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    Company secretarial duties must be undertaken whether there is someone holding that title or not. These duties include ensuring: * Compliance by the company and its officers with all statutory and other regulatory requirements * Maintenance of the statutory records and filing data with Companies House within specified time limits * Interfacing with the shareholders or guarantors, convening general meetings, drafting and recording resolutions, dealing with shares etc. * Servicing board meetings and compiling the legally required minutes * Providing a company-wide focal point for legal matters and interpretation, and a logical point of contact for third parties * Providing the board with accurate and timely advice. This book deals with the latest requirements, including: * Anti-bribery * Modern slavery * Gender pay reporting * Tax evasion legislation ...and the new requirements regarding Registers of Persons of Significant Control. Aswell as all the other key areas a company secretary needs to have knowledge of. The expanded A-Z format makes this book the ideal desktop companion for easy reference and a handy resource. It provides essential practical, easily accessible advice and guidance to the wide range of important company secretarial duties and regulations that must be adhered to. The refreshing no-nonsense approach tackles these challenges making it an indispensable and practical guide to the whole range of issues with which the person performing the legally required duties of the Company Secretary must comply.
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    Joy Ride is a simple book on the surface. A collection of renowned architect-come-artist David C. Martin's sketches, watercolours, photography, and observations, as recorded over an extensive cross-Mexico sojourn, it has all the aesthetic gaiety and light-heartedness of a typical travelogue. However, there is something deeper at work. Martin's multi-media evocation of Mexican scenery and buildings speaks to his extensive experience in art and architecture, and this book will be of mutual interest to students of both - as well as those who want to explore Mexico through the eyes of a truly unique traveller. Innovative, fresh, and evocative, this book will take you on the 'Joy Ride' that its title promises.
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    The Company Director's Desktop Guide is an indispensable source of reference on all areas of company law and practice for directors in every type of organisation. It provides essentially practical, jargon-free guidance on every aspect of a director's duties drawn from the author's considerable experience. Directors and managers are confronted with rapidly changing and increasing legislative requirements - at last count British companies were subject to some 22,000 different statutes. Remaining fully conversant with all the obligations, responsibilities and liabilities demanded under Company - and all the other - laws can therefore be a struggle for even the most diligent director or company secretary. This book explains those responsibilities and obligations in clear terms, emphasising what the law means in practice, how to implement it and how best to minimise risk and avoid potential penalties. As well as being completely revised and updated, the 14th edition of this popular title now includes new and detailed guidance on practical aspects of: * exploring liability on former owners following company disposal * highlighting the breaches of Corporate Governance * identifying new Data Protection requirements from 2018 * protecting the corporate body from breaching new tax evasion requirements * implementing the changed requirements on Audit * considering using technology to improve AGM effectiveness * new reporting requirements for the Strategic Report ... and much more.
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    Skelly the Skeleton wakes once a year to celebrate the best day of the year: Halloween. But when he has an accident that scatters him to pieces, he fears he might miss all the fun. Halloween humor and hijinks ensue as Skelly enlists the help of others to put himself back together. Perfect for read-alouds and with fresh, quirky art and a Humpty Dumpty-like plot, Skelly's Halloween is sure to be a Halloween staple for years to come.