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Book People's Top 6 Travel Advice Blogs

We have our very own travel books section here at Book People, offering the very best and most useful travel books and travel guides for backpackers and discerning travellers alike. With this in mind, we thought we'd go on a little journey of our own across the web to find the best travel advice blogs out there. Here's what we found...

Notes From the Road

An in-depth and beautifully designed blog that strikes just the right balance of useful information and inspirational content and photographs. We think this blog is particularly good for the discerning traveller who enjoys a bit of luxury in far flung places - but adventurers take note; this is a great place to go for ideas on where in the world to go next.

A Luxury Travel Blog

Luxury travel by name, luxury travel by nature - this blog does exactly what you would expect from it. Think tons and tons of useful information for travellers and holidaymakers looking for luxury destinations and accommodation, all wrapped up in nicely presented, well-written content.

Europe a la Carte

From how to save money on your next holiday, to travel tips and hotel reviews - what you don’t find out about European destinations here is simply not worth knowing. Great advice on everything from which museums to visit, to places not to miss in good old England - a blog that is packed full of useful stuff.

Happy Time Blog

Written by professional backpackers who got bored of the conventional life and decided to hit the road in search of more. This is the ultimate resource for those with itchy feet and should be read from 'cover to cover' so to speak before embarking on your next adventure.

Backpacker Ben

The name may suggest hostels and a lack of funds, but the reality is very different - this blog is all about presenting breathtaking places to those that care to listen, from the Floating Market in Thailand, to dinosaur footprints in Bolivia and everything in between. Think great photos and a load of information that will have you buying travel guides and booking flights before you know it.

Travel Pod

The ultimate resource for all things travel - bringing together the best travel blogs, the places to buy your airline tickets from and much more. As well as presenting some of the best blogs out there, Travel Pod also gives you a chance to start your own and tell the world about what you love. Let us know if you’ve started your own blog through Travel Pod...