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Top 7 Best Superhero Books for Children

Young superhero fans will be gripped by these incredible compendiums, baddie-busting books and character guides, all about their favourite superheroes. Featuring Marvel, DC and LEGO titles, see below for the very best superhero books for children.

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1. Marvel Avengers Assemble Story Collection

  • £5.99
  • RRP £24.99
  • Save £19.00

Bursting with fascinating facts and striking artwork, young superhero fans will be enthralled by this collection of engrossing books. They feature insights into the four most popular heroes from the Avengers team: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk, as well as a collection of 20 stickers to decorate the pages.  

2. Ultimate Marvel

  • £28.00
  • RRP £35.00
  • Save £7.00


This complete guide to the world of Marvel features every significant comic character in chronological order, as well as their weapon and vehicle information with stunning illustrations. You'll also get a glimpse behind the scenes into the Marvel Comics' creative process and astonishing techniques that go into creating their universe, which is bound to impress any Marvel fan. 

3. DC Comics: A Visual History Collection

  • £12.99
  • RRP £63.92
  • Save £50.93

This 8 book collection covers over 7 decades of DC Comics, all the way from 1935 to now. They’re filled with original comic book art and presented in hardback style, featuring in-depth character profiles from your favourite characters. You won't need to look anywhere else for your DC knowledge. 

4. LEGO DC Super Heroes Batman

  • £3.99
  • RRP £6.99
  • Save £3.00

Bursting with LEGO inspired artwork, this book comes with its own collectable minifigure, as well as fascinating stories and activities including mazes, dot-to-dots and a spot-the-difference. Combining 2 different worlds, it would be perfect for any LEGO or DC fan. Are you ready to take on the Joker?

5. DC Superheroes Collection

  • £11.99
  • RRP £47.88
  • Save £35.89

If you want eye-catching illustrations to accompany your action packed superhero stories, then this is the collection for you. With stories following Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman, this collection of 12 easy to read books will help any child start to read more independently. 

6. DC Comics Absolutely Everything You Need To Know

  • £5.99
  • RRP £17.99
  • Save £12.00


Packed full of original artwork, this hardback comic book extravaganza is the one stop place for anything DC related. It includes facts, info and trivia on all your favourite heroes and villains, including Batman, Harley Quinn, Shazam and Flash, as well as over 80 years of secrets hidden in only the greatest minds behind the DC Comics and now in this book. 

7. DC Comics Colouring Book

  • £9.09
  • RRP £9.99
  • Save £0.90

Does your little one ever dream of becoming a superhero? Help to make that dream become a reality with this sensational colouring book, with ready to colour illustrations of some of the most iconic characters from DC Comics. The wonderful world of superheroes will be at your fingertips, giving you the chance to redesign Superman's suit or rework Wonder Woman's homeland Themyscira. It's completely up to you!