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Would You Be Able to Answer These Questions from This Driving Theory Test Book?

Learning to drive can be a daunting process, particularly when there are two tests to complete before you're given your license. Passing the theory test can really be the first big step in getting you properly out on the road so finding some good driving theory test books is a must to help you through. We've picked some great practice questions from Theory Test Made Easy by the AA for you to test your knowledge. Or, if you've been driving for years and think by now there's nothing you don't know about cars and the rules of the road then have a go to see if you could pass the theory test if you had to do it again now.

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1. On what part of your vehicle would you expect to find a catalytic converter?

A. The fuel Tank

B. The air filter

C. The exhaust system

D. The cooling system

2. What is your stopping distance at 70mph?

A. 53 metres (175 feet)

B. 60 metres (197 feet)

C. 73 metres (240 feet)

D. 96 metres (315 feet)

3. You are driving on a road where there are tram lines. Why should you take extra care?

A. Trams do not stop for cars

B. Trams have no lights

C. Trams cannot steer to avoid you

D. Trams can approach silently

4. You decide to park your car overnight on a road that has a speed limit of 40mph. You should

A. position your vehicle to face the oncoming traffic

B. put your parking lights on before you leave the vehicle

C. put dipped headlights on before you leave the vehicle

D. park under a streetlight

5. You are at an accident scene and there is someone who is unconscious. Which three things should you check for urgently?

Mark three answers

A. Broken bones

B. Airway

C. Shock

D. Circulation

E. Breathing


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1. Answer: C-the exhaust system

Cars are fitted with catalytic converters to reduce exhaust emissions which are poisonous gases that can harm both people and the environment.

2. Answer: D - 96 metres

The stopping distance = the thinking distance + the braking distance.

3. Answer: both C- trams cannot steer to avoid you and D-trams can approach silently

A is incorrect though sometimes trams may have priority over you. Both C and D are correct answers because trams cannot steer to avoid you since they run on tram lines and they hardly make any noise because they are electric.

4. Answer: B-put your parking lights on before you leave the vehicle

You should park in the same direction as traffic flow so A is wrong and D is a good idea though not the right answer here. B is the right answer, if you park overnight on a road higher than 30mph then you must put on your parking lights (also known as side lights or position lights).

5. Answer: B-airway, D-circulation and E-breathing

For more practice questions and driving tips, check out our driving theory test books.

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