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Books by Derek Harvey

  • The Secret Life of Genes

    Derek Harvey

    Product Code: SLOG
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    The Secret Life of Genes examines the past, present and future of the human genome with clarity and colourful, graphic illustrations.

    From the basics to the most complex theories, this endlessly interesting book explains how genes define us as humans and how they govern our behaviour.

    It provides a fascinating insight into the inner working of the human body and answers all of the most common questions regarding inheritance, evolution and reproduction. It even explains how DNA is read!
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  • Through the Animal Kingdom

    Derek Harvey

    Product Code: CAVVP
    Thirteen extraordinary habitats to explore. Thirteen unforgettable stories. Go on a journey that spans every corner of our planet. What do freezing mountain peaks, vast deserts, lush forests, and the deepest, darkest oceans have in common? They're all places that incredible animals call home. Through the Animal Kingdom invites you on a journey through these habitats to discover the secret lives of the animals that live there. Track a bald eagle as it soars majestically over the Rocky Mountains, follow migrating wildebeests across the Serengeti as they attempt a dangerous river crossing under the watchful eyes of hungry predators, or trace the tracks of the solitary amur leopard - the rarest cat on Earth - as it silently stalks its prey through the icy forests of the Siberian wilderness. Through the Animal Kingdom is the first instalment in a new series aiming to reinvent early reference for a new generation of reader, and is perfect for adventurous animal lovers anywhere.
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