to visit for more information. It's perfect for helping with homework - and for simply marvelling at!

7. See Inside: Your Body

  • £3.99

Katie Daynes

Uncover the amazing world of our very own bodies in this enthralling book, which reveals the body's inner workings in a humorous, interesting and inventive way. It features fun flaps to lift, bright illustrations and diagrams that display the major organs of the body, accompanied by witty and informative text.

8. Oxford First Illustrated Science Dictionary

  • £7.19


Organised alphabetically, this illuminating dictionary gives simple and straightforward meanings for over 300 scientific words and concepts, from 'abdomen' to 'zoo'. Each entry is illustrated with exuberant artwork and informative diagrams. Kids will find supplementary material in an illustrated section at the back of the book which lists the essential vocabulary they'll come across in their science lessons, including the equipment used in class. The perfect companion for schoolchildren, this book supports the National Curriculum.

9. Space Sticker Book

  • £6.29

Fiona Watt

This astronomical book features a light-hearted look at space travel, with scenes depicting the vastness of space, the inside of a space station, and the surface of the moon. It contains hundreds of brilliant stickers, including planets, stars, asteroids, astronauts, rovers and lots more.

10. Look Inside: Science

  • £7.99

Minna Lacey

This phenomenal flap book introduces the fascinating subject of science in a simple and engaging way. It contains plenty of surprises to keep enquiring minds entertained (including flaps beneath flaps!) and covers all the essential science topics, from how plants grow to astronomy and forces. Each spread also features simple, practical experiments for kids to try themselves.