Top 10 Best Space Books for 5-year-olds

Blast off into the universe with these brilliant space books, which are filled with astronauts, asteroids, planets, stars, spacecraft and so much more! See below for the best space books for 5-year-olds and inspire a lifelong love of astronomy in your little ones.

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1. Usborne Beginners: The Solar System

  • £3.99

Emily Bone

Young readers can discover the secrets and mysteries of the universe with this exciting book. It features a helpful glossary that explains unfamiliar words and a list of websites to visit for more information. It's perfect for helping with homework - or for simply marvelling at!

2. Look Inside: Space

  • £7.99

Rob Lloyd Jones

This fantastically fun book is packed with information about space and the amazing things that float through it, including stars, moons, comets and the planets of our solar system. Each spread features a cosmic colour illustration and lots of flaps to lift which reveal what's happening in every scene. Discover what's going on inside the International Space Station, how astronauts visited the Moon and what they did there, and the history of astronomy, from Galileo to the Hubble Space Telescope.

3. The Pop-up, Pull-out Space Book

  • £12.89


Travel through our incredible universe with your child in this spellbinding pop-up and pull-out space book. It features an awesome pop-up solar system scene, jaw-dropping pictures, exciting pull-out pages, fun quizzes and heaps of fascinating facts. Visit each of the planets, stop off at the moon and marvel at the stars in other galaxies.

4. Space Sticker Book

  • £6.29

Fiona Watt

This space-tacular sticker book provides a light-hearted look at space travel, with scenes depicting the vastness of space, the inside of a space station and the surface of the moon. It contains hundreds of brilliant stickers, including planets, stars, asteroids, astronauts, rovers and much more.

5. The Usborne Big Book of Rockets and Spacecraft

  • £9.89

Louie Stowell

This book provides a unique insight into the domain of space travel, featuring a wide range of spaceships, shuttles, rockets, satellites and the International Space Station. With four massive fold-out pages that allow children to marvel at the vastness of outer space and see the complexity of the wonders of science and engineering, kids with an interest in technology and space travel are sure to be captivated.

6. My Very First Space Book

  • £7.99

Emily Bone

Little ones will love discovering lots of things to look at and talk about in this highly visual space book. Discover planets, stars, asteroids, space travel and many more incredible features of the universe, whilst learning plenty of interesting new words.

7. The Solar System

  • £3.99

Rosalind Mist

Journey into space and find out everything there is to know about the Solar System in this enthralling, informative book. It features facts, photos and diagrams, all presented in a bright and bold style to keep kids engaged. Young readers will be space explorers in no time as they delve into this endlessly fascinating cosmic compendium, which also contains fun activities to complete. Explore the planets, learn about space missions and meet the greatest astronomers from history - all in one galactic book.

8. The Usborne Little Children's Space Activity Book

  • £5.89

Rebecca Gilpin

This activity book is bursting with fun things to do, including mazes, dot-to-dots, drawing, colouring, sticking, spot-the-differences, counting, spotting and matching activities, all themed around space. It provides an interactive and engaging way for kids to learn about space with plenty of space-related vocabulary and lots of intergalactic facts.

9. Sticker Astronauts

  • £6.89

Struan Reid

This out-of-this-world sticker activity book is perfect for aspiring astro-adventurers. Kids will have the chance to dress the astronauts for their daring space missions and learn about the different outfits worn by astronauts, cosmonauts and taikonauts. Featuring more than 250 stickers, this activity book is packed with astronomical entertainment.

10. A Journey Through Space

  • £9.89

Steve Parker

Take a trip into outer space, zoom through the Solar System, discover satellites and encounter comets and asteroids along the way in this interstellar space book. Explore craters on Mars, moon-hop around Jupiter and get a close-up view of Saturn's phenomenal rings - but make sure not to get too close to the Sun! Bursting with lively illustrations which reveal our amazing universe, this book is perfect for immersing children in the wonders of the universe.