Top 10 Space Books for Adults

If you want your reading to be out of this world, then you need some super space books in your life. We have guides to the solar system, books on scientific theories and even a space atlas in our range, so, if youu're interested in physics and want to know more about the cosmos, our stellar books are here to help. Check out our top 10 space books for adults for some astronomically good reads!

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1. Wonders of the Universe

  • £19.99

Professor Brian Cox and Andrew Cohen

Discover the wonders of the universe with TV's favourite physics expert, Professor Brian Cox. Using evidence and examples from the natural world, Brian manages to simplify the complexities of the universe in this great book for physics fans. Learn all about the history of the universe and the billions of stars and galaxies in this fascinating read.


2. Nature Guide: Stars and Planets

  • £3.99


This handy book all about the stars and planets visible in the night sky is perfect for any stargazer. With a guide on how to start stargazing and images of 88 constellations and various planets to spot, this book is great for anyone with even the most basic understanding of the night sky.

3. The Universe Explained to My Grandchildren

  • £5.89

Hubert Reeves

Astrophysicist Hubert Reeves uses conversations he's had with his granddaughters to inspire his book all about the science of the universe. He recalls times when they watched the night sky together, looking out at the stars as he'd answer all their questions about space. This is a very unique space book and a brilliant read.


4. Universe: Exploring the Astronomical World

  • £31.96

Phaidon Editors

This book is a collection of images covering the history of our perceptions of the universe. Starting with ancient cave drawings and moving on through paintings and sculptures from the last few centuries and then to modern film and animation, you'll find 300 fascinating pictures of stars, planets and more. This book really is an amazing exploration of science history.


5. The Sun

  • £20.00

Leon Golub and Jay M. Pasachoff

Leon Golub and Jay M. Pasachoff's book focuses on the one thing we all revolve around - the sun. They take a fascinating look into what the sun is and the role it plays in our solar system. With stunning images, eye-opening facts and a guide for safely observing the sun, you will find a new-found appreciation for this mighty star.


6. Moon Manual

  • £18.89

David M. Harland

Now you've found the perfect book for understanding the importance of the sun, can we recommend the ideal book for getting to grips with the role of the moon? Recent expeditions have brought us new information about previous moon landings and more about what we can find on the surface. Written as a manual, you'll become an expert in all things lunar in no time with this great space book.


7. Space Atlas

  • £32.00

James S. Trefil

National Geographic has put together the first ever atlas of the universe! With amazing imagery from space telescopes you can see into the cosmos and explore the planets and stars of our galaxy and beyond in the pages of this beautiful space book.


8. The Secret Life of Space

  • £19.00

Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest

Uncover the history of the biggest discoveries we've ever made about space, from the invention of the first telescope to the Big Bang theory, in this fascinating read. Heather and Nigel shine a light on the real scientific pioneers who have, all too often, been lost to history. Plus, they reveal details about the future of space travel and a very intriguing story about an engineer who may have found evidence of life on Mars...

9. A Brief History of Time

  • £7.99

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking takes you through some of the biggest questions in physics in this international bestseller. After considering the theories of key scientific thinkers, including Albert Einstein, he details his own theories and ideas on the universe and all we still don't know about it, from black holes to the beginning of time itself. This book is an absolute must-read for every space specialist and physics fan.


10. Space

  • £24.89

Carole Stott

Using amazing images from outer space, including some photographs sourced from NASA, this book takes you on a journey from earth to the edge of the universe. There are over 100 pictures and loads of information about the spacecrafts that were used to obtain them, as well as facts about planets, asteroids and all that has been discovered in the known universe.


Take one giant leap into these brilliant space books today.