Where I Write: Mark Walden

Mark Walden is the author of the thrilling H.I.V.E series. 13-year-old Otto Malpense is kidnapped and taken to an island to join the Higher Institute of Villainous Education, also known as H.I.V.E to take part in a six-year program that will teach him how to become a supervillain. Otto decides he wants to be free from the school so alongside some new friends, he attempts to do the impossible and break out of H.I.V.E. 

Where I Write: Mark Walden

Action-packed and exciting throughout, it's not hard to see why this series for children aged 10+ has become so popular. We got in touch with Mark to find out more about the author behind the words. Mark shared a photo of his impressive bookshelves with us and told us a little bit about what he keeps on them, well, besides books!

Where I Write: Mark Walden
Where I Write: Mark Walden

Mark on his impressive shelves: 

"I'm told that these photos are supposed to be carefully composed in order to illustrate how clever you are by showcasing all of the great books you've read...

I like Lego.

You may also be able to spot a shrine to my daughter's collected artworks that is becoming increasingly embarrassing to her on a daily basis.  This is, of course, a source of great delight to me.

And a T-Rex skull, because why not?"

Mark also shared a photo of his writing partner, Chewie, with us! We think writing must be extra fun with the adorable Chewie around. 

Make sure you check out Mark's fantastic H.I.V.E books and follow Otto's journey on the path to supervillainy! 

  • Hive Collection - 8 Books - Collection - 9781408890820 - Mark Walden
    HVEW 10 years +
    10 years +
    • £10.99
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    James Bond meets Artemis Fowl in this fantastically witty and action-packed series from award-winning author, Mark Walden.

    H.I.V.E (Higher Institute of Villainous Education) is a top-secret school of applied villainy where children with a precocious gift for wrong-doing are sent to develop their talents into criminal mastermind.

    The stories follow 13-year-old Otto Malpense as he is hand-picked to join the six-year programme to become the world's next supervillain. With the help of his new friends - an athletic martial-arts expert, a world-famous diamond thief and a spunky computer genius - will Otto be able to achieve what has never been done before and break out of H.I.V.E?

    Format: paperback