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    Colin West, the master of comic verse, has written and illustrated his funniest collection yet: Never Nudge a Budgie. The book is divided into seven sections and contains a hundred poems of different kinds - limericks, nonsense, tongue twisters, shape poems and rhymes. They are on a surprising and entertaining range of subjects, from the ogre doing yoga in a toga and the hedgehog's valentine to whether or not to be a bee. Some are old, some new; all are infused with Colin's wit and his quirky view of the world. And each poem is accompanied by a wonderful witty picture by the poet himself - don't miss his portrayal of the Blunderblat or of Betty eating spaghetti!
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    A collection of thirty poems featuring bears (and one extra one not about a bear!) to celebrate thirty years of Walker Books and in aid of The Children's Trust. The poems in this book are selected and illustrated by Colin West, a popular children's author who has written over fifty children's books and continues to produce poetry and picture books. He has also written the foreword. The book features poems by Spike Milligan, Edward Lear, Roger McGough, Stanley Cook, Colin West himself and many more well-known poets.
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    Colin West's new collection, Bonkers Ballads, contains a host of funny poems and accompanying colour illustrations sure to tickle your ribs and make you chuckle. Amongst the crazy characters are a seasick mermaid, an out-of-tune minstrel and a natty knight whose only concern is keeping his armour extra bright. And there is a mischivous fairy who loves practical jokes, a king with toothache and a very, very clever pig. Also included are a crafty witch, a feisty female pirate and a poor peasant who fashions himself a pair of fantastic boots which bring him fame and fortune. There's even a pair of star-crossed lovers of Bingo, a wandering bear, a tabby cat who wears a hat and a whole bunch more in this fabulous book! Colin West's fun poems are strong in rhyme and rhythm. There is not only magic and mayhem in these ballads, but great charm and warmth to balance the gruesome ends which some of the characters suffer. Colin has combined his love of history and poetry to create a memorable collection jam packed with fun to cause maximum merriment. The pages of Bonkers Ballads are embellished with over a hundred of his own witty illustrations. Colin's poems have been widely anthologised in both Britain and America. Ken Nesbitt, the former U.S. Children's Laureate has hailed Colin West 'a master of the art of humorous poetry for children'. Poet Wendy Cope has said 'Colin West has a considerable talent as a writer and an illustrator'. If you read this new collection you are likely to agree.
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    This is an illustrated collection of fifty funny poems by a master of the genre. This anthology of nonsense rhymes on a range of silly topics will have children (and adults) rolling with laughter - and all are illustrated in an absurdly appealing style. One example, Coathanger, begins: "I gave my love a coathanger. She flung it back at me. It acted like a boomerang, And hit her on the knee."