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You Are Awesome Author, Matthew Syed's, Top Confidence Tips

Matthew Syed is the author behind the amazingly motivational You Are Awesome and The You Are Awesome Journal. These books have a focus on building confidence in children and young people, teaching them to use failure as a form of motivation and to reach for their dreams, no matter how grand they may be. We had the chance to sit down with Matthew and he shared his top 5 confidence tips with us.

Matthew's ability to have confidence in himself and his abilities led him to leave school at 16 to pursue his love of table tennis. After teaching himself his A levels from textbooks, he began a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University and competed in the Barcelona Olympic Games in the same year! In 1995, he earned the title of British table tennis champion. It was this love of sport that inspired him to co-found the charity Greenhouse Sports which aims to empower children through sports. 

Another way in which he has empowered young people is through his books You Are Awesome and The You Are Awesome Journal. You Are Awesome is full of tips and advice for children aged 9 and up to help them build their confidence and change their way of thinking to believe they can achieve anything if they set their mind to it. The You Are Awesome Journal brings together a range of activities to build the confidence and determination of children everywhere. The book gives space for kids to write out their goals and then provides tips and ideas to help them achieve them.

These are Matthew Syed's 5 quick confidence tips for kids:


Matthew: So this is You Are Awesome, my book for young people and this is five tips to help you become more successful and more confident.  

The first one is success is a journey. No one is born at the top of the world and it takes time to reach your potential.

Number two is failure. Don't be devastated by it. Don't see it as a reason to give up or to be demotivated. Failure is a part of life and learning. See it as an opportunity to grow. 

Number three, related to two, is to take risks. Step outside your comfort zone. It's a real chance to try new activities and to discover new skills.

Number four is always practice with passion because its practice that helps you reach your full potential.

Number five is to chill out from time-to-time. Life isn't just about working hard, it's about balance.

We loved getting a chance to speak with Matthew Syed and if you think his wise words could help your kids, don't forget to check out his terrific books for children and young adults. Confidence can be learnt and Matthew knows that with the right amount of it, anyone can do anything they aspire to.