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Books by Carolyn Beckingham

  • Moribund Music

    Carolyn Beckingham

    Product Code: BJHBR
    This book set out to answer frequently asked questions about the future of classical music. It addresses the question of whether popular music has taken its place and if so, how much this matters; and explores the origins of the split between classical and popular music, the rise of youth culture and the concept of elitism, together with the consequences of these changes. The phenomenon of 'crossover' music is addressed, and the arguments in favour of, and against, its use as an introduction to classical music for new audiences are put forward. In a wide-ranging discourse, the author tackles many of the issues that divide music lovers, including audience behaviour and the place of music in schools. A major focus is on the problems of opera: the accusation that it is inherently sexist, the question of original languages as opposed to translation, surtitles, amplification and production styles. This book is essential reading for all those interested in how music plays an essential and informative role in everyday life.
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