Top 8 Best Mexican Cookbooks

Get the fiesta going with fiery, flavoursome Mexican fare! These sizzling Mexican cookbooks are packed with recipes for delicious dishes including tacos, burritos, empanadas, churros and so much more, as well as fascinating facts about the history and ethos of Mexican cuisine.

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1. Mexican Food Made Simple

Thomasina Miers

Wahaca co-founder Thomasina Miers presents this colourful cookbook of delicious recipes, demonstrating how exciting Mexican food can be. It features heaps of flavoursome dishes, including street snacks full of punch, hearty stews, spicy wraps, mouth-watering burritos, tasty tacos, sizzling salsas, and churros with chocolate sauce! You'll be whipping up a Mexican feast in no time with Thomasina's guide to the world's hottest chillies, her ingenious cheats and helpful menu planner.

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2. Recipes From a Mexican Grandmother's Kitchen

Jane Milton

With 150 irresistible recipes, complemented by more than 750 mouth-watering photographs, this book constitutes a comprehensive introduction to Mexican cuisine, including its history and cultural influences. Explore ingredients, preparation techniques and traditional recipes from across Mexico, including tacos, enchiladas, snacks and cocktails, as well as contemporary dishes like Pork in Green Sauce with Cactus or Champurrada. Bring the enthralling culinary world of Mexico into your kitchen with this brilliant book.

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3. Tex-Mex from Scratch

Jonas Cramby

This book features a plethora of simple yet tempting recipes from the US Border States. Enjoy spicy BBQ dishes from Texas, 'fresh Mex' from California and more authentic dishes from New Mexico. Pore over gorgeous images, entertaining Tex-Mex stories and insider tips, such as where on a hamburger one should really put accessories. Whip up your own nachos, guacamole, tortillas, burritos, enchiladas, desserts and more with this bumper book of recipes.

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4. Real Mexican Food

Felipe Fuentes Cruz & Ben Fordham

In this vibrant book, chefs Felipe Fuentes Cruz and Ben Fordham of the Benito's Hat Mexican Kitchen eatery aim to showcase everything that is exciting, fresh and tasty about Mexican food. Discover the wealth of rich flavours and the variety of Mexican fare in their delicious recipes for burritos, tacos, soups, salads, salsas, desserts and drinks. Enjoy guacamole with homemade corn tortilla chips, burritos with beef birria, tacos with prawns and paprika, ice-cold margaritas and much more.

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5. Mexico: The Cookbook

Margarita Carrillo Arronte

The definitive guide to Mexican cooking, you'll find everything you ever needed to know about this exciting cuisine in the vibrant book by Mexico's leading culinary authority, Margarita Carrillo Arronte. Look no further for the ultimate comprehensive Mexican cooking bible.

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6. The Chili-Hot Mexican Cookbook

Jane Milton

Discover fiery Mexican dishes with over 390 specially-commissioned photographs, heaps of information on basic ingredients, techniques and equipment, as well as recipes for all the best-loved national dishes. Recipes include Turkey Mole, Chicken with Chipotle Sauce, Beef Enchiladas as well as lesser-known, mouth-watering dishes. Explore the comprehensive chilli directory, from Fresno to serrano, ancho to habanero.

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7. Death by Burrito

Shay Ola

Discover the recipes of the revolutionary Mexican eatery based at the Catch bar in Shoreditch. These dishes put taste first with a truly exceptional range of starters, main meals and sides which prioritise fresh, vibrant flavours. Savour Smoked Beef Short Rib Mole Tacos, Deconstructed Guacamole with Blue Corn Tortillas and many more stunning, sizzling dishes, as well as tempting tequila cocktails.

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8. 300 Best Taco Recipes

Kelley Cleary Coffeen

This tantalising taco bible showcases the absolute best taco recipes to suit all tastes. From choosing the perfect tortilla, to preparing ingredients and toppings correctly, these fun, simple and delicious recipes cover every aspect of taco creation. You'll be whipping up a range of scrumptious, spicy tacos in no time! There are recipes for chicken and turkey tacos, beef and steak tacos, pork and lamb tacos and more.

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    In this title, fiery and spicy Mexican dishes are shown in over 390 specially-commissioned colour photographs. It includes information on the basic ingredients, techniques and equipment used in Mexican cooking as well as all the best-loved national favourite dishes.

    Classic chili favourites include Turkey Mole, Chicken with Chipotle Sauce and Beef Enchiladas, as well as less known, but equally fiery, fish and vegetable dishes. A wide selection of authentic Mexican recipes and a comprehensive chilli directory of the most common varieties used in Mexican cooking - from fresno to serrano, and from ancho to habanero!
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    If you love having friends and family round for dinner or simply rustling up fresh, fast food, Mexican cooking is fun, fantastic and full of flavour. One of its brightest stars, Wahaca chef and food writer Thomasina Miers shares the recipes she has gathered since she first fell in love with the country aged 18, reinventing the classics with accessible ingredients to demonstrate how exciting and delicious traditional Mexican food can be. Whether you're looking for street snacks full of punch, rich, hearty stews, or sensational, spicy wraps, Thomasina's Mexican Food Made Simple is bursting with recipes you'll want to eat and share: soft corn tacos and tostados; little cheesy things (Quesadillas); a great Mexican chille con carne; Grilled Seabass or succulent Lamb Chops with homemade salsas and tortilla chips; and to finish churros with chocolate sauce. The book features vibrant food photography throughout, and step-by-step guides to folding the perfect burrito, eating a taco (no knives and forks allowed), making a sizzling table salsa, and much more. And with Thomasina's guide to the world's hottest Chillis, ingenious cheats, and helpful menu planner, Mexican Food Made Simple has everything you need to put together a fantastic Mexican feast at home.
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    A spectacular taco bible, this cookbook delivers the best recipes ever.

