Top 10 Best Vegetarian Cookbooks

A meat-free diet needn't stop you from enjoying a wide range of delicious dishes, scrumptious snacks and perfect puds! These books, classified as either vegetarian or vegan, provide recipes and inspiration for a wide variety of tastes and lifestyles. So, tuck into some tasty meat-free meals with our very best vegetarian cookbooks

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1. Eaternity

Jason Wrobel | Vegan

This comprehensive recipe and lifestyle book from vegan chef and wellness expert, James Wrobel, is full of great tips for creating mouth-watering meat- and dairy-free dishes, each with particular nutritional benefits. Not only does it provide a wide range of recipes, it also gives you the current research and science behind our most pressing health issues, and explains why you should eat certain foods based on your unique goals.

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2. Proper Healthy Food

Nick Knowles | Vegetarian

This isn't just healthy food: it's proper, which means it's hearty, nutritious and satisfying. Popular DIY SOS presenter Nick Knowles reveals how a trip to Thailand inspired him to transform his diet and live a better life. He shares innovative vegetarian and vegan recipes which are sure to appeal to even the most meat-loving carnivore. From posh nosh to chunky vegan burgers to indulgent desserts, this book will show you how delicious and substantial healthy food can be.

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3. The Hairy Dieters Go Veggie

The Hairy Bikers | Vegetarian

Si King and Dave Myers are cutting down on meat, and in this exciting book, they share 80 of their favourite veggie recipes, sure to keep even the hungriest meat-eater satisfied! The book features low-calorie versions of traditional classics and family favourites, ranging from Lancashire hotpots to veggie sausages. But none of the recipes compromise on flavour, so whether you're looking to cook up starters, snacks, soups, brunches or mains, you're guaranteed to find mouth-watering dishes you'll want to return to again and again.

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4. The Very Veggie Family Cookbook

Sara Ask & Lisa Bjarbo | Vegetarian

If you think it's difficult to cook veggie meals for the whole family, think again! This book contains 60 lip-smacking vegetarian dishes that everyone will enjoy, from oat bagels to mango wraps, teriyaki tofu to potato pancakes. Featuring 20-minute recipes for hectic weeknights, delicious dishes for the weekend, finger food, snacks, delectable desserts and more, this fun and colourful book is filled with veggie cooking tips and inspiration.

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5. The Conscious Cook

Tal Ronnen | Vegan

Former steak-lover Tal struggled for years on an unfulfilling vegan diet that left him with terrible cravings for rich flavours, nourishing foods and a bit of fat! Thus, he created a range of delicious vegan dishes with substantial proteins, and it completely changed the way he ate for the better. He is now regarded as an expert in the field, and in this book, he shares his fantastically satisfying recipes.

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6. Vegan Street Food

Jackie Kearney | Vegan

Inspired by the diverse foods she got to try on her travels around Asia, Jackie has put together this scrumptious assortment of meat- and dairy-free dishes that are guaranteed to be exotic and delicious! They include tempting meals like Simple Sri Lankan Dal, regional specialities like Oothapam (vegetable crumpets), and yummy finger food like Kale Pakoras.

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7. Whole Protein Vegetarian

Rebecca Miller Ffrench | Vegetarian

If you're concerned that your vegetarian diet might not provide you with enough protein, this is the perfect book for you. It makes getting that all-important nutritious protein easy with heaps of wholesome (and delicious!) plant-based recipes.

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8. Vegetarian Food for Healthy Kids

Nicola Graimes | Vegetarian

This book provides over 100 exciting recipes packed with fresh fruit and vegetables. Each has a Hero Food feature, explaining why those ingredients are healthy and nutritious for you and your child. It includes recipes for brilliant breakfasts, scrummy snacks and delectable dinners. From veggie versions of sausages and mash and spaghetti Bolognese, to new ideas like cheesy broccoli bites, there's plenty for the whole family to love.

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9. Veggie Mama

Doreen Virtue & Jenny Ross | Vegan

This beautiful book is full of inspiring vegan recipes, including many raw options, using wholegrains, legumes, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and lots of superfoods like hemp seeds and quinoa. It caters for all ages and tastes, and discusses allergies and healthy eating tips. Kids will love the flavours and won't even realise how healthy and wholesome their food is!

