Top Guitar Books by Skill Level

Whether you're a total newbie looking to learn the ropes (or strings, as it were) or you've been playing the guitar for years, our guitar books are great for any skill level. If you're being taught by a professional or trying to self-teach yourself the basics, a guitar book can really act as the perfect accompaniment to your lessons. Or, if you're not a guitarist yourself but know someone who can't stop playing then one of these books would make a great gift.

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Skill Level: Complete Newbie

1. Guitar Basics

  • £9.79

Nick Walker

7 years +

If you know any young musicians who want to take up the guitar then this book gives them a great place to start. Beginning with the basics, they can follow the 15 stages set out in the book to becoming a fully-fledged guitarist with a mix of familiar and original tunes to learn. Fun and easy-to-follow, this is the best book for kids who want to get into guitar playing.


2. Guitar For Dummies

  • £14.39

Mark Phillips

Guitar For Dummies is the best place to start for adults wanting to learn how to play the guitar. With handy instructions and tips for playing the guitar and advice on how to buy and care for your guitar, this book is the perfect tool for beginners. Comprehensive and detailed, with this book you'll be playing the guitar like a pro in no time.


Skill Level: Amateur

3. Guitar Playing Manual

  • £21.89

Martin Hatwood

This book is great for anyone with a basic understanding of guitar playing already but wants to learn more. Martin Hatwood will turn you from a novice into an expert with his various tutorials and tips for being a top guitarist. He uses anecdotes to help you to overcome problems you may have when learning to play so that you too can take your basic skills and work on them until you're a successful guitarist.


Skill Level: Semi-Expert (You know enough to decide whether you prefer acoustic or electric guitars)

4. The Complete Illustrated Book of the Acoustic Guitar

  • £14.89

James Westbrook

Taking up the acoustic guitar is easy with this handy guitar book. With a playing manual, directory of over 150 acoustic guitars and a fascinating section on the history of the guitar, this book is a must for anyone looking to learn how to be an acoustic guitarist. Discover the techniques you need to be the next Johnny Cash with this fantastic book.

5. Learn How to Play the Electric Guitar

  • £7.89

Ted Fuller

If you're looking to learn electric guitar then this is the book for you. There are 200 step-by-step musical exercises with photographs and illustrations for you to follow to help you learn everything you need to about the electric guitar. Plus, there is information about famous electric guitarists, including Check Berry and George Harrison so you can learn from the best in history.


Skill Level: Basically Jimi Hendrix

6. Marshall: The Book of Loud

  • £3.99

Nick Harper

Now, for the guitar experts, there is this brilliant book filled with facts and trivia about guitars and their history. From Marshall, the manufacturers that have made amps for some of the biggest shows and bands comes this fascinating must-read for any music fan. With information about bands such as Iron Maiden and The Ramones and packed with illustrations, this book would make the perfect gift for anyone that loves a gig.


Grab one of these fantastic guitar books and get playing now.