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    From mixing colours to advice on how to use crosshatching and contours, this guide has all the advice you need to make the most of your colouring books.

    Designed to teach creative new techniques, the easy-to-follow guide is neatly divided into sections and is full of tips and swatches. It also contains beautiful pictures just waiting to be coloured in.
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    Colouring has never been so much fun with this beautiful book full of all the things that girls love. Each image first appears in complete full colour to inspire, and then in black and white line for creative kids to fill in. Keen-eyed colourers can stick closely to the original hues, whereas extra-adventurous girls can use whatever colours they like. With incredible cakes, pretty patterns, fun fairy tale scenes, amazing animals, cool costumes and much, much more, there's never been a better time to be a copycat.
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    An aspirational, fill-in journal for children to record their dreams and goals, inspired by bullet journaling. Lots of people find information easier to understand and more fun in pictures and infographics, from emoticons in a text message to lesson timetables and fundraising charts. This book shows children how to set themselves goals, get organised and keep track. Whether it is a virtual bookshelf of books to read or a year wheel to remember important birthdays, they can find out how to make the most of pictures and images. Children can compile healthy snack ideas, make note of inspirational people, build up a grid picture of moods over a whole year, and much more. The beautiful infographic illustrations make this a fun and visual journal that makes tracking life fun and helps keep children focused.