Why You Should Share Your Nostalgic Childhood Favourites with Your Children

We're passionate about the power of reading here at Book People. We believe reading can unlock your imagination, expand your knowledge and bring people together. But, we know it can be hard to find time to read to your children and sometimes your kids are much more invested in their bedtime read than you are! It's important to remember not to skip the reading time though as reading together is a big part of reading development and can be a great bonding exercise between you and your child. This is why we think you can liven up your reading time by sharing your own nostalgic childhood favourites with your children to get both you and them invested in reading regularly!


That nostalgic feeling... 

It's no secret we love children's fiction and we have no shame in admitting that even the most grown-up amongst us still get that warm fuzzy feeling of nostalgia when they think about their favourite books from their childhood. If you now have kids of your own you have the perfect opportunity to revisit some of your favourites from when you were your child's age!

Sharing your nostalgic childhood favourites with your children can also be a good idea if your child has the same interests as you as they're bound to enjoy the stories you once loved. This is especially helpful when you have a reluctant reader in your family as you can think back to the titles that really made you into a bookworm when you were their age and recommend your favourites to them to see if they could be the reads to make their love of reading take off just as yours did.

Stories are like heirlooms

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Passing on favourite stories like heirlooms has turned many beloved books into classics. Some books that their parents or grandparents (or, even, great grandparents!) were reading when they were children still find themselves filling the bookshelves of budding bookworms and nostalgia-loving adults now. Classics like Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and The Secret Garden have all been read and loved by children for over a century and they're still as popular as ever. For many of these classics, there might be film and TV adaptations to keep that interest alive but we know many of you will agree there's nothing like reading the original book. 

Revisit the Enid Blyton classics

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As part of our A Lifetime of Adventure partnership, we're sharing all our very favourite Enid Blyton series as new exclusive book sets with especially commissioned artwork and sturdy slipcases. We know many parents and grandparents would have grown up reading the classic Enid stories and we're thrilled to be able to help you share these with your own children with our special sets. If you spent your childhood having adventures in the countryside with the Famous Five or roaming the corridors of Malory Towers with Darrell and her friends, you can pass on your love of these classics with your kids. 

Sharing books you love with others is like sharing a treasured secret. Stories really can be like heirlooms if you keep passing them down so why not get your child or grandchild their own copy of a book you loved as a child? It can be a treat for yourself and for them as you can relive your favourite stories and your children can enjoy something really special.