Top 10 Best Sport Biographies

Sportspeople are some of the most inspirational in the world, often having to overcome adversity and rise from obscurity to reach the heady heights of their game. From football legends to cycling superstars, these exciting sports autobiographies and biographies will move, inspire and entertain in equal measure.

1. #2Sides: Rio Ferdinand - My Autobiography

  • £19.89

Rio Ferdinand

This is Rio's unique story, from his early years in Peckham, through to picking up the Champions League trophy on a rainy summer's night in Moscow. #2Sides features Rio's own candid and outspoken views, as well as interviews with those close to him. Find out what life is really like at the top of the football world.

2. Unexpected: The Autobiography

  • £4.99

Greg Rutherford

Greg Rutherford is one of few Brits to win gold at European, Commonwealth, World and Olympic level, and now reveals his turbulent route to the top. A reckless teenager, he would sometimes sleep rough or car surf, but found an invaluable outlet in sport, and finally succeeded - in incredible style - on London 2012's "Super Saturday". He also offers his thoughts on issues plaguing athletics today, including doping.

3. Twin Ambitions: My Autobiography

  • £9.29

Mo Farah

Mo Farah's remarkable running career has put him firmly in the record books and in the public eye. The boy from Somalia, who came to Britain aged just eight, leaving behind his brother and able to speak very little English, nonetheless had a natural, extraordinary running talent. Since then, through hard work and punishing training, he has enjoyed unprecedented success. Read his incredible story in this honest and stirring read.

4. Muhammad Ali: A Tribute to the Greatest

  • £6.99

Thomas Hauser

The ultimate read for boxing fans, this revealing book divulges the extraordinary life of Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest sporting icons of all time. Thomas Hauser provides a personal tribute to the inspiring man, providing his own personal insights and using interviews with associates and contemporaries to reveal what Ali was really like, both in and out of the ring.

5. My Story

  • £16.00

Tom Daley

Commonwealth gold medallist and Olympic diver Tom Daley reveals all in this moving memoir, in which he divulges his heart-breaking but uplifting story. He discusses having to cope with the tragic death of his father, whilst growing up in the media spotlight and training hard for competitions. Discover the pressures and challenges faced by a world-class diving competitor, from Tom's day-to-day schedule to his hobbies and family, as well as his hopes and dreams for the future.

6. Lewis Hamilton

  • £13.59

Bruce Jones

A 10-year-old boy named Lewis Hamilton told Ron Dennis, then manager of McLaren, that he wanted to drive in Formula One for McLaren - and 12 years later, he was doing just that. A year later, aged 23, Lewis became F1's youngest World Champion. Since then, he has accomplished an extraordinary series of successes, with dozens of victories all over the world. Discover his enthralling life in this exciting book, filled with feature quotes and captivating action photography.

7. My Fight, Your Fight

  • £7.19

Ronda Rousey

Mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey, renowned for her powerful speech on overcoming misogyny, reveals her extraordinary life in this candid autobiography. A childhood marked by speech problems and the heart-breaking loss of her father didn't stop her from battling prejudice to become the first female fighter in UFC. Now, with astounding knock-out victories and an accomplished acting career, she is making history. In this book, she relives her greatest fights and shares her secrets for success and resilience.

8. The Inside Track

  • £16.00

Laura Trott & Jason Kenny

The Rio Olympics' golden couple reveals all in their official autobiography. They retrace their steps to gold-medal success, taking readers behind the scenes of Olympic training, divulging both the highs and lows. Their relationship is at the core of their journey, from competing at junior level, to falling in love, to success at Rio. No detail is omitted from their fast-paced lives. Be inspired to take up the sport, too, with their handy motivational insight.

9. Seventy-Seven

  • £6.99

Andy Murray

On 7th July 2013, to the amazement and joy of the nation, Andy Murray became the first British male in 77 years to lift the Wimbledon trophy. Discover his journey in this illuminating autobiography, from his devastating loss at Wimbledon 2012, to a glorious Olympic gold. He reveals his thoughts on the most memorable moments of his career and divulges his training regime, introduces his close-knit team, and discloses his personal battle to make it to the top of tennis.

10. Unguarded

  • £7.99

Jonathon Trott

Cricket star Jonathon Trott looks back not only at his sporting successes, but also his mental health issues. Following triumph in the 2009 Ashes when Jonathon scored a century on his debut, he had to leave the 2012-13 Ashes tour of Australia, suffering from a stress-related illness. Readers will be transported into the heart of the England dressing room, and into the personal life of a professional sportsman, from the brilliant successes to the crushing expectation.