Top Five Unicorn Gifts For The Magical Unicorn In Your Life

Unicorns are awesome. They are magical, sparkly and make wonderful themes for presents. So, we have some fabulous unicorn gifts in our range for all the unicorn fans you know, or for you to put in your own home if you are absolutely obsessed with these majestic mythical creatures yourself. Check out our brilliant range below...

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1. Wooden Unicorn Memories Board

  • £6.99

Preserve all the best memories with this beautiful unicorn memories board featuring 3 mini display boards, a mirror and, of course, a picture of an adorable pink-maned unicorn. Make memories last with unicorn magic.

2. Decorative Wooden Unicorn Hooks

  • £7.99

This set of unicorn pegs is ideal for holding your jewellery and keepsakes and features the cute phrase 'Life is all rainbows and unicorns', which with our range, it certainly could be! 

3. Wooden Unicorn Frame with LED Light

  • £6.99

This beautiful unicorn frame will bring some magic and sparkle to your home. It's quirky 'Keep calm, I'm a unicorn' slogan, light-up style and sparkly background will stand out wherever you place it. 

4. Wooden Unicorn Photoboard with 4 Clips

  • £4.99

This unicorn-themed photoboard is the best place to put all your favourite photos so you can admire them and the proud pink unicorn that overlooks them. It's cute, it's sparkly, it's the perfect present for fans of these majestic creatures. 

5. Eco-Friendly Unicorn: Kids' 5-Piece Dinner Set

  • £6.99

If you know any young unicorn fans then this dinner set may just be the best present for them. This set features a plate, bowl, mug, spoon and fork and is made from bamboo fibre, making it environmentally friendly and suitable for children aged 3 and up.

Our unicorn stock is going fast so don't miss out on buying someone you know a magical unicorn-themed present now.