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Top 10 YA Must-reads and YA Fiction Quiz

How well do you know YA books? Check out our must-read YA books video and try your hand at our YA books quiz to test your YA book knowledge and see how much you know about teen fiction books.

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Top 10 YA Must-reads:

YA Fiction Quiz:

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A. 10

B. 11

C. 12


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A. Erudite

B. Abnegation

C. Amity

D. Candor

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A. Happily ever after

B. Thing

C. Forever

D. Always

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A. 11

B. 13

C. 4

D. 12

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A. Pantillimon

B. Pantalo

C. Pantalamos

D. Pantalaimon

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A. Her sister

B. Her dad

C. Her brother

D. Her mum

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A. To avoid joining a Nazi youth group

B. To hide from the Nazis

C. To be invisible at night

D. To imitate his hero Jesse Owens

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A. Guitar

B. Cello

C. Violin

D. Trumpet

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A. Malcolm Deyes

B. Malcolm French

C. Alfie Deyes

D. Alfie Days

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A. Finch

B. Sparrow

C. Swift

D. Mockingbird

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How old is Harry Potter when Hagrid delivers his Hogwarts letter? - B.11

What faction stands for honesty? - D. Candor

Finish this quote; "Maybe okay can be our..."- D. Always

Which District are Katniss, Peeta and Gale from? - D. 12

What is Lyra's Daemon called? - D. Pantalaimon

Who is Cassie trying to rescue? - C. Her brother

Why does Rudy cover his body in coal? - D. To imitate his hero Jesse Owens

What instrument does Mia play? - B. Cello

Who is Zoella's youtuber boyfriend? - C. Alfie Deyes

What is Scout's surname? A. Finch

So, how well did you do? Are you a young adult super fan or do you need to start adding some teen classics to your bookshelves? Whether you're widely read in YA or not, the books we've featured in our video and in this quiz are absolute must-reads.