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Top 5 Best Minecraft Books for Children

The phenomenon of Minecraft, a sandbox game in which children (and adults!) can build anything they can dream of, has enjoyed massive success worldwide. Discover some of the very best Minecraft books below, which will show players both new and experienced how to survive and thrive in the thrilling Minecraft world.

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1. Minecraft Master Builder Toolkit

Carlton Books 

Have a go at creating the 15 Minecraft builds in this handy guide. Using the clear step-by-step instructions, you can create a castle, forest camp, underwater base, igloo and more. This book is great for helping you expand on your Minecraft skills with beginner, intermediate builds to try. 

2. Minecraft Annual 2019

Mojang AB

If you know an avid Minecraft fan then this annual is the perfect gift. There are a range of ideas for builds for them to try as well as a showcase of the best builds from the last year to get them inspired. There's also insight from Blockworks and Mojang, two of the top Minecraft teams out there right now. 

3. Mineworld: Epic Sticker Planner

This unique book focuses on the productive, creative side of Minecraft. Not only does it provide tutorials on crafting various impressive builds - including a theme park, a millionaire's mansion, and even a giant pig! - but the book also comes equipped with thousands of stickers to help the pioneering Minecrafter watch their ideas grow. This book allows players to sketch their designs on gridded paper and then add stickers so they can see what their creations will look like before they get building. Extremely useful and great for inspiration, this will help the keen crafter fulfil their creative aspirations.

4. Minecraft

Joachim Klang

Taking a break from the screen can be tough for Minecraft fans but if they love building and creating their own universe in the game, they can now start building their own Minecraft cubes out of the Lego they have at home! Lego and Minecraft together are a fantastic combination and your kids will have hours of fun making their own real-life Minecraft world. 

5. Minecraft: Guide to Creative

Mojang AB

This book is designed for Minecrafters aged 8+ and features tips on producing creative builds. Learn all about how to mix colours and textures to create new themes and improve the complexity of your builds. And, since this is an official guide from Mojang, the Minecraft experts, you know this read is filled with helpful information to help your child make the most of their next Minecraft gaming session.

Minecraft Books for Kids

  • Minecraft Master Builder Toolkit
  • Minecraft Annual 2019
  • Mineworld: Epic Sticker Planner
  • Minecraft
  • Minecraft: Guide to Creative