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Top 8 Best LEGO Books for Children

Create incredible LEGO structures and explore the exciting world of LEGO with these awesome LEGO books! Featuring favourite franchises like LEGO Star Wars, Nexo Knights, Ninjago, Super Heroes and more, see below for the best LEGO books for children.

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1.The LEGO Movie 2 Ultimate Sticker Collection

  • £3.99
  • RRP £7.99
  • Save £4.00

If your little builders love The LEGO Movie then this sticker book acts as the perfect companion. With over 1,000 stickers and loads of facts about the film, this book is sure to provide plenty of fun. The stickers include characters from the film, these being both the heroes and villains who made the film so exciting, as well as set pieces and more.  

2. LEGO Ninjago Hunted

  • £3.99
  • RRP £6.99
  • Save £3.00

This book is perfect for LEGO Ninjago fans. It features a mix of comics, activities and stories to entertain readers in any mood. To make this book even more special, it features a collectable Ninjago Minifigure!

3. LEGO Harry Potter Back to Hogwarts 

  • £3.99
  • RRP £6.99
  • Save £3.00

Head back to Hogwarts with Harry and the gang in this magical LEGO title. There's a story to read, activities to complete and comics to enjoy as well as a bonus collectable Harry Potter Minifigure with every book. It's the ideal gift for Harry potter fans and Master Builders alike. 

4. My LEGO World - 25 Books

  • £19.99
  • RRP £124.75
  • Save £104.76

Create your very own LEGO world with the variety of ideas and build how-tos. With 25 books in this one set, you can learn to create castles, bridges, haunted houses, beach huts and more, plus there is a selection of Meet the Minifigures titles to give your LEGO fans lots of variety. 

5. Steampunk LEGO

  • £21.19
  • RRP £23.99
  • Save £2.80

Guy Himber

Steampunk LEGO is a gorgeously-illustrated gallery of Victorian-era treasures, all built from LEGO, including airships and dirigibles, monowheels and penny-farthings, cabinets of curiosity and ingenious robots. The book is styled as the diary of the fictional Victorian-era explorer, Captain Herbert Jobson, as he catalogues the marvels of the world for Queen Victoria. Featuring a brilliant blend of brick-built wonders and a swashbuckling narrative, LEGO fans will be engrossed by this unique steampunk-style book.

6. Medieval LEGO

  • £11.29
  • RRP £11.99
  • Save £0.70

Greyson Beights

Kings and castles, treaties and tournaments, fights and famine and so much more! This fascinating book takes readers on a journey through real English history in the Middle Ages, and every event is illustrated by a little LEGO scene. Discover brutal battles like the Battle of Hastings, significant events like the chartering of Oxford University, and ground-breaking political moves like the signing of the Magna Carta, and read about engaging historical figures, including Robin Hood, Richard the Lionheart and Geoffrey Chaucer.

7. LEGO Jurassic World Jurassic Hero

  • £3.99
  • RRP £6.99
  • Save £3.00

This read for LEGO enthusiasts features stories, activities and comics all set in Jurassic World. If your child loves dinosaurs just as much as they love LEGO then this is the book for them. The book also comes with a collectable Minifigure of Owen Grady, the lead of the Jurassic World films, played by Chris Pratt. 

8. LEGO Nexo Knights: The Book of Knights

  • £3.89
  • RRP £14.99
  • Save £11.10


If your child loves the LEGO Nexo Knights, this is the book for them! It's packed with information about the Knights and all their fierce battles and epic quests. It features some of the most popular characters and plenty of facts about them. With a smartphone or tablet, children can even scan a shield on the pages to access exclusive online content. The book also comes with an amazing fold-out poster.