Top 10 Books for Budding Filmmakers

If you are a budding filmmaker and see yourself as the next big director, screenwriter, editor or cinematographer then these fantastic filmmaking books are perfect for you. We have books on the works of famous filmmakers as well as guides on every part of the film production process, including storyboarding, screenwriting and cinematography books. Whatever budget or equipment you're working with and however much experience you may have already, we have great books on filmmaking for anyone with an interest in making movies...

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  • The Movie Making Book £3.99 Book info

Dan Farrell & Donna Bamford

This book is great for any kids with an interest in filmmaking. Filled with mini games and projects to teach them all the basics of making a movie, this book is a must for any children with a love for the camera. So whatever type of equipment they have, whether that be a camera, tablet or smartphone, they'll be producing their own films in no time with the advice from this excellent filmmaking book.

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  • The Filmmaker's Handbook £19.99

Steven Ascher and Edward Pincus

Whatever budget or equipment you have, Steven and Edward's brilliant book can help you to make great films. The book focuses on all technologies surrounding modern-day filmmaking including Youtube, digital video and filming cameras of whatever price or style. Let award-winning filmmakers Steven and Edward teach you how to achieve your best work.

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  • Cinematography £14.99 Book info

Patrick Keating

Cinematography is a fascinating art form and Patrick Keating is determined to show the key role it plays in films. Find out about the works of the best cinematographers and how cinematography has been influenced by changes in the film industry over the years, from the black and white silent films to the big Hollywood blockbusters of today. All budding cinematographers need to give this interesting book a read.

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  • Complete Screenwriting Course: Teach Yourself £14.89

Charles Harris

If you'd rather come up with the story than call the shots on set then this book on screenwriting might just be the filmmaking guide you need. With exercises to help you master the art of writing for film or television taking you through plot, character, dialogue and scenes, you can piece together a full screenplay with ease. Plus, once you've finished your screenplay this guide shows you how to pitch and sell your work too. So, with this handy book, you'll be seeing your story on the screen in no time!

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  • Digital Film-making £12.89

Mike Figgis

Become a digital filmmaking pro with this book of tips and tutorials by director, composer and screenwriter Mike Figgis. Utilise the digital technology available to you and follow Mike's advice on lighting, framing, editing, equipment and working with actors to create some brilliant films. Plus, he uses his experiences as a composer to teach how to use sound and music in your own movie projects. Don't miss out on getting some expert advice from this amazing filmmaker.

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  • Master Shots £14.39

Christopher Kenworthy

Whatever type of film you're looking to make, this book can help you improve your camerawork. Director Christopher Kenworthy proves you can make your film look professional even on a low budget when you follow his tips for creating master shots regardless of the pressure or time restraints you may be under. Be brave with your shots and see how Christopher's advice can improve your filmmaking.

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  • Indie Film Producing £21.59

Suzanne Lyons

If you're interested in contributing to the terrific films that are coming from independent cinema and think producing may be the avenue for you to get involved then this great book by Suzanne Lyons is the perfect tool to help you out. With plenty of step-by-step tutorials and tips to get you started, you'll be producing quality indie films to be proud of.

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  • Cut by Cut £22.79

Gael Chandler

If producing, directing and screenwriting aren't quite for you then maybe editing is your niche in filmmaking. In that case, this brilliant book will tell you everything you need to know about editing your own films or videos. Find out when to make cuts and how to add music and effects to your film projects with the right editing systems in this excellent editing book.

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  • From Word to Image £15.99 Book info

Marcie Begleiter

Marcie Begleiter knows the important role storyboards play in film production and that is the focus of this fascinating film book. Storyboards help the production team to visualise what the end product should be in this deeply collaborative art form. Find out how to take a script and transform it into a full storyboard with Marcie's step-by-step instructions. This brilliant book shines a light on this crucial but often overlooked part of filmmaking.

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  • Shoot Like Spielberg £9.79

Christopher Kenworthy

Steven Spielberg is one of the greatest auteurs of modern cinema. With this brilliant book you can study his filmmaking craft and techniques and use them in your own film projects. Spielberg is known for creating strong emotion in his films and Christopher Kenworthy shows you how to create the same level of emotion through your choice of camera moves and filming styles. By the end of this book you really will be shooting just like Spielberg.

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With all these fantastic film books you have everything you need to become an award-winning filmmaker of the future!

  1. The Movie Making Book £3.99 Book info
  2. From Word to Image £15.99 Book info
  3. Cinematography £14.99 Book info
  4. Master Shots £14.39
  5. The Filmmaker's Handbook £19.99
  6. Indie Film Producing £21.59
  7. Complete Screenwriting Course: Teach Yourself £14.89
  8. Shoot Like Spielberg £9.79
  9. Digital Film-making £12.89
  10. Cut by Cut £22.79