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10. Peace & Parsnips

Lee Watson | Vegan

In this gorgeous book, discover the delights of eating meat- and dairy-free dishes which are bursting with vitality and flavour. Using fresh produce, Lee Watson celebrates veganism through recipes that are diverse, nutritious and utterly delicious. From curries, burgers and bakes to stunning show-stoppers for special occasions, vegan cooking has never been so exciting. Discover mouth-watering meals including Braised Cauliflower and Puy Lentil Tabbouleh and Chickpea, Squash and Apricot Burgers, as well as drool-worthy desserts including Blueberry and Macadamia Cheesecake and Rustic Apple and Whisky Marmalade Tart.

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    In a time when more and more people turn their eyes away from the meat counter and look at the vegetables on offer instead, the question of cooking for a young family raises its head. For many people this is a thorny issue, because what are you supposed to make when cooking vegetarian food for the whole family? Will everyone be satisfied and full enough? Will the children even taste it? This book contains 60 vegetarian recipes adapted for the family, divided into chapters based on the time it takes to cook them. There are recipes that take only 20 minutes on a stressful day after work, but also dishes for nights in the week when you might be able to spend a bit longer than half an hour on dinner. And recipes for the weekend that are a bit more demanding, but also a bit more luxurious. There are also recipes for finger food, good snacks, yummy desserts and lots of practical tips. This book is for anyone who is looking for vegetarian cooking inspiration. Whether the aim is for your family to do without meat now and then, or whether you already cook lots of veggie food but are bored with your old recipes.The Very Veggie Family Cookbook is a colourful, stylish, fun and large source of inspiration in your kitchen.
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    Happy, healthy and hearty - it's time to cook vegan...In Peace and Parsnips, Lee Watson invites everyone to discover the delights of eating meat- and diary-free recipes, bursting with vitality and taste. Using fresh produce, Lee celebrates this incredibly healthy way of eating through recipes that are varied, nutritious and utterly delicious. From curries, burgers and bakes to show-stoppers for special occasions, this book is set to rock your concept of cooking vegan! Dishes include: - Braised Cauliflower and Puy Lentil Tabouleh - Fragrant Wilde Rice, Curly Kale and Pistachio Salad - Pakistani Pumpkin and Beetroot Bhuna - Chickpea, Squash and Apricot Burgers - Roasted Chestnut and Fennel Casserole - Rustic Apple and Whisky Marmalade Tart - Raw Blueberry and Macadamia Cheesecake Save money, feel healthier and be amazed at the incredible new flavours in your life.
  • HDGV
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    Si King and Dave Myers are cutting down on meat - and they're sharing 80 of their favourite veggie recipes with you in this exciting cookbook.

    With their healthy edge, these tasty recipes will keep even the hungriest carnivore happily full. There are low-cal versions of traditional classics and family favourites and the recipes range from Lancashire hot pots to veggie sausages.

    The Hairy Bikers have never compromised on flavour and whether you want starters, snacks, soups, brunches or mains, you're sure to find something you'll enjoy over and over again in their latest meat-free cookbook.
  • PHFD
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    Popular DIY SOS presenter Nick Knowles reveals how a trip to Thailand inspired him to change his diet and live a better life - and shares the recipes which will allow you to do the same.

    Now slimmer and healthier than ever before, this book is full of the vegetarian and vegan recipes that Nick loves. He promises these dishes will appeal to even the hungriest carnivore and the hearty nature of them will stop your tummy rumbling.

