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Top 7 Best Phonics Books for 5-year-olds

The wonderful stories and gorgeous illustrations in these brilliant books are guaranteed to delight children as they develop their phonics and reading skills. See below for the best phonics books for 5-year-olds.

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1. Songbirds Phonics Series

Julia Donaldson

The author of The Gruffalo, Julia Donaldson, writes in her perfectly playful and rhythmic style in these vibrant books, which feature bright illustrations and lots of fun! Little readers are sure to be engrossed as they develop their reading skills with these bite-sized stories.

2. Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper Levels 4-6 

The Biff, Chip and Kipper stories are go-tos for many parents and teachers when it comes to helping children learn to read. These particular readers focus on phonics so that kids can build on what they've learnt so far and expand their vocabulary. Included in this set is a Helping Your Child to Read guide for parents to provide tips on teaching reading at home. 

3. Spider-Man Phonics Box

Make phonics fun with their favourite superhero. This set comes with 12 phonics readers all featuring Spider-Man on various adventures. Each title also focuses on a specific phonics concept to support reading development and confidence. 

4. I'm Ready to learn Collection - 20 Books

With 12 phonics readers, six sticker workbooks and two sets of flashcards, this collection is perfect for getting your kids excited about learning at home as well as in school. The phonics readers cover Ladybird Levels 1-12 and all feature engaging stories so learning to read is as enjoyable a process as possible. Plus, the collection includes maths books which will introduce the basics of mathematics to your kids as well.

5. Phonics Readers: Fairy Tale Collection - 9 Books

A great way to get your little ones familiar with phonics is to give them books with stories they already know and love. This collection of fairy tales has key sounds highlighted so reading aloud is easy. Each book also comes with a set of stickers, making them even more fun for young readers. 

6. Phonics Quick Quizzes Ages 5-7

Collins Easy Learning

Check their understanding of phonics in a fun and engaging way through the quizzes in this Collins Easy Learning title. The book also features hints and tips to help young readers through the quizzes and a "colour your score" chart to give them a sense of achievement as they progress in their understanding. 

7. At Home with Phonics

Jenny Roberts

This activity workbook is great for children aged 5-7. Each spread uses a poem to introduce a different phonic sound and features fun activities that both children and parents can get involved in, such as colouring and drawing to make learning to read and spell exciting. And, when your kids have completed their exercises you can reward them with the stickers that come with the book. 

Phonics are perfect for helping your children learn to read and spell and finding some interesting phonics story and activity books can turn them into keen readers in no time. Now you have some options to get started with so whether your children love stories or poems or learn best by completing exercises, we have a suggestion for them here. 

Books to help with phonics

  • Songbirds Phonics books by Julia Donaldson
  • Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper Oxford Reading Tree books
  • Spider-Man phonics books
  • I'm Ready to Learn Collection
  • Phonics Readers: Fairy Tale books
  • At Home with Phonics by Jenny Roberts
  • Collins Easy Learning Phonics Quick Quizzes