    From the crucial choice of the right tortilla to the correct preparation of ingredients and toppings, Kelley Cleary Coffeen's recipes are fun,simple, delicious and economical. She has included a taco for every member of the family and any and every guest, from authentic Mexican tacos to traditional Americanized tacos as well as an array of creative culinary tacos that have never been done before.

    Here is a sample of the offerings: Chicken and turkey tacos, such as pollo verde tacos, sonora chicken flautas, 10-minute chicken tacos; Beef, roast and steak tacos, such as gingered short rib tacos, green chilli stew tacos, tres taquitos with guacamole; and Pork and lamb tacos, such as Southern pulled pork tacos with honey mustard glaze.
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    Delicious modern recipes from Death by Burrito, the revolutionary Mexican eatery based at the Catch bar in the heart of Shoreditch, with a new branch recently opened in central London. A far cry from the Tex-Mex style of Mexican fast food, where cheese and mince dominate, the dishes in Death by Burrito put taste first - the truly exceptional range of starters, main meals and sides prioritises fresh, vibrant flavours: Smoked Beef Short Rib Mole Tacos, Deconstructed Guacamole with Blue Corn Tortillas and Crab Cakes also look stunning on the plate. To recreate the atmosphere of Death by Burrito at home, the perfect tequila cocktail is essential: the legendary Taqueria Toreador Slushy is sure to become a favourite.
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    This book features more than 150 authentic and delicious dishes, shown in over 750 photographs. It offers a comprehensive introduction to Mexican food and cooking, including its history and cultural influences as well as its worldwide popularity. It is a visual guide to ingredients, preparation techniques and traditional recipes from across the country. From salsas and soups to complex main dishes, recipes include instantly recognizable Tacos and Enchiladas, together with exciting and less familiar dishes such as Pork in Green Sauce with Cactus, and Champurrada. The food of Mexico is a fusion of vibrant culinary traditions, with tastes and techniques that have been influenced by a variety of historical sources. The recipes in this book explore this diversity, from hot salty snacks, through main dishes of sizzling beef and fragrant fish, to exotic and delicious desserts. There are also drinks of all kinds, including intoxicating tequila cocktails and thick, foaming Mexican hot chocolate. Whether you are creating an authentic Mexican feast for the extended family, or a quick and easy supper for two, the tempting dishes in this book will bring an irresistible vibrancy and sense of drama into your kitchen.
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    The definitive bible on Mexican home-cooking by Mexico's leading culinary authority, Margarita Carrillo Arronte.
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    The tastes of Tex-Mex cooking are well-known and much loved - despite that, most people don't know how simple and tasty it is to prepare the food yourself, from scratch. In the USA, this sort of properly made Mex food is rapidly gaining in popularity: several of the trendiest young restaurateurs have left their restaurants to start mobile food places in so-called Taco trucks. It is from the US border states, rather than directly from Mexico, that we get our inspiration for this book. Such as from Texas - with its robust Tex-Mex food inspired by both their southern neighbor and by cowboy culture with its beans, cheesy enchiladas and smoky BBQ. Or New Mexico - with its smoky, luxurious and more authentic Mexican cuisine, and California - with its well-prepared Mex food, so-called fresh Mex. Often made with fish and shellfish, and always without using any semi-manufactured products, of course. Beautiful images of settings are followed by simple recipes, entertaining Tex-Mex stories and extremely nerdy tips like where on the hamburger one really should put the accessories, or why it ought to be forbidden to mix your guacamole. This book is planned with an introductory chapter where the reader can learn the basics of Tex-Mex cooking: how to make your own tortillas, deep fry your own nacho chips, knock together the perfect guacamole, make the hottest chilli sauce, make your own BBQ smoker and so on. Then there are separate chapters on: side dishes; tacos, enchiladas and burritos; salads and soups; BBQ; sandwiches and hamburgers; desserts; drinks.
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    Mexican food is more popular than ever. Ben Fordham and Felipe Fuentes Cruz aim to deliver everything that is exciting and fresh about Mexican food to the people of Britain with their restaurant, Benito's Hat. From the beaches of Baja and Cancun to the mountains of the Sierra Madre, Mexico has an incredible variety of vibrant flavours to offer. All of this rich culinary culture has inspired Benito's Hat's delicious burritos, tacos, soups and salads. Ben Fordham and Mexican chef Felipe have created a cookbook offering their favourite dishes from their restaurants, plus many more from Felipe's collection of authentic recipes. You'll find Starters; Soups & Salads; Main Dishes; Side Dishes; Salsas; Desserts; and Drinks. Mouth-watering recipes include guacamole with homemade corn tortilla chips, burritos with beef birria, pico de gallo and salsa brava, tacos with prawns and paprika, refried beans with chorizo, Mexican flan, ice cold margaritas and refreshing non-alcoholic juices.