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    This title provides 200 great ways to start a meal or serve a buffet with style. This is an ultimate collection of snacks, dips, nibbles, first courses, quick bites, finger foods and light meals. It features over 200 deliciously sophisticated recipes, drawn from every cuisine: learn how to cook dishes as diverse as Chorizo Pastry Puffs, Fried Clams with Chilli, Gruyere and Potato Souffle, and Poached Eggs Florentine. Each recipe is shown in easy-to-follow step-by-step photographs with a glorious picture of the finished dish. It includes a useful introduction with basic recipes, garnishes and presentation techniques to help you get started and produce stunning results right away. It provides fantastic ideas to start every kind of meal as well as to serve at buffets and parties, with recipes suitable for both novice cooks and accomplished chefs. From mouthwatering finger food to nibble during a drinks party, to an enticing platter of Duck Wontons with Spicy Mango Sauce to savour at a special occasion, or a fragrant dish of Scallop-stuffed Roast Peppers to enjoy as the prelude to a gourmet meal, the recipes in this wonderful inspirational volume will add colour and sophistication to any and every occasion. It includes an introductory section that gives hints and tips for making garnishes, marinades, dressings and flavoured oils, followed by eight mouth-watering recipe chapters: Nibbles and Dips; Soups; Pates and Terrines; Vegetarian; Family Favourites; Starters for Special Occasions; Salads; and, Party Finger Food. Every recipe is shown step by step in over 750 gorgeous photographs, to inspire and ensure success every time.
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    Plan your celebration using the helpful hints and tips, including how to open a bottle of champagne, and ideas for easy and impressive spreads, toppings and breads. Whet the appetite with classic nibbles, dips and savoury snacks, such as Cheese Aigrettes, Guacamole, and Duck Wontons with Spicy Mango Sauce, then serve a selection of more substantial dishes including Risotto Frittata, and a variety of salads and cold dishes. Refresh your guests with classic cocktails, such as Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri or Kew Pimms or a selection of exciting non-alcoholic drinks. Whether you are throwing a Christmas cocktail party, a birthday buffet or having a few friends round, "Party & Buffet Cookbook" has all the recipes you will need. Thorough party planning is vital and this volume provides essential advice on all the necessary details, from creating the appropriate atmosphere to estimating food and drink requirements. From the day you decide to have a party, to washing up the glasses after the last guest has left, you will find this book an invaluable asset in making your party one to remember.
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    This title features 100 recipes for traditional breads of the world shown in 600 photographs. It includes great classic breads, such as Italian Ciabatta, French Baguettes, Irish Soda Bread, and San Franciscan Sourdough, as well as less well-known, but no less delicious breads, such as Portuguese Corn Bread, Welsh Clay Pot Loaves, and Syrian Onion Bread. A detailed step-by-step techniques section explains every stage of the bread-making process, as well as a complete guide to useful baking equipment. There is something undeniably special about freshly baked bread. Why does it smell so good? And what makes it so hard to resist? This comprehensive guide provides the answers, combining fabulous close-up photographs with essential information and delicious recipes. Organized by country, there are over 100 breads from every corner of the globe - from France and Italy to the West Coast of America. Each recipe includes step-by-step instructions, from mixing the dough to baking the loaf. Whether you'd simply like to identify an unusual bread, or want to try your hand at baking a classic loaf, this book is an essential addition to every cook's kitchen shelf.
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    This book features 200 Vegetable & Fruit Recipes. It shows you how to achieve your recommended daily minimum, with tempting recipes shown in 1300 step-by-step photographs. This is the perfect ideas resource and inspiration to get you to your five-a-day portions of fruit and vegetables. This book is a visual reference to all the different type of fruit and vegetable, with descriptions of their varieties, appearance, tastes and culinary uses, along with fascinating facts. It features more than 200 classic and contemporary recipes for soups, appetizers, salads, dinner-party dishes, family suppers, light lunches, and desserts - with every recipe shown step-by-step and featuring at least one fruit or vegetable as its main ingredient. It includes advice on seasonal availability, buying, storing, preparing and cooking hundreds of varieties of fruits and vegetables, from cranberries and chayotes to mangosteens and mustard greens. This book shows how to get your five-a-day in a whole range of delicious ways. It helps you to find out about over 250 different fruits and vegetables, from the well-known potato, squash and apple to the exotic loquat, cardoon and loofah, discover where they originated, and learn how to choose, store, prepare and cook them. Photographs are paired with detailed descriptions of fruits and vegetables, and accompanied by over 200 fail-safe recipes. No other foods have the variety of texture, taste and aroma offered by fruits and vegetables, and this guide, with over 1300 photographs, explains all there is to know about these exquisite foods and how best to enjoy them.
