Top 5 Best Minecraft Books for Children

The phenomenon of Minecraft, a sandbox game in which children (and adults!) can build anything they can dream of, has enjoyed massive success worldwide. Discover some of the very best Minecraft books below, which will show players both new and experienced how to survive and thrive in the thrilling Minecraft world.

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1. The Ultimate Unofficial Encyclopedia for Minecrafters

Megan Miller

This extensive hardback book would make the perfect gift for a Minecraft player. It contains an A-Z of hints and tips to help players not only survive, but flourish. It includes pieces of essential advice, such as where to find the most diamonds and how to protect your vulnerable villagers at night. However, it goes further than the basics and divulges some of the secrets of Minecraft, such as how to create a secret passageway with paintings or create a portal without a diamond pickaxe. This comprehensive title would provide a broad and engaging introduction for beginners, and would allow more seasoned players to further explore the secrets of Minecraft.

2. Minecraft: The Survivors' Book of Secrets


This book was produced by Mojang, the Swedish games developer that originally created the game, so there is no better book to consult about the secrets of Minecraft. The Survivors have been building and battling from the very beginning, and in this book, they share lots of little-known tips about various features of the world. Did you know that you can train wolves to scare skeletons away, or use sand to build enemy traps? There is so much more to discover in this treasure trove of tactics and tips, a must-have for adventurous beginners and more experienced players alike.

3. Mineworld: Epic Sticker Planner

This unique book focuses on the productive, creative side of Minecraft. Not only does it provide tutorials on crafting various impressive builds - including a theme park, a millionaire's mansion, and even a giant pig! - but the book also comes equipped with thousands of stickers to help the pioneering Minecrafter watch their ideas grow. This book allows players to sketch their designs on gridded paper and then add stickers so they can see what their creations will look like before they get building. Extremely useful and great for inspiration, this will help the keen crafter fulfil their creative aspirations.

4. Minecraft: Construction Handbook


You can create anything you can imagine in Minecraft - but with such a world of possibilities, where do you start?! This updated handbook is bursting with tips, inspiration and step-by-step instructions to help you master Minecraft construction. Discover how to build houses, bridges, ships, floating islands, rollercoasters and more, and amaze other players with your incredible skills. You're sure to be a master builder in no time!

5. Minecraft: Exploded Builds - Medieval Fortress


This official book has an exciting medieval theme that will enthral Minecraft players. Discover how to construct, defend and customise your very own castle. The builds are illustrated with 'exploded' views so you can see the blocks you'll need in detail, both inside and out. The builds range from walls to turrets, throne rooms to dungeons, and there are hundreds of variations to experiment with.

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    There's nothing that can't be built in Minecraft, but with so many possibilities, where do you start? And how will you ever match the creative flair of the experts? The updated Minecraft Construction Handbook is packed with tips and step-by-step instructions from master building team FyreUK. You'll learn how to construct houses, bridges, ships, floating islands and rollercoasters that will amaze other players. Plus, check out some of the most awe-inspiring community builds to fuel your own creative genius. You'll be a master builder in no time!
  • MWES 7 years +
    7 years +
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    With thousands of stickers to stick and pages to plan your next big build, this unofficial guide is a must for every Minecraft player.

    Designed to help you imagine, plan and build the perfect world, it offers tutorials on building a theme park, an underwater home and a millionaire's mansion as well as gridded pages for your sketched plans. You can add the stickers over your sketches to see what they will look like when it comes to making them in the game.

    There's even advice on how to craft a giant pig!
  • UUEM 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £4.99
    • RRP £12.99
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    Minecraft continues to be one of the most popular computer games around and this Encyclopedia for Minecrafters provides an A-Z of tips and tricks that will help players survive and thrive.

    From where to find the most diamonds to protecting your villagers at night, this is full of advice from Minecraft experts. Illustrated with screenshots throughout, it will show you how to spawn and kill the Wither boss, how you can make a secret passageway using paintings and how you can make a portal without a diamond pickaxe.

    Any fan of the sandbox game will find this encyclopedia essential as they build, protect and fight in their bespoke world.
  • SBOS 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £2.99
    • RRP £5.99
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    Presented by Mojang - the Swedish video games developer that introduced the world to the sandbox game - the official Minecraft Survivors' Book of Secrets will teach fans of all ages how they can survive and thrive while playing it.

    Written by the Chief - the leader of underground Minecraft experts Survivors[unk] - the book contains cunning plans and ingenious inventions that will help you protect and defend your base. It also explains how to stalk your enemies and crush any opponent in hand-to-hand combat.

    This is the definitive experts' guide to survival in Minecraft.
  • MCEB 9 years +
    9 years +
    • £5.99
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £7.00Save 52.99999999999999857891452847979962825775146484375%
    Open up a whole new world of construction with this must-have Minecraft guide! Completely official, this book has a medieval theme that will delight any Minecraft player.

    Packed with guides, schematics and inspirational ideas to construct, defend and customise your very own castle, the builds are illustrated with 'exploded' views so that you can see the blocks you'll need to create them - both inside and out.

    The builds range from walls to turrets and throne rooms and there are hundreds of variations to try out. You can even have fun making your own dungeon.