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Why You Need Our Exclusive Malory Towers Box Set

Growing up with Enid Blyton stories means having a childhood that is full of adventure, excitement, mystery and magic. We're thrilled to share our favourite Enid Blyton series with you through our Famous Five, Secret Seven, Noddy, The Find-Outers and more collections. It's certainly no secret that we love Enid and her works here at Book People but we're especially excited with our latest Enid collection available now. Our exclusive Malory Towers Box Set features specially commissioned artwork just for us and includes all six books written by Enid, plus Pamela Cox's six further novels.

If you had the joy of reading Malory Towers as a child then you'll know just how special these books are. When we saw our new collection we could hardly contain our excitement. The beautiful books in their slipcase are perfect as a gift for those who have Enid nostalgia or for kids who are yet to be introduced to these fun stories. 

For those who don't know what the Malory Towers series is about, the books follow Darrell Rivers through her time at Malory Towers, the boarding school by the sea. Whilst there, she makes friends and enemies with her classmates and embarks on many an adventure. The school is based on the real Cornish boarding school that Enid Blyton's daughter attended and was an immediate success for when it was first published back in the late 1940s.

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Pamela Cox continued the series with another six books, this time focused on Darrell's little sister Felicity and her experiences as a student at Malory Towers. Felicity follows in her older sister's shoes and has many exciting occurrences of her own at boarding school. 

We recently asked for your favourite Enid Blyton book memories on our Facebook page and had some lovely responses, many of them by Malory Towers fans. 

Here are just a few of the comments from those who have absolutely loved growing up with these books:

"I longed to be at Malory Towers or St. Clare's.. midnight feasts, practical jokes, friendships. In reality I would have hated boarding school... but I absolutely loved these books!"

"Definitely Malory towers! I used to chain-read them; as soon as I finished In The Sixth... I'd go straight back to First Term...!"

"I loved reading the adventures of Darrell Rivers and Sally Hope. Remember the first line of the first book being to do with Darrel looking at herself in the glass and admiring her new uniform."

"My favourite Enid Blyton books were the '... of Adventure' series, but Malory Towers holds the embarrassing childhood moment when my Mum realised I was saying Felickity instead of Felicity! I loved that I both read on my own (if slightly wonky!) and that she would read to me too. Mum died 20 years ago and I'm so lucky she passed on a love of reading mostly via Enid Blyton books."

"Malory Towers was always my favourite Enid Blyton series although I absolutely loved all of them! Malory towers made boarding school sound like so much fun with midnight feasts and mischief. I ended up going to boarding school because of how much I loved the stories! I can't wait to get my little girl into them and love them as much as I did!"

"My first Enid Blyton was First Term at Malory Towers. My mum bought it me for a long train journey to help pass the time. I was hooked and couldn't wait to read the 2nd one. That was about 20+ years ago and I remember loving them as do now."

"Malory Towers was a great escape for me as a child. I always wanted to go to boarding school. I introduced my daughter to Enid Blyton and she's hooked!"

"Malory Towers was bought for me when I broke my leg and was off school for a while. My aunt bought the first 2 books and I was hooked, always been my favourite. My daughter is almost 7 and loves reading, I'm sure she would adore these books as I did."

"I used to love Malory Towers! My favourite memory would be sneaking the torch up to bed so I could carry on reading under my duvet after I should have been asleep. I read them all in the summer holidays when I was 9. I really wanted to go to boarding school!"

The Malory Towers books are classics in children's fiction so whether you're a fan already or you are keen to get your kids interested in the Enid Blyton's stories, our new Malory Towers Box Set needs a place on your bookshelf!