Top 10 Best Science Books for 7-year-olds

Explore the amazing world of science through these vibrant science books, which make what can be tricky topics accessible and exciting. See below for the best science books for 7-year-olds.

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1. Science in Action Collection

These bright fact books are perfect for supporting their Key Stage 1 science topics. With 25 books to read, young fact lovers can learn all about the world around them from their own home. The topics of the books include Planets and Stars, Fossils, Weather and Seasons and Electricity. Plus, there's a book on each sense and some titles provide answers to common questions children have about the world. 

2. Science Crackers Collection

Written by award-winning science authors, the four titles in this collection are just what you need to get your kids excited about science. The books cover astronomy, biology, chemistry and physics and each one is packed with facts, photographs and cartoons that will open their eyes to the wonders of the world.

3. The Human Body is Awesome!

Lisa Regan

Get your kids discovering all there is to know about the human body with this fantastic read. They can learn all about what different parts of the brain do and how we cognitively develop. This is a brilliant tool for understanding how humans work and the science behind the body. 

4. Science Scribble Book

Alice James

This activity book is ideal both for science enthusiasts and for those who need help discovering how interesting science can be. The puzzles and tasks make this an engaging and interactive way to learn about science and gives readers the opportunity to design their own inventions and brainstorm experiments. 

5. What's So Special About Dinosaurs Collection

If your child dreams of being a dinosaur explorer then this 8-book collection is for them. Each book is a fact file on a different dinosaur so if your child wants to know their Megalosaurus from their Diplodocus and all the scary details about the ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex then these books are a must. 

6. Extraordinary Migrations Collection

There are four fascinating titles in this unusual science collection. Each book focuses on the migration journey of a different animal. From butterflies to penguins and from whales to crabs, there is much to learn in these fully-illustrated books. 

7. Destination: Space

Christoph Englert

Aspiring astronauts will be captivated by this space-tacular book. Blast off into our local solar system and galaxies far, far away as you discover the science behind stars, planets, meteors and comets. This book also includes a detailed look at the history of the universe.

8. You Wouldn't Want to Live Without Collection

This collection of 20 books showcases the importance of the things we take for granted in life. From bees to sleep to electricity and satellites, there is no stone unturned in these endlessly interesting reads. The artwork and bright style of these books makes them easily accessible for young scientists aged seven and up. 

9. Junior Illustrated Science Dictionary

Sarah Khan

Great for students and parents alike, this science dictionary is bursting with clear, straightforward explanations of key terms and concepts from Key Stage 2 and up. It features hundreds of useful examples and illustrations and is the perfect classroom companion.

10. Wildlife Wonders Collection

Pat Jacobs

The Wildlife Wonders Collection is just perfect for children who are constantly curious of the world around them and forever asking why. The books feature facts, 3D artwork and photographs that shows children just why the animal and plant kingdoms operate the way they do.