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Top 10 Best Science Books for Kids

From creepy crawlies to the conundrums of chemistry, children have a world of science to explore. These engrossing science books for kids, ordered by target age, reveal all sorts of fascinating phenomena with vibrant illustrations and heaps of fun facts.

1. Audrey the Amazing Inventor 

Rachel Valentine | 3+

This fun picture book sees a little girl called Audrey come up with some wacky ideas for inventions - some of which though, really don't pay off. She doesn't give up though, Audrey knows she's onto something really special, or will be some day as long as she keeps trying. This is an excellent book for little ones with a developing interest in science and technology. 

2. First Encyclopedia of Science

Rachel Firth | 5+

All major topics are covered in this brilliant bumper book. Why do things float? What happens to the food you eat? Find out the answers to these and many more curious questions in this comprehensive compendium. Kids can discover all sorts of fascinating facts in an exciting, interactive way, with simple text, incredible photographs and pictures, science activities and website recommendations.

3. 365 Science Activities

Minna Lacey | 5+

Explore the world of science in a fun new way with a different activity or experiment for every day of the year! This hands-on science book will engross children as they discover often surprising results, and is sure to inspire the scientists of the future.

4. Living Things and Their Habitats Collection - 6 Books


This 6-book collection introduces kids to the biology of the animal kingdom. The books cover different types of animals including mammals, birds and insects and details all the information your little ones has ever wanted to know about their habitats. Plus, with easy-to-read font and pictures and diagrams throughout, these books are fantastic for young fact-lovers. 

5. The Way Things Work

David Macaulay | 7+

Discover everything you ever wanted to know about the inner workings of machines, gadgets and tools in this insightful book. Explaining the science of everything from the simple lever to the modern micro-processor, this book also covers clocks, watches, jet engines, the internet and more. Many of the explanations are accompanied by clear illustrations, and the witty approach makes even the most complex processes clear and fun. This handy book is great for any budding engineer!

6. Destination: Space

Christoph Englert | 7+

Aspiring astronauts will be captivated by this space-tacular book. Blast off into our local solar system and galaxies far, far away as you discover the science behind stars, planets, meteors and comets. This book also includes a detailed look at the history of the universe.

7. Robert Winston: Science Experiments

Robert Winston | 7+

In this brilliant book, the hugely popular Professor Robert Winston presents a range of exciting science experiments which kids can try at home. From creating balloon rockets and glow-in-the-dark jelly, to making a metal detector and turning water pink, children will love these experiments, which are sure to inspire a lifelong interest in science.

8. What Makes Your Body Work?

Gill Arbuthnott | 9+

Explore the amazing human body with this colourful book, packed with engaging text and incredible experiments. From your brain down to your toes, this book is bursting with fun facts and wonderful illustrations, detailing how body systems function and collaborate. It explains how blood travels around the body, how we detect heat and cold and so much more, with experiments that include carrying out a taste map of the tongue and finding a pulse.

9. A Beginner's Guide to the Periodic Table 

Gill Arbuthnott | 9+

If your kids are struggling to understand the complex periodic table, this bright and fun beginner's guide book is the perfect tool to aide their studies. The book takes you through each of the 92 elements and shares interesting facts or stories surrounding them. This entertaining take on a tricky topic is a brilliant resource for children aged 9+ who need a push in the right direction. 

10. This Is Not a Science Book

Clive Gifford | 9+

This ingenious book teaches kids all about science without them even knowing! It's packed with activities that will fill children's minds with useful information, encouraging them to draw, sketch, make and colour. From mapping out bones to optical illusions, kids are sure to be kept informed and entertained, and may even find that they have a head-start in science lessons at school - but don't tell them that...

Whether you're encouraging their enthusiasm in science or looking for reads that will help them get interested in their terrific topic, we have loads of books for your children to enjoy.