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    From Claire Thomson, the author of The Art of the Larder, comes this essential kitchen cookbook bursting with 120 recipes using 10 favourite supermarket ingredients!

    Cookery writer Claire offers a modern solution to the eternal question: "What shall I cook tonight?" as she encourages people to enliven their cooking and ditch the boring stir-fry and dreary fish pie.

    There are sections on chicken, tomatoes, eggs, cheese, minced meat, pasta, potatoes, salad, lemon and chocolate - and each one is reinvented into 12 different recipes that will brighten up your mealtimes.
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    Faced with the daily challenge of what to cook for her three young children, chef and mum Claire Thomson made it her mission to inspire parents stuck in a teatime rut. Every day she makes a 'proper' tea, tweeting it at 5pm - from that her blog '5 O'clock Apron' was born and a popular Guardian column on cooking for children followed. Claire wants to inspire other parents and invigorate the concept of family cookery. Cooking shouldn't be a chore, one meal for the grown-ups and another for the children. Claire's fresh, exciting meals are versatile and flavourful enough to please everyone around the table, encouraging parents to view food differently, to refresh their culinary imaginations and find real joy in cooking for their children. Featuring sections on milk, bread, grains, pulses, rice, vegetables, fruit and fish, 5 O'clock Apron will engage and empower parents. Not just a recipe book, but a way of thinking about how to shop, cook, eat and celebrate as a family, Claire provides a unique insight, as both a mother and a chef, into what really makes food appealing for children.
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    The Art of the Larder presents 150 dishes that offer everyday meal solutions, all with storecupboard basics at their heart. An organized, methodical and economical kitchen cupboard can be life-changing. Knowing that you can always have a simple, healthy, delicious meal at your fingertips will revolutionise the way you cook and shop. Food writer Claire Thomson takes you through the essentials, from flours and grains, to pulses, pastas and spices, as well as dried fruits, nuts and seeds for instant dessert or breakfast solutions. By combining larder staples with a little fresh produce, you can enhance your dinner or just make a storecupboard supper from scratch. With dishes including buckwheat crepes, sour cherry and pistachio pilaf, firecracker noodles, red lentil hummus, spiced Moroccan almond pastries, date and semolina bars, and honey and nutmeg tea bread, The Art of the Larder is a vital cookbook in every kitchen.
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    Danish filmmaker Thomas Vinterberg's searing film Festen ("The Celebration") was the first film from the Dogme 95 stable. Adhering to Dogme's cinematic purity -- no artificial lighting, no superficial action, no credit for the director, and only handheld cameras for equipment -- Festen was a commercial and critical success, winning the Jury Prize at Cannes in 1998 and garnering world-wide attention. The film is set at the sixtieth birthday party of Helge, the wealthy patriarch of a large Danish family. The birthday festivities take a turn when Helge's son Christian raises a toast and denounces Helge for having raped and abused him as a child, along with his twin sister, who recently committed suicide. The film explores the escalating consequences of Christian's announcement, from the stunned dinner party's collective denial, to violence, to an unexpected catharsis. C Claire Thomson's study examines the history and context of the film, setting it within the Danish cultural and socio-political milieu. It examines the place of the film as a work of national cinema and examines its pioneering role as an experiment in digital cinema.
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    This collection of essays celebrates Professor Janet Garton's outstanding contribution over four decades to research, teaching and leadership in the field of Scandinavian Studies. Contributions from some two dozen established and emerging scholars discuss Scandinavian literature, drama, letters and visual culture with a focus on themes germane to Janet's long-running course at UEA, From Free Love to Decadence: love, modernity, travel, faith, gender, sexuality, textuality, community, and the body.
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    The first book-length study in English of a national corpus of state-sponsored informational filmFor three decades, state-sponsored short filmmaking educated Danish citizens, promoted Denmark to the world, and shaped the careers of renowned directors like Carl Th. Dreyer. The first book-length study in English of a national corpus of state-sponsored informational film, this book traces how Danish shorts on topics including social welfare, industry, art and architecture were commissioned, funded, produced and reviewed from the inter-war period to the 1960s. Examining the life cycle of a representative selection of films, and discussing their preservation and mediation in the digital age, this book presents a detailed case study of how informational cinema is shaped by, and indeed shapes, its cultural, political and technological contexts.Key featuresCombines close textual analysis of a broad range of films with detailed accounts of their commissioning, production, distribution and reception in Denmark and abroadConsiders a broad range of genres and sub-genres, including industrial process films, public information films, art films, the city symphony, the essay film, and many moreMaps international networks of informational and documentary films in the post-war periodExplores the role of informational film in Danish cultural and political history