Top 5 Books For Gamers: Gamers Gift Guide 2017

Giving thoughtful gifts can sometimes be a struggle, particularly when you have gamers to buy for. You could get them a new game but if you're not a new gamer yourself then all the options can seem a bit overwhelming. However, finding a book that has all the information and artwork from their favourite game can act as the perfect exciting and thoughtful gift. So, where to start? Check out our list of the top 5 books for gamers in our handy gift guide.

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1. Halo Mythos

The hit shooter game, Halo, first emerged in 2001 and has been gaining popularity ever since. In this fascinating gift book, you can discover all there is to know about the Halo universe, from the games, books, film, TV and comics. Featuring a timeline of the story and stunning artwork, this book is perfect all gamers and a must-read for all long-time Halo fans.

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2. StarCraft: Field Manual

Sci-fi game, StarCraft, has been entertaining gamers for nearly two decades and in this brilliant handbook, designed in the style of a field manual, you'll find an overview of the game and several fantastic illustrations. Whether you know someone who's been a fan of the game for a long time or know a sci-fi fan who would love to discover a new exciting universe, this is a brilliant gift for the gamer in your life.

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3. Star Wars - Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide

Although this book is about the movie Rogue One, the first of the standalone anthology films in the Star Wars universe, many gamers are also fans of the Star Wars films and games and would love this exciting visual guide to the film. With character profiles, facts and stills from the movie, this is a unique insight into this incredibly popular film. This book is perfect for collectors of Star Wars memorabilia and for fans of the films young and old.

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4. The Art of World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has been the leading online role-playing game for years and in this unique book you can take a look how the game was made. Featuring interviews with key developers and original concept art, you can see how the game transformed from an idea into the mighty franchise it has become. If you know someone who loves spending their time in Azeroth then they need this brilliant gaming book in their life.

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5. Doctor Who: The Complete Visual Collection

This illustrated guide to the ever-popular TV show, Doctor Who, is packed with all the facts and images Whovians have always wanted. Although this book is about a TV show and not a game, Doctor Who is popular amongst many gaming fans and if you know a gamer that loves sci-fi they might really enjoy this brilliant book. Both a visual dictionary and a character encyclopdia, this guide takes you through the history of the show, profiling every important character, friend or foe. Fascinating and thrilling, this book is perfect for sci-fi fans everywhere.

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Please the gamers in your life with our riveting book gifts for gamers.

    • £25.59
    • RRP £31.99
    • Save £6.40Save 20.00%
    Celebrating over 20 years as SEGA's official mascot, The History of Sonic the Hedgehog is the ultimate guide to SEGA's spiky blue speedster! This hefty 300-page volume covers in detail two decades of 2D and 3D Sonic games, plus spinoffs and crossovers. You'll also find character profiles, promotional artwork, rare concept art, and a detailed look at the origins of the "Blue Blur".
  • HLMY
    • £9.99
    • RRP £25.00
    • Save £15.01Save 60.00000000000000085265128291212022304534912109375%
    Ever since Halo: Combat Evolved was released on the XBox in 2001, the shoot-em up has gone from strength to strength and is surely one of the most iconic and influential computer games of all time.

    Fully endorsed by 343 Studios and full of eye-catching artwork, this stunning gift book is the comprehensive and authoritative guide to the Halo universe and it covers the entire canon, including games, books, comics, film and television.

    It contains the timeline of the Halo universe and charts humanity's battles against the alien forces of the Covenant, Forerunners and the Flood.
  • ARTW
    • £11.99
    • RRP £30.00
    • Save £18.01Save 59.999999999999998863131622783839702606201171875%
    World of Warcraft is a computer game that revolutionised both the role-playing and online gaming genre. This book provides a celebration of the world of Azeroth and all its characters, weapons and environments.

    Fully illustrated with the game's iconic artwork, it contains interviews with key developers and tells the complete story of the game's evolution. It even contains previously unseen illustrations from the various expansions to the hame.

    From concept art to the finished pieces, this is the ultimate tribute to the epic gaming franchise.
  • SCFM
    • £10.99
    • RRP £30.00
    • Save £19.01Save 63.00000000000000255795384873636066913604736328125%
    The StarCraft saga has been one of the most successful computer games of all time and this combat handbook (presented in the style of a field manual) celebrates the impact and legacy of the iconic military, strategy and sci-fi adventure.

    The game follows Sarah Kerrigan and Jim Raynor as they find themselves in the midst of a terrifying battle between the scrappy Terrans, mystifying Protoss and terrifying Zerg swarm. This book draws on over a decade's worth of lore to create an all-encompassing collector's book that fills in every detail of the game's technology, races and units.

    A definitive field guide, it features original illustrations and an engaging narrative that provides an in-depth overview of the franchise. Presented in keepsake hardback, it's a thrilling gift for any fan.
    • £24.49
    • RRP £27.99
    • Save £3.50Save 12.00%
    Vintage Games explores the most influential videogames of all time, including Super Mario Bros., Grand Theft Auto III, Doom, The Sims and many more. Drawing on interviews as well as the authors' own lifelong experience with videogames, the book discusses each game's development, predecessors, critical reception, and influence on the industry. It also features hundreds of full-color screenshots and images, including rare photos of game boxes and other materials. Vintage Games is the ideal book for game enthusiasts and professionals who desire a broader understanding of the history of videogames and their evolution from a niche to a global market.
  • AG1069
    • £7.99
    • RRP £30.00
    • Save £22.01Save 72.9999999999999954525264911353588104248046875%
    This is a stunningly illustrated guide to the universe of Doctor Who - a place full of Time Lords, Daleks and Cybermen.

    Massive in size and scope, it is bursting with action-packed images and little-known facts about the long-running BBC series. It provides profiles the Doctor, his many assistants and his enemies.

    A must-have book for any Whovian!
  • SWRO
    • £6.99
    • RRP £17.99
    • Save £11.00Save 61.0000000000000005684341886080801486968994140625%
    Star Wars fans are in for a treat with the release of Rogue One, the first in a series of anthology films set in and around a galaxy far, far away.

    Starring Felicity Jones and Mads Mikkelsen, the film follows a band of Rebels as they plot to steal the plans for the Death Star. This super book features in-depth character profiles of the likes of Jyn Erso, Saw Gerrera and K-2SO, as well as five cross-sections of the amazing vehicles that feature in the film.

    Packed with essential facts and stills from the movie, this is a must for anyone who wishes to join the Rebel Alliance.