    From posh meals to impress to puddings that will delight everyone's taste buds, he even shows ho how to make a healthy raw chocolate cake. We highly recommend the proper chunky vegan burger.
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    In Veggie Mama, Doreen Virtue and chef Jenny Ross share over 100 vegan recipes - including many raw options, using whole grains, legumes, nuts, fruits and vegetables, along with superfoods such as hemp seeds and quinoa - for growing kids of all ages. The book discusses food allergies and present a CSG-free programme - meaning free of corn, soy (with the exception of fermented miso paste) and gluten, which are inflammatory agents that can create anxiety in sensitive kids, as well as worsen allergy symptoms. With menu-planning guides, school lunches, and snack and dessert favourites, you'll have everything you need to feed your entire family wholesome and delicious meals. Using these tasty, 100-percent plant-ingredient recipes you will be pleasing your children's palates and doing their bodies good ...setting them up for a lifetime of wellness!
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    Over 100 recipes for exciting meals packed with fresh fruit and veggies Each recipe has a Hero Food feature, explaining why those ingredients are great for your childKids Cook spreads to encourage children to get involved with the cookingFamily favourites feature alongside exciting new ideasRecipes for breakfasts, lunch boxes, after school snacks, quick weekday meals, relaxed weekend meals and yummy sweet treatsPacked with over 100 quick, easy and fresh recipes that are nutritious and use vegetables in interesting and inspiring ways, this bright and fun book is set to lure even the most reticent of eaters. From vegetarian versions of family favourites - such as sausages and mash, chilli and rice or spaghetti Bolognese - to exciting new ideas like deliciously cheesy broccoli bites, there are ideas for every type of meal including energy-boosting breakfasts, super snacks and packed lunches. And as kids are much more likely to be interested in eating food they have made themselves, there are Kids Cook recipes children can make themselves to encourage them to get involved in the kitchen.
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    Jackie and her family ate their way around Asia, sampling streetfood and jotting menu ideas on the back of napkins. Inspired by the food cultures she embraced on her travels, Jackie has brought new life to healthy, meat- and dairy-free food, inspired by the sheer quantity of vegan food on offer in Asia. Dotted with personal anecdotes from her travels, family photos and fascinating local information, Jackie takes us from India to Indonesia on a journey of tastes and textures, via Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Malaysia. Recipes includes classic dishes that we might be already familiar with, such as Simple Sri Lankan Dal or Cauliflower and Kale Pakora, as well as regional specialities such as Oothapam (vegetable crumpets from South India) or Tahu Campur (Javanese fried tofu with cassava cakes). Street food is a central part of life in Asia. It brings families and communities together from breakfast to dinner, through all the scrumptious snacks along the way. With this book, you can bring this inspirational approach to feeding your family into your own kitchen, whipping up flavourful and wholesome bites.Celebrate vegan food in all its glory, without compromising on flavour or protein, or trying to makes substitutions for meat or fish. That is the beauty of this collection of Asian streetfood - it is simply delicious, and it just so happens to be vegan.
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    A former steak lover himself, Chef Tal struggled for years on a vegan diet that left him hungry and filled with cravings for butter and meat. About ten years ago, he decided that the best way to satisfy his dietary desires was to make food that was good enough for 'foodies' and could gratify his cravings for rich flavor and fat. The solution? Create vegan meals with substantial proteins that could literally change the way people eat. He studied all aspects of non-meat proteins and today is widely regarded as the expert in the field, developing new concepts for meals and sauces and helping to improve textures for food companies. "The Conscious Cook" is a breakthrough in vegan cuisine. By teaching readers how to make truly satisfying and delicious meals without the meat and dairy, it makes the shift to a vegan lifestyle easy.
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    Vegan chef and wellness expert Jason Wrobel offers up a comprehensive recipe and lifestyle book with practical tips for creating drool-worthy dishes with specific nutritional benefits. While at its core Eaternity is a cookbook, it's so much more than that. Unlike most cookbooks that merely tell you what to eat and how to make it, Eaternity gives you the current research and science behind our major health concerns and explains why you should eat certain foods based on your individual goals - whether it's to lose weight, have more energy, sleep sounder or feel stronger. Eaternity has 150+ nutritious yet delicious meat-free recipes that will satisfy all of your comfort-food cravings, because let's face it - not everyone is ready for wheatgrass shots, seaweed salads and buckwheat granola! It features such fan favorites as Superfood Caesar Salad, Spicy Sweet Potato Tortilla Soup and Salted Caramel Waffles. With a refreshingly light, no-pressure vibe, wicked humour and stunning food photography, Eaternity makes it easy to get on board and feel awesome!
    • £20.00
    Most vegetarian and vegan choices contain some protein but it's critical to eat them in the correct combination in order to get the full complement of the nine essential amino acides that make up a complete protein. This is made easy with Whole Protein Vegetarian, an indispensable companion to the vegetarian kitchen.