Winnie and Wilbur Activity Sheets, Downloadables and Resources

Enhance your lessons and children's parties with these Winnie and Wilbur downloadables for teachers and parents. Winnie and Wilbur are a witch and black cat duo who go on lots of magical misadventures together. Their stories see them going everywhere, from the bottom of the sea to outer space. Take a look below to see all the activities and downloables we have for you to try with your kids and students.,-downloadables-and-resources-header.jpg

Classroom Resources:

Winnie and Wilbur are here to make your lessons a little bit magical. Each of these lesson resources is themed around one of the Winnie and Wilbur books:

  • The In Winter resource can be used to teach children about the seasons and features activity ideas for Art, PSHE and Science lessons. 
  • The In Space resource uses Winnie and Wilbur's out-of-this-world adventure to teach your students about the solar system with a range of activities suitable for Art, Science, History and Literacy lessons. 
  • To bring the topic of life in the ocean into the classroom, the Under the Sea resource has plenty of exercises for Art lessons as well as Science and Literacy too. 
  • The New Computer resource provides interesting exercises for children just starting to learn ICT.  

We have some activities using the young fiction Winnie and Wilbur books by Laura Owen and Korky Paul as well. 

  • You can use the Giddy Up Winnie activities in your Literary, Art and DT lessons by giving your students the chance to design their own tea party and imagine the objects in their classroom come magically to life. 
  • The Winnie's Awful Auntie resource sees your class learning about alliteration and rhyming and having the chance to make their own puppets!
  • The Ghost in the Post activities give children a chance to do some acting and develop their pursuasive writing skills.

Party Supplies:

We have all you need to throw you own Winnie and Wilbur themed party! Our Winnie Party Pack contains ideas and instructions for party games and activities to entertain your guests as well as all the print outs you can use for activities to make your party fun for everyone. What Winnie and Wilbur party would be complete without some bunting to go with it and some spookylicious party food ideas

Whether the party is for Halloween or a birthday bash for a Winnie and Wilbur-loving bookworm, your party will now be wand-erful!

Rainy Day Activities:

If you're in need of good indoor activities for your kids then these Winnie and Wilbur downloadables are perfect for a rainy day:

Now you have plenty of Winnie and Wilbur activities for the home and classroom and some ideas on how to throw a party worthy of our favourite fictional witch. You can find out more about Winnie and Wilbur here and find our interview with Korky Paul, the illustrator of the Winnie and Wilbur stories here.