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    A comprehensive illustrated reference guide to the ingredients of the world, this title offers detailed descriptions of every type of produce from commonly used fruits and vegetables to exotic fish and shellfish. It includes practical advice on buying, storing, preparation and culinary usage, plus step-by-step techniques. Each entry has information on varieties, provenance, appearance, flavours, aroma and suitable dishes. It features over 2300 photographs of ingredients and techniques. Practical, clearly indexed and easy to use, this is the ultimate photographic culinary reference for all cooks and food lovers, and an essential for every kitchen. This fascinating and comprehensive book is the ultimate guide to the cooking ingredients of the world. Each entry includes a detailed description of the ingredient and offers essential advice on its preparation and culinary uses. There are also helpful, illustrated step-by-step instructions for more complex techniques such as scaling, cleaning and skinning fish, boning, tying and roasting joints of meat, and peeling and preparing unusual fruits. With over 2300 colour photographs of ingredients and techniques, this is both a through encyclopedia of every food you are likely to use and an invaluable practical handbook.
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    This is the complete guide to choosing, using and cooking the world's best-loved grain, with over 200 truly fabulous recipes. It is an authoritative reference book and practical cook's guide to one of the world's most popular ingredients. It is a fascinating introduction tells the story of rice cultivation and the myths and legends that surround this supremely important food crop. It is a kitchen manual that identifies the rices of the world, showing how to store, prepare and cook them perfectly. Recipes include timeless international classics such as curry, sushi, aromatic and fried rice, paella, biryani, risotto, kedgeree and sweet rice pudding. All the delicious recipes are presented with step-by-step instructions and beautiful photographs for successful and confident cooking. Rice is prized by cooks everywhere for a texture that makes it the perfect partner for almost any ingredient, from a handful of herbs to an extravagant array of seafood. This book opens with an introduction to different types of rice and the many products made from it, and takes a close look at how it is grown and harvested, the etiquette of eating it, and its history since the early days of cultivation in South-east Asia 8000 years ago. The recipes that follow cover every way of cooking rice, in an international tour, from an Indian biryani to a Middle Eastern pilaff, and from Cajun jambalaya to Spanish paella. Classic rice recipes sit alongside contemporary dishes, with a special emphasis on the risotto. With over 720 photographs and more than 200 exquisite recipes, this book celebrates the versatility of this highly revered staple food.
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    The delicious smell of freshly baked bread is always an irresistible temptation - especially when it comes from your own kitchen. The step-by-step recipes in this volume make it simple for you to bake appetizing breads from around the world. Clear instructions and helpful photographs will take you through every stage of the bread-making process, and, so that you can see what you're aiming for, there's a picture of every finished loaf. As well as more than 70 recipes, the book gives the background of the breads and their ingredients, outlining the basic techniques of mixing, kneading and baking, and describing the equipment you may need, from traditional loaf tins to automatic bread-making machines.
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    This is a visual guide to vegetables and how to use them, with 100 delicious recipes for soups, salads and main courses. It features bulbs, roots, shoots, stems, greens, beans, peas, seeds, squashes, fruits and mushrooms. Every entry is pictured with detailed descriptions and advice on seasonal availability, buying and storing, preparation and cooking. It includes fabulous dishes such as Fresh Asparagus with Tarragon Hollandaise, French Onion Soup, Potatoes Dauphinois, and Celeriac and Blue Cheese Roulade. There is a vast range of vegetables to choose from, and many different varieties within each type. This practical volume combines an illustrated guide to types and varieties of vegetables, with a compendium of tasty recipes. Photographs of each vegetable provide an instant reference, and the accompanying description gives details of how to prepare, use and cook each type. There are recipes for accompaniments, such as Braised Fennel with Tomatoes, and recipes which will make a substantial supper dish, such as Onion Squash Risotto. Whether you are looking for a soup, a salad or a main course dish, you will find a tempting suggestion here.
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    This title features 250 recipes for breads from around the world, made both by hand and in a bread machine, with traditional classics and new ideas. This is the bread-maker's ultimate how-to guide, with essential information and step-by-step techniques, shown in over 1200 stunning photographs. It is a complete guide to making bread, from mixing and kneading to glazing and baking. It show you how to use today's modern bread machines: settings, troubleshooting, and adapting traditional recipes for the machine. It features a fully illustrated directory of the distinctive breads to be found around the world. Concise step-by-step instructions and inspiring photographs of complicated stages and every finished bread make each recipe easy to follow, ensuring perfect results every time. This delightful book celebrates bread in all its diversity. Containing over 250 warming recipes that will fill your home with enticing aromas, there are traditional recipes from around the world, such as Ciabatta, Boston Brown Bread, Anadama Bread or Hungarian Split Farmhouse Loaf. As well as a fully illustrated reference section to the breads of the world, there are essential step-by-step techniques for every stage of the bread-making process. The book also contains recipes for use in a bread machine, and each one can be adapted for any size of machine. With nutritional information, cook's tips, variations and 1200 photographs, this is the definitive guide to breads and bread-making.
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    Everyone finds appetizers and starters irresistible - those perfect tantalizing bites that just keep you coming back to the buffet table for more. Fresh, bright and contemporary, this beautifully designed book showcases over 150 recipes, and helps you to easily create a selection of these delectable appetizers.