Top 10 Reasons We Love Mary Berry

We have a lot of love for the TV and cookery legend that is Mary Berry and we know you guys do too! Her personality is lovely and her cookbooks are scrumptious and we always look forward to seeing more of her on our screens. So, we decided to share the top 10 reasons why we love Mary Berry with you!

1.She's had the best chef training. Mary studied at both The Cordon Bleu in Paris and Bath School of Home Economics.

Obviously Mary Berry knows her way around a kitchen but did you know she had the best cookery education around to get her where she is? When she was 22 she persuaded her manager to finance her studies at Le Cordon Bleu but getting there wasn't easy, she stayed in a youth hostel during her course and had her interview in French. 

2.She's been on the cookery scene for decades. She worked as the cookery editor for Housewife magazine and Ideal Home magazine in the 1960s and 1970s.

That’s right, she's not just a fantastic cook and fabulous TV personality, she also has skills with the written word. She wrote recipes for the Housewife magazine before being promoted to cookery editor and eventually moving onto Ideal Home. 

3.She's a TV natural. Her first TV show appearance was in the 1970s and we’ve been watching her ever since.

Mary's first TV gig was sharing her cookery know-how with the viewers of Afternoon Plus. 

4.She's got baking in the blood. When she appeared on Who Do You Think You Are, she found out her love of baking goes back generations.

During her episode, Mary discovered that her great-great-grandfather, Robert Houghton, was also a baker way back in the Victorian times. On the show, Mary read an old newspaper clipping that revealed that Robert would make bread for a local workhouse but those who worked there complained that the bread was, "so bad that we do not know how to eat it"!

5.She's been through difficult times and how she's coped is truly inspiring. Mary is known for being very dedicated to her family but she experienced a heart-breaking loss. 

She had three children with her husband Paul John March Hunnings called Thomas, Annabel and William. However, William died in a car crash when he was just 19. Mary has since become a patron for Child Bereavement UK.

6.Her business partner is none other than her daughter, Annabel. Mary and Annabel have been in the salad dressing business for over 20 years.

Mary and Annabel set up Mary Berry & Daughter in the 1990s and have been making salad dressings and cake mixes for supermarkets ever since. 

7.She never leaves you stuck for recipe ideas. She's published over 70 cookbooks! 

Mary has an incredible amount of cooking experience to share, which you can see in her huge range of mouth-watering cookbooks.

8.She's on a mission to get everyone baking. And, with her cookbooks and TV appearances, we really think she could do it!  

Her mission is made clear on her website and she has spoken openly about how she believes that all children should be taught to cook healthy meals for themselves in school.  

9.She's a got a few wild stories to tell. Despite her reputation for being a TV grandma to the British public, Mary Berry has been arrested before (due to a misunderstanding!).

She recalled her run-in with the police on the Graham Norton show when the bags of flour and sugar in her luggage were mistaken for drugs at an airport!

10. Her amazing work has been recognised by the Queen. She received a CBE in 2012 for her services to the culinary arts. 

Whether you're a fan of Marry for her great recipes, friendly demeanour or just love watching her on the telly, we'd love to hear the reasons you love Mary Berry so let us know on Facebook and Twitter!