What Road Maps Have That Sat Navs Don't

In this modern age of technology, Sat Navs have made road maps seem old-fashioned and you might even say redundant. But, we know the true value of the humble road map and we're here to give them the attention they deserve. Sat Navs can let you down but travel maps will never give up on you!

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Here is a list of the things that road maps have that Sat Navs don't and why road maps are, ultimately, much better at helping you find your way:

1. Road maps are cheaper than Sat Navs.

Like most technology, Sat Navs can be very pricey so why bother spending all that money when you can just grab a road map for a fraction of the price?

2. A road map won't ever run out of battery.

Imagine driving halfway to your destination and getting completely lost because you forgot to charge your Sat Nav - with a road map, you don't have to risk it.

3. Carrying on from the last point, a road map doesn't malfunction.

A Sat Nav can breakdown or malfunction at any time, a trait your trusty old road map doesn't have. The worst thing that could happen to a road map is it getting wet... but in that circumstance, the Sat Nav wouldn't fare too well either!

4. A road map won't startle you while driving with a sudden voice commanding you to 'turn left in 200 yards'.

A road map is a handy tool to get you where you need to be without shouting at you to 'make a U turn' the second you take a slightly different route to the one it's advising.

5. Learn basic skills for when you're lost in the wilderness.

Knowing how to use a map is a key life skill and using a road map to figure out your route is great practice for if you're ever lost on foot or taking a hike through the countryside.

With all these reasons to get a road map, you'll probably want some recommendations. Here are some of our best road maps for getting you from A to B:

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For more maps for the road and your travels, check out our full range of map books.