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Top 5 Best Books for Reading Confidence

Once children have mastered the basics, they'll love reading independently and increasing their confidence with these vibrant, exciting titles, filled with charismatic creatures and engaging stories.

1. I Am Reading Collection - 10 Books

  • £8.99
  • RRP £49.90
  • Save £40.91

Ages 4+

This fun-filled collection features large, easy-to-read text and hilarious plots to keep kids entertained and learning! Ideal for children beginning to venture into chapter books, the vibrant illustrations are guaranteed to captivate little ones aged 4 and over. Follow a mixture of animal friends and humans with special powers, including a witch who runs an animal hospital and a giant postman!

2. Reading Together: Fairy Tale Phonics Collection plus Poster - 8 Books

  • £9.99
  • RRP £47.92
  • Save £37.93

Ages 5+

Children will love reading these familiar fairy tales whilst developing their phonics skills. They'll be able to better identify which letters match which sounds, and there are also sounding-out and word-building activities to enjoy. Each book comes with 70 reusable stickers, too, and there's even a poster which features all 44 sounds featured in the books!

3. The Castle in the Field

  • £3.99
  • RRP £5.99
  • Save £2.00

Michael Morpurgo

Ages 5+

Specially designed for children who struggle with reading (including dyslexic children), this exciting story by much-loved author Michael Morpurgo will hugely boost children's reading confidence. It tells the tale of Chris, Lisa, Tom and their secret hide-out, but this hide-out is on Old Rafferty's land - and he hates kids! With gorgeous illustrations, children will be gripped by this book.

4. At Home with Phonics

  • £3.89
  • RRP £3.99
  • Save £0.10

Jenny Roberts

Ages 5+

This fun activity workbook is perfect for children aged 5-7 to do at home. Each spread features a poem focussing on a particular phonic sound and includes simple instructions for parents and children to work through together. Fully illustrated, these simple activities are easy and enjoyable, and include colouring, drawing and tracing - and don't forget the super stickers to reward children as they complete each spread!

5. Oxford Reading Tree: Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper: Dragon Danger and Other Stories (Level 4)

  • £10.89
  • RRP £10.99
  • Save £0.10

Roderick Hunt

Ages 5+

This collection contains four exciting stories: Dragon Danger, The Spaceship, Wet Feet and The Red Coat. They've been specially written to introduce and practise a range of key everyday words and develop early reading skills through simple but engaging stories. With beautiful illustrations, puzzles and activities, kids will love improving their reading skills.