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Books by Claire Askew

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    All the Hidden Truths

    Claire Askew

    Product Code: ATHT
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    Ryan Summers walked into Three Rivers college and killed 13 women before ending his own life. But no one knows why.

    DI Helen Birch is tasked with leading the investigation of this high-profile case on the first day of her new job but she's not the only one searching for an answer - Ryan's mother needs to know why he did it as do his victims' families...

    The tabloids and media are also taking a keen interest in the case but just as family secrets come out and the world seems set on finding someone to blame, the truth seems to vanish...

    This captivating crime novel has drawn praise from the likes of He Said, She Said author Erin Kelly and it's easy to see why. You'll be drawn into its dark world long into the night...
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  • What You Pay For

    Claire Askew

    Product Code: BZBLX
    DI Birch joined the police to find her little brother, who walked out of his life one day and was never seen again. She stayed to help others, determined to seek justice where she could. On the fourteenth anniversary of Charlie's disappearance, Birch takes part in a raid on one of Scotland's most feared criminal organisations. It's a good day's work - a chance to get a dangerous man off the streets. Two days later, Charlie comes back. It's not a coincidence. When Birch finds out exactly what he's been doing all those years, she faces a terrible choice: save the case, or save her brother. But how can you do the right thing when all the consequences are bad? As she interrogates Charlie, he tells his story: of how one wrong turn leads to a world in which the normal rules no longer apply, and you do what you must to survive. From one of the most acclaimed new voices in crime fiction, What You Pay For is a brilliantly tense and moving novel about the terrible disruption caused by violence and the lines people will cross to protect those they love.
    • £14.29
    • RRP £16.99
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  • All the Hidden Truths

    Claire Askew

    Product Code: BXLPX
    In the aftermath of a tragedy, the world needs an explanation. In Edinburgh, after the Three Rivers College shooting, some things are clear. They know who. They know when. No one can say why. For three women the lack of answers is unbearable: DI Helen Birch, the detective charged with solving the case. Ishbel, the mother of the first victim, struggling to cope with her grief. And Moira, mother of the killer, who needs to understand what happened to her son. But as people search for someone to blame, the truth seems to vanish... From a prizewinning poet, ALL THE HIDDEN TRUTHS is a searing, compelling and powerful debut. 'As scarily plausible as it is utterly captivating, this is an absorbing and unforgettable debut.' Heat 'Raw, powerful, compassionate and deeply moving, with page-turning tension to the end. A stunning debut.' Karen Robinson, Sunday Times Crime Club 'You'll be gripped by the unexpected truths that emerge. Compelling.' Marie Claire
    • £7.19
    • RRP £8.99
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