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  • Staying Alive - Paperback - 9781848664517 - Dr. Phil Hammond
    Dr. Phil Hammond
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    The NHS is one of the UK's most treasured institutions, but in recent years doctors have been overwhelmed with the number of patients coming into GP practices and A&E departments. At the same time, patients often feel embarrassed, intimidated or too ill to ask the right questions.

    In Staying Alive, Dr Phil Hammond helps give you the confidence and the tools to take control of your health care, and shows you in a friendly but authoritative way how to navigate the National Health Service.

    Answering fundamental questions including how to get your GP to listen to you and take your symptoms seriously; how to get hold of your patient records so you can ensure they're correct; how to get a second opinion and, most importantly, how to get better; the book will ensure that you get care that's right for you!
    Dr. Phil Hammond
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    This is one of the funniest, rudest and most useful books you'll ever read. What questions would you ask a doctor at a comedy gig? Is it healthy to sleep with a pet? Is horse riding riskier that ecstasy? Do love eggs need to be fitted? Do unlucky beds exist? Do doctors ever pretend to hear noises with a stethoscope? Should I hand-wash my merkin? What's the best sexual position for losing weight? Has everyone had more sex than me? Should I have Scrabble before marriage? What should I do if someone dies on me during sex? GP and comedian Phil Hammond has collected two hundred and fifty of life's quirkiest queries from audiences across the UK. Open wide for the finest answers to the most bizarre questions, ranging from tongue in cheek to absolutely filthy...yet surprisingly useful.