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Top 7 Best Puzzle Books for 5-year-olds

Get little brains whirring with these fantastically fun puzzle books, packed with conundrums for kids to crack, including mazes, searches, sums and more. See below for the best puzzle books for 5-year-olds.

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1. Labyrinth

  • £3.99
  • RRP £12.99
  • Save £9.00

Theo Guignard

This engrossing book will challenge kids to solve a range of perplexing puzzles and marvellous mazes. From worlds made of plants to futuristic cities and wild environments, there are 14 mazes to work through and each is full of things to spot along the way. Brilliantly interactive and colourful, this addictive book will captivate kids as they work through the pages and boost their puzzle-solving skills in the process.

2. Where's Wally? The Treasure Hunt Activity Book

  • £4.99
  • RRP £9.99
  • Save £5.00

Martin Handford

Despite his elusive nature, Wally is one of the most beloved children's characters around. This bumper sticker and activity book will keep kids entertained as they join Wally and his friends Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard and Woof in some out-of-this-world adventures. The gang is on the hunt for treasure and must navigate dozens of searches, mazes, word puzzles, matching games, spot-the-differences, quizzes and riddles. This book is perfect for creative kids and young puzzle-solvers.

3. Designer Diva

  • £2.99
  • RRP £5.99
  • Save £3.00

Lara Ede

Children will have the chance to become designers and develop their fashionista skills with this fabulously fun activity book. Bursting with fashion-themed activities, including colouring, doodling, dot-to-dots, sums, wordsearches and more, this book features exciting 3D puffy stickers, perfect for embellishing the pages, and pull-out portfolio cards. Little fashion fans will love creating colour swatches and sketching outfits on the models featured throughout the pages.

4. Colossal Creature Count

  • £3.99
  • RRP £9.99
  • Save £6.00

Daniel Limon

Dr Taxonomy and Dr Ecology have embarked on an adventure to count all the different animals around the world, but disaster has struck! Their sums have been soaked and kids will need to help them tally all the creatures they've seen, from the Arctic tundra to the Amazon rainforest and deep beneath the sea. Each scene in the book provides a wonderful variety of animals to spot - even rare breeds you may never have heard of! This huge, vibrant book is sure to inspire a love of nature in children, and will take them around the world from the comfort of their own home.

5. Pirate Pocket Puzzle Book

  • £5.89
  • RRP £5.99
  • Save £0.10

Alex Frith

This perfectly pocket-sized puzzle book is great for popping into a schoolbag, handbag, glovebox or suitcase to ensure the kids are never bored again! It contains over 100 piratical puzzles, including challenging number games, muddled mazes, wacky wordsearches, perplexing picture puzzles and much more, with all the answers at the back of the book.

6. The Usborne London Activity Book

  • £7.89
  • RRP £8.99
  • Save £1.10

Rosie Hore

Take a trip around England's exciting capital city in this enthralling write-in activity book. Jam-packed with puzzles to solve, doodles to draw, games to play, recipes to create and over 200 stickers to stick, kids will love brain-training whilst discovering London's most iconic landmarks.

7. Crayola Puzzles and Games Pad

  • £3.99
  • RRP £9.99
  • Save £6.00


Crayola's iconic crayons are hugely popular with kids around the world. In this amazing artist pad, the experts behind the crayons have created a variety of fun and educational puzzles and games to keep kids entertained for hours. There are 40 pages to complete, featuring mazes, dot-to-dots, hidden pictures and wordsearches. Plus, there are 165 super stickers for young puzzle-solvers to embellish the pages with (or anywhere else in need of a sticker!).