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Top 10 Bookish Confessions

If you, like us, been a booklover for a long time you'll know that you have reading habits that you just don't want to admit to. But we're all booklovers here and there's no shame in any of these 10 silly bookish confessions... at least that's what we tell ourselves! Here is our list of top 10 bookish confessions...

1. Book hoarding 

Buying more books when you know you have some on your shelves that you haven't yet read has to be one of the most common bookish bad habits. But, you know it's not until have to pile books up on the floor because you've run out of room on your shelves... and desk... and bedside cabinet and just about everywhere else... that you'll decide to do something about your book hoarding!

2. Rereading your favourites more times than you can count

Sometimes there's nothing better than diving back into your favourite storyworld with all the familiar characters you know and love but, then again, rereading your favourite book to the point where the spine is barely staying intact, the dust jacket is long lost and there are tea stains on nearly every page might just be a little much. Cathy dies no matter how many times you read it! And, this isn't a spoiler, her ghost pops up right at the start! Speaking of spoilers though...

3. Reading ahead

This definitely isn't a confession every booklover would admit to but skipping ahead to the last chapter to find out what happens or looking up the book summary online is definitely something we've all done at some point. Sometimes you start reading a book and you love the characters so much you just need to know if they'll make it to the end and sometimes you're reading a book you're not sure about so you want to read ahead to see if it's worth your time, we get you, we've been there. Also, those of you that skim read books to get through them quicker, we see you too!

4. Cancelling plans to read 

Friends, partners and/or family members planning social events when you're in the middle of a really gripping read can just be so inconvenient! Don't they know your mind in busy in a high-stakes thriller?! Cancelling plans to read or pulling an all-nighter to finish a book before the plans you've got the next day can be a great way to lose much-needed sleep... and friends but when the book's so good it almost feels worth the risk! 

5. Never trusting anyone else's recommendations 

No one understands your reading tastes like you do! We all have people in our lives who, whenever they start giving us a book recommendation, we know there's no way we're going to read it, unless they actually lend you their copy, in which case you still won't read it but you'll, of course, pretend you did. Lending books shows a lot of trust, you have to at least pretend to be grateful! But, on the flipside, you get personally offended when someone else doesn't read the book you've suggested to them. We can be hypocrites, us booklovers!

6. Imagining book characters are real 

Sometimes you just really wish you could imagine a character to life. Whether you've dreamt about bumping into Hagrid on the bus (and maybe it just so happens he tells you "yer a wizard" in this fantasy?) or being whisked away to Pemberley by Mr Darcy, it's tough to face the reality that you'll only find these amazing characters in the pages of your favourite books.

7. Book sniffing

Ever booklover knows the scent of book pages might just be the greatest smell on the planet. Just be wary of sniffing books around non-booklovers, they don't know the joy like we do.

8. Being a book snob 

We don't think there is any shame in liking the books that some people love to hate. We've all been tempted to insult a book that we secretly love to appease the book snobs but we don't think you should need to. If you feel at home in with Bella and Edward in Forks then don't be ashamed to shout your love of Twilight from the rooftops - we'll hold the ladder for you! 

9. Claiming you've read more classics than you have

Book snobbery is one thing, book deceit is another. Be proud of the reading you've done, whether you've read all every Shakespeare, Dickens and Austen book ever written or classics just aren't your thing, don't be ashamed of it. But, honestly, we have all pretended to have read more classics than we actually have. Also, just in case you need reminding, watching Bridget Jones is not the same as reading Pride and Prejudice!  

10. Being forever haunted by the memory of that one time you lent someone one of your precious babies* (*books)

If you've had a bad experience from lending your books out to someone, or maybe you've just heard horror stories from others, you can get a lot of trust issues over your books and we totally feel for you here. We'd recommend pretending you've either lost your copy or already lent it to someone else when someone has asked to borrow a book... not that we've thought about it much...

We think that these are probably the most common bookish confessions and we know some of you have definitely done some of the things on this list (if not, all) and there's no shame in that! We're all on the same page (pun intended) so let's rejoice in our weird little bookish ways together. If you ever want to talk about books with us